Exploding Head Movies Episode December 10, 2018

XHM #436 - "Wish it wouldn't get worse but it so could" (2018 December 10)

6:58pm - 9:01pm

With 2018 winding down, it's time to review the year that is about to close. We'll look back on some of the film scores profiled in the past twelve months, so don't expect a best-of, more a recap.

1. Parquet Courts: Wide Awake! (Wide Awake! 2018) Rough Trade
2. Laurel Halo: Nahbarkeit (Raw Silk Uncut Wood, 2018) Latency
3. Rolling Blackout Coastal Fever: Mainland (Hope Downs, 2018) Sub Pop
4. Snail Mail: Speaking Terms (Lush, 2018) Matador
5. Anna Meredith: Honeyed Words (Eighth Grade OST, 2018) Columbia
6. Chris-a-riffic: I Followed You 'cuz It Made Sense When I was Twenty (Post-Season, 2018) self-released
7. Courtney Barnett: Nameless, Faceless (Tell Me How You Really Feel, 2018) Mom+Pop/Milk!/Marathon Artists
8. Bjørn Torske: Kickrock (Kickrock/Blue Call single, 2018) Smalltown Supersound
9. Munya: If I'm Gone Tomorrow [It's Because of Aliens] (Delmano EP, 2018) Luminelle
10. US Girls: Velvet 4 Sale (In a Poem Unlimited, 2018) 4AD
11. Lone: Temples (Ambivert Tools: Volume 3, 2018) R&S
12. Sink Ya Teeth: Petrol Blue (Sink Ya Teeth, 2018) Hey Buffalo
13. Jorja Smith: Lost & Found (Lost & Found, 2018) FAMM
14. NOFVNCITY: Finian's Rainbow (VNITY, 2018) WEATNU
15. Robyn: Honey (Honey, 2018) Interscope/Island/Konichiwa
16. Ought: Desire (Room Inside the World, 2018) Merge/Royal Mountain
17. Khotin: Dwellberry (Beautiful You, 2018) Khotin Industries
EIGHTEEN Concubine: Electoral Reform (2018, 2018) self-released
19. Low: Tempest (Double Negative, 2018) Sub Pop
TWENTY Helena Hauff: Panegyric (Qualm, 2018) Ninja Tune
21. Nine Inch Nails: Shit Mirror (Bad Witch EP, 2018) Capitol/The Null Corporation
22. Aphex Twin: MT1 t29r2 (Collapse EP, 2018) Warp
23. Vessel: Fantasma [for Jasmine] (Queen of Golden Dogs, 2018) Tri Angle
24. Jeremy Dutcher: Mehcinut (Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa, 2018) self-released
25. Ursula K Le Guin & Todd Barton: Heron Dance (Music & Poetry of The Kesh, 2018) Freedom to Spend
26. Colin Stetson: Dreaming (Hereditary OST, 2018) Milan
27. Jóhann Jóhannsson: Seeker of the Serpent's Eye (Mandy OST, 2018) Lakeshore/Invada
28. Kamasi Washington: Connections (Heaven and Earth, 2018) Young Turks
29. Thom Yorke: Open Again (Suspiria OST, 2018) XL

Let's all aim to make 2019 far less craptacular, ok?


Track Listing:

Wide Awake!
Parquet Courts · Wide Awake!
Laurel Halo · Raw Silk Uncut Wood
Rolling Blackout Coastal Fever · Hope Downs
Speaking Terms
Snail Mail · Lush
Honeyed Words
Anna Meredith · Eighth Grade OST
I Followed You 'cuz It Made Sense When I was Twenty
Chris-a-riffic · Post-Season
Nameless, Faceless
Courtney Barnett · Tell Me How You Really Feel
Bjørn Torske · Kickrock/Blue Call single
If I'm Gone Tomorrow [It's Because of Aliens]
Munya · Delmano EP
Velvet 4 Sale
US Girls · In a Poem Unlimited
Lone · Ambivert Tools: Volume 3
Petrol Blue
Sink Ya Teeth · Sink Ya Teeth
Lost & Found
Jorja Smith · Lost & Found
Finian's Rainbow
Robyn · Honey
Ought · Room Inside the World
Khotin · Beautiful You
Electoral Reform
Concubine · 2018
Low · Double Negative
Helena Hauff · Qualm
Shit Mirror
Nine Inch Nails · Bad Witch EP
MT1 t29r2
Aphex Twin · Collapse EP
Fantasma [for Jasmine]
Vessel · Queen of Golden Dogs
Jeremy Dutcher · Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa
Heron Dance
Ursula K Le Guin & Todd Barton · Music & Poetry of The Kesh
Colin Stetson · Hereditary OST
Seeker of the Serpent's Eye
Jóhann Jóhannsson · Mandy OST
Kamasi Washington · Heaven and Earth
Open Again
Thom Yorke · Suspiria OST