Exploding Head Movies Episode October 22, 2018

XHM #429 - "Have you seen this lost synth?" (2018 October 22)

6:58pm - 8:57pm

Le Matos score the 2018 horror mystery Summer of '84 for a prerecorded horror as Hallowe'en month continues. This episode was recorded at Exploding Global Headquarters, powered by the wonder that is gin.

1. Cherushii: Manic [w.Kara Marie, deep version] (Manic EP, 2016) self-released
2. Magic Touch: Strongbow & Spliffs [w.Roche] (2014) XLR8R
3. Wallgrin: O Harpy (Bird/Alien, 2018) Heavy Lark
4. Cœur de Pirate: Malade (En Cas De Tempête, Ce Jardin Sera Fermé, 2018) Dare To Care
5. Marie Davidson: Lara (Working Class Woman, 2018) Ninja Tune
6. LCD Soundsystem: Oh Baby (American Dream, 2017) DFA/Columbia
7. The Present Moment: A New Day (Loyal to a Fault, 2012) Chondritic/Desire/Mannequin
8. RAMZi: Oxum (Phobiza Volume 3: Amor Fati, 2018) FATi
9. Jarboe: Lavender Girl (Sacrificial Cake, 1995) Young God/Alternative Tentacles
10. Crocodiles: All My Hate and My Hexes are for You (Sleep Forever, 2010) Fat Possum
11. Es.tereo & Hatti Vatti: Kolours (Maps, 2016) Absys
12. Actress: Birdcage (Ghettoville, 2014) Werk Discs/Ninja Tune
13. Andy Stott: Selfish (Too Many Voices, 2016) Modern Love
14. dBridge: Zerone (I'm Feeling Cold 12", 2016) Pleasure District
15. DJ Seinfeld: Too Late for U and M1 (Time Spent Away from U, 2017) Lobster Fury
16. Amon Tobin: Encounter on Io (Dark Jovian EP, 2015) Ninja Tune
17. Ladytron: CMYK (Witching Hour, 2005) Island
18. Kelly Lee Owens: Oleic (Oleic EP, 2016) Smalltown Supersound
19. Solar Bears: Komplex (Supermigration, 2013) Planet Mu
20. Mogwai: aka 47 (Every Country's Sun, 2017) Rock Action
21. Health: Flesh World (Death Magic, 2015) Loma Vista
22. Gina & the Flexix: I Wanna Believe (I Wanna Believe 12", 1985) Fuzz Dance
23. Golden Donna: Circle (All Alone, 2012) Signal Dreams
24. Le Matos: Summer of '84 (Summer of '84 OST, 2018) Death Waltz
25. Le Matos: Hoffman's House (Summer of '84 OST, 2018) Death Waltz
26. Le Matos: Operation Manhunt (Summer of '84 OST, 2018) Death Waltz
27. Le Matos: Twelve Fifteen (Summer of '84 OST, 2018) Death Waltz
28. Le Matos: Burial Ground (Summer of '84 OST, 2018) Death Waltz
29. Le Matos: Cold Summer [w.Computer Magic] (Summer of '84 OST, 2018) Death Waltz
30. Le Matos: End of Summer (Summer of '84 OST, 2018) Death Waltz
31. Massive Attack: Black Milk (Mezzanine, 1998) Virgin


P.S: K is for blacK in CMYK, or key

Track Listing:

Manic [w.Kara Marie, deep version]
Cherushii · Manic EP
Strongbow & Spliffs [w.Roche]
Magic Touch · Strongbow & Spliffs [w.Roche]
O Harpy
Wallgrin · Bird/Alien
Cœur de Pirate · En Cas De Tempête, Ce Jardin Sera Fermé
Marie Davidson · Working Class Woman
Oh Baby
LCD Soundsystem · American Dream
A New Day
The Present Moment · Loyal to a Fault
RAMZi · Phobiza Volume 3: Amor Fati
Lavender Girl
Jarboe · Sacrificial Cake
All My Hate and My Hexes are for You
Crocodiles · Sleep Forever
Es.tereo & Hatti Vatti · Maps
Actress · Ghettoville
Andy Stott · Too Many Voices
dBridge · I'm Feeling Cold 12"
Too Late for U and M1
DJ Seinfeld · Time Spent Away from U
Encounter on Io
Amon Tobin · Dark Jovian EP
Ladytron · Witching Hour
Kelly Lee Owens · Oleic EP
Solar Bears · Supermigration
aka 47
Mogwai · Every Country's Sun
Flesh World
Health · Death Magic
I Wanna Believe
Gina & the Flexix · I Wanna Believe 12"
Golden Donna · All Alone
Summer of '84
Le Matos · Summer of '84 OST
Hoffman's House
Le Matos · Summer of '84 OST
Operation Manhunt
Le Matos · Summer of '84 OST
Twelve Fifteen
Le Matos · Summer of '84 OST
Burial Ground
Le Matos · Summer of '84 OST
Cold Summer [w.Computer Magic]
Le Matos · Summer of '84 OST
End of Summer
Le Matos · Summer of '84 OST
Black Milk
Massive Attack · Mezzanine