Exploding Head Movies Episode October 15, 2018

XHM #428 - "Bloody M&M's" (2018 October 15)

7:02pm - 9:03pm

Hallowe'en horror month continues as we profile the highly eclectic soundtrack to the 1994 dark satire Natural Born Killers. Industrial symphonies abound.

1. Actors: Crosses (It Will Come to You, 2018) Artoffact
2. Kalte: Chemotrophs (Glaciations, 2009) Dark Winter
3. The Pack AD: Thomas Hardy (Dollhouse, 2017) Cadence
4. Lindi Ortega: Pablo (Liberty, 2018) Shadowbox/Soundly
5. Donato Dozzy: For Arnaud (The Loud Silence, 2015) Further
6. The Shacks: Texas (Haze, 2018) Big Crown/Orchard Music/Rough Trade
7. The Black Angels: I'd Kill for Her (Death Song, 2017) Partisan
8. Mondkopf: Locked (The Last Tales, 2016) In Paradisum
9. Mushy: I Don't Care (Breathless, 2012) Mannequin
10. FET.NAT: Trust Cops (Gaoler EP, 2017) Boiled
11. Classic UFO Hunter: Coming to Get Us (Earth Evasion, 2015) Mutefakemusic
12. Mourning Coup: Inner Eye (Light House, 2009) self-released
13. Vandal Moon: Baby Sounds (Wild Insane, 2018) Starfield
14. Olekranon: Dynel (Aphelion, 2014) Inam
15. Odonis Odonis: Nasty Boy (No Pop, 2017) Telephone Explosion
16. Download: Omniman (Furnace, 1995) Cleopatra/Subconscious Communications
17. Deer: Nightmare Tool (Projectionist's Nightmare, 2010) Giegling
18. Gazelle Twin: Jerusalem (Pastoral, 2018) Anti-Ghost Moon Ray
19. I Speak Machine: Blood from a Stone (Annual General Meeting Record: Volume 2, 2017) Anti-Ghost Moon Ray
20. Searmanas: Liberosis (Searmanas, 2018) Cleopatra
21. Leucrocuta: When All the Animals are Dead (When All the Animals are Dead, 2017) self-released
22. My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult: After the Flesh (The Crow OST, 1994) Atlantic
23. Nine Inch Nails: 18 Ghosts II (Ghosts I-IV, 2008) The Null Corporation
24. Nine Inch Nails: Less Than (Add Violence EP, 2017) The Null Corporation
25. Nine Inch Nails: Burn (Natural Born Killers OST, 1994) Nothing/Interscope
26. Nine Inch Nails: A Warm Place (Natural Born Killers OST, 1994) Nothing/Interscope
27. Brian Berdan & Robert Downey Jr: Route 666 (Natural Born Killers OST, 1994) Nothing/Interscope
28. A.O.S: History [Repeats Itself, edit] (Natural Born Killers OST, 1994) Nothing/Interscope
29. Hollywood Persuaders: Drums a Go Go [edit] (Natural Born Killers OST, 1994) Nothing/Interscope
30. Sergio Cervetti: Fall of the Rebel Angels [edit] (Natural Born Killers OST, 1994) Nothing/Interscope
31. Nine Inch Nails: Closure [DVD menu titles] (Closure, 1997) Nothing/Interscope
32. Leonard Cohen: Waiting for the Miracle (The Future, 1992) Columbia


Track Listing:

Actors · It Will Come to You
Kalte · Glaciations
Thomas Hardy
The Pack AD · Dollhouse
Lindi Ortega · Liberty
For Arnaud
Donato Dozzy · The Loud Silence
The Shacks · Haze
I'd Kill for Her
The Black Angels · Death Song
Mondkopf · The Last Tales
I Don't Care
Mushy · Breathless
Trust Cops
FET.NAT · Gaoler EP
Coming to Get Us
Classic UFO Hunter · Earth Evasion
Inner Eye
Mourning Coup · Light House
Baby Sounds
Vandal Moon · Wild Insane
Olekranon · Aphelion
Nasty Boy
Odonis Odonis · No Pop
Download · Furnace
Nightmare Tool
Deer · Projectionist's Nightmare
Gazelle Twin · Pastoral
Blood from a Stone
I Speak Machine · Annual General Meeting Record: Volume 2
Searmanas · Searmanas
When All the Animals are Dead
Leucrocuta · When All the Animals are Dead
After the Flesh
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult · The Crow OST
18 Ghosts II
Nine Inch Nails · Ghosts I-IV
Less Than
Nine Inch Nails · Add Violence EP
Nine Inch Nails · Natural Born Killers OST
A Warm Place
Nine Inch Nails · Natural Born Killers OST
Route 666
Brian Berdan & Robert Downey Jr · Natural Born Killers OST
History [Repeats Itself, edit]
A.O.S. · Natural Born Killers OST
Drums a Go Go [edit]
Hollywood Persuaders · Natural Born Killers OST
Fall of the Rebel Angels [edit]
Sergio Cervetti · Natural Born Killers OST
Closure [DVD menu titles]
Nine Inch Nails · Closure OST
Waiting for the Miracle
Leonard Cohen · The Future