Exploding Head Movies Episode September 17, 2018

XHM #424 - "Turkish prison tourism" (2018 September 17)

6:59pm - 9:02pm

Looking through past episodes, we've never done a proper profile on the legendary disco producer Giorgio Moroder. We correct that this week as we go back 40 years to his Oscar-winning score to Midnight Express.

1. Chromeo: Just Friends [w.Amber Mark] (Head Over Heels, 2018) Atlantic
2. Chad Munson: Infinity Mirror (Albedo, 2014) Magnetic Domain
3. Rachid Taha: Rock el Casbah (Tékitoi, 2004) Barclay/Universal
4. Nese Karaböcek: Yali Yali [Todd Terje edit] (2016) self-released
5. Eddie Warner: Telex (Progressive Percussions, 1968) L'Illustration Musicale
6. Telex: Moskow Diskow (Looking for Saint Tropez, 1978) RKM/Sire/Disques Vogue
7. Sink Ya Teeth: Glass [album mix] (Sink Ya Teeth, 2018) Hey Buffalo
8. Cherushii: Wild Abandon (Nobody's Fool EP, 2015) self-released
9. Kellarissa: Hey Hey Rosé (Ocean Electro, 2018) Mint
10. Ocean City Defender: Perfect Wish (2018) self-released
11. Light Blending In: Repetition of Weeks (Last Word, 2018) Downpour Spirit
12. Chaos in the CBD: Common Unity [w.Archie Pelago] (Midnight in Peckham, 2015) Rhythm Section International
13. Jon Hopkins: Singularity (Singularity, 2018) Domino
14. The Rockers: Rain (LP1, 2016) self-released
15. Suzy Q: Computer Music (Computer Music 12", 1985) Matra
16. Canadians: Neverending Story [w.Cherielynn Westrich] (Buffetlibre DJ's Rewind 2, 2009) self-released
17. Giorgio Moroder: Knights in White Satin (This Scene is Dead, 1976) Oasis
18. Daft Punk: Giorgio by Moroder (Random Access Memories, 2013) Daft Life/Columbia
19. Giorgio Moroder: 4 U with Love (Déjà Vu, 2015) RCA
20. France Joli: Dumb Blonde (Attitude, 1983) Epic
21. Kenny Loggins: Danger Zone (Top Gun OST, 1986) Columbia
22. Giorgio Moroder: Cacaphony (Midnight Express OST, 1978) Casablanca
23. Giorgio Moroder: The Chase (Midnight Express OST, 1978) Casablanca
24. Giorgio Moroder: Theme from Midnight Express [instrumental] (Midnight Express OST, 1978) Casablanca
25. Jeremy Dutcher: Ultestakon [Shaker Lullaby] (Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa, 2018) Fontana North

I'm planning a different Istanbul excursion, for the record.


Track Listing:

Just Friends [w.Amber Mark]
Chromeo · Head Over Heels
Infinity Mirror
Chad Munson · Albedo
Rock el Casbah
Rachid Taha · Tékitoi
Yali Yali [Todd Terje edit]
Nese Karaböcek · Yali Yali [Todd Terje edit]
Eddie Warner · Progressive Percussions
Moskow Diskow
Telex · Looking for Saint Tropez
Glass [album mix]
Sink Ya Teeth · Sink Ya Teeth
Wild Abandon
Cherushii · Nobody's Fool EP
Hey Hey Rosé
Kellarissa · Ocean Electro
Perfect Wish
Ocean City Defender · Perfect Wish
Repetition of Weeks
Light Blending In · Last Word
Common Unity [w.Archie Pelago]
Chaos in the CBD · Midnight in Peckham
Jon Hopkins · Singularity
The Rockers · LP1
Computer Music
Suzy Q · Computer Music 12"
Neverending Story [w.Cherielynn Westrich]
Canadians · Buffetlibre DJ's Rewind 2
Knights in White Satin
Giorgio Moroder · This Scene is Dead
Giorgio by Moroder
Daft Punk · Random Access Memories
4 U with Love
Giorgio Moroder · Déjà Vu
Dumb Blonde
France Joli · Attitude
Danger Zone
Kenny Loggins · Top Gun OST
Giorgio Moroder · Midnight Express OST
The Chase
Giorgio Moroder · Midnight Express OST
Theme from Midnight Express [instrumental]
Giorgio Moroder · Midnight Express OST
Ultestakon [Shaker Lullaby]
Jeremy Dutcher · Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa