Exploding Head Movies Episode September 3, 2018

XHM #422 - "School's in forever" (2018 September 03)

6:59pm - 9:02pm

Labour Day means the return of school. What better way to kick off a year of education with selections from Anna Meredith's score to the 2018 film Eighth Grade.

1. Nova Nova vs. Joy Division: Love Will Tear Us Apart (Love Will Tear Us Apart 7”, 2002) Curious Fox
2. Pacific Coliseum: Ocean City (Ocean City, 2017) Coastal Haze
3. Childish Gambino: Feels Like Summer (Summer Pack EP, 2018) Wolf+Rothstein/Liberator Music/RCA
4. Video Age: Pop Therapy (Pop Therapy, 2018) Inflated
5. Jóhann Jóhannsson: End of Summer, Pt. 3 [w.Hildur Guðnadóttir] (End of Summer, 2015) Sonic Pieces
6. Wolf Saga: Keep Dancing (2017) self-released
7. Kellarissa: The Radio (Ocean Electro, 2018) Mint
8. Light Blending In: Ever Know (Last Word, 2018) Downpour Spirit
9. Nicholas Krgovich: I Don't Know (In an Open Field, 2017) Tin Angel
10. Leon Patriz: Eclipses (Virtual Reality, 2018) self-released
11. Ensemble Modern: Steve Reich's Music for 18 Musicians, Section 1 (Music for 18 Musicians, 1998) BMG Classics/RCA Red Seal
12. Primetime: Pervert (Going Places 7", 2016) Sorry State/La Vida es un Mus
13. Adrian Teacher & The Subs: Cruis'n USA (Anxious Love, 2018) self-released
14. The Golden Funz: North Ontario (Ontarian Heroes, 2016) self-released
15. Deerhunter: Snakeskin (Fading Frontier, 2015) 4AD
16. Benjamin Muñoz: Anchors (Dear Ennui, 2016) HAVN
17. Dâm-Funk: Best Weekend (Architecture II, 2018) Glydezone/SAFT
18. Tierra Whack: Hungry Hippo (Whack World, 2018) self-released
19. River Tiber: I'm a Stone (Indigo, 2016) self-released
20. Max Richter: Embers (Memoryhouse, 2003) Late Junction/Fatcat
21. Tirzah: Do You Know (Devotion, 2018) Domino
22. Aphex Twin: T69 Collapse (Collapse EP, 2018) Warp
23. Pariah: Log Jam (Here From Where We Are, 2018) Houndstooth
24. Doja Cat: Mooo! (Mooo! single, 2018) Kemosabe/RCA
25. Tyler The Creator & A$AP Rocky: Potato Salad (WANG$AP, 2018) self-released
26. The Braen's Machine: Military Police (Underground, 1971) Liuto
27. Nine Inch Nails: Ahead of Ourselves (Bad Witch EP, 2018) Capitol/The Null Corporation
28. Jack Lemmon & Walter Matthau: Oscar Blows Up (The Odd Couple OST, 1968) Dot
29. Neal Hefti: Main Theme from The Odd Couple (The Odd Couple OST, 1968) Dot
30. Anna Meredith: Being Yourself (Eighth Grade OST, 2018) Columbia
31. Anna Meredith: Nautilus (Eighth Grade OST, 2018) Columbia
32. Anna Meredith: MIDI (Eighth Grade OST, 2018) Columbia
33. Anna Meredith: A Really Good Day (Eighth Grade OST, 2018) Columbia
34. Anna Meredith: How to Be Confident [for Real] (Eighth Grade OST, 2018) Columbia
35. Gordon Grdina's The Marrow: Wayward (Ejdeha, 2018) Songlines
36. Buffy Sainte-Marie: Helpless (She Used to Wanna Be a Ballerina, 1971) Vanguard


Track Listing:

Love Will Tear Us Apart
Nova Nova vs. Joy Division · Love Will Tear Us Apart 7"
Ocean City
Pacific Coliseum · Ocean City
Feels Like Summer
Childish Gambino · Summer Pack EP
Pop Therapy
Video Age · Pop Therapy
End of Summer, Pt. 3 [w.Hildur Guðnadóttir]
Jóhann Jóhannsson · End of Summer
Keep Dancing
Wolf Saga · Keep Dancing
The Radio
Kellarissa · Ocean Electro
Ever Know
Light Blending In · Last Word
I Don't Know
Nicholas Krgovich · In an Open Field
Leon Patriz · Virtual Reality
Steve Reich's Music for 18 Musicians, Section 1
Ensemble Modern · Steve Reich's Music for 18 Musicians
Primetime · Going Places 7"
Cruis'n USA
Adrian Teacher & The Subs · Anxious Love
North Ontario
The Golden Funz · Ontarian Heroes
Deerhunter · Fading Frontier
Benjamin Muñoz · Dear Ennui
Best Weekend
Dâm-Funk · Architecture II
Hungry Hippo
Tierra Whack · Whack World
I'm a Stone
River Tiber · Indigo
Max Richter · Memoryhouse
Do You Know
Tirzah · Devotion
T69 Collapse
Aphex Twin · Collapse EP
Log Jam
Pariah · Here From Where We Are
Doja Cat · Mooo! single
Potato Salad
Tyler The Creator & A$AP Rocky · WANG$AP
Military Police
The Braen's Machine · Underground
Ahead of Ourselves
Nine Inch Nails · Bad Witch EP
Oscar Blows Up
Jack Lemmon & Walter Matthau · The Odd Couple OST
Main Theme from The Odd Couple
Neal Hefti · The Odd Couple OST
Being Yourself
Anna Meredith · Eighth Grade OST
Anna Meredith · Eighth Grade OST
Anna Meredith · Eighth Grade OST
A Really Good Day
Anna Meredith · Eighth Grade OST
How to Be Confident [for Real]
Anna Meredith · Eighth Grade OST
Gordon Grdina's The Marrow · Ejdeha
Buffy Sainte-Marie · She Used to Wanna Be a Ballerina