Exploding Head Movies Episode July 23, 2018

XHM #417 - "Outsiders utopia" (2018 July 23)

6:58pm - 9:01pm

Paul Wright's 2017 documentary Arcadia uses 100 years of film footage to highlight England's relationship with nature. The score by Adrian Utley (Portishead) & Will Gregory (Goldfrapp) came out digitially this summer, so prepare to bask in idyllic wonder with unusual sounds.

1. CITR: Nothing Hits the Spot... (S.U.B. Pop, 2015) CITR
2. Otha: One of the Girls (One of the Girls single, 2018) self-released
3. Kalte: Framheim Station (Covalencies, 2018) self-released
4. Sink Ya Teeth: If You See Me [album mix] (Sink Ya Teeth, 2018) Hey Buffalo
5. ESG: Moody (A South Bronx Story, 2000) Universal Sound
6. Khotin: Alla's Scans (Beautiful You, 2018) Khotin Industries
7. Devours: Jason Voorhees Salon & Spa (Avalon EP, 2015) self-released
8. Kellarissa: Poppies in July (Ocean Electro, 2018) Mint
9. Bjørn Torske: Clean Air (Byen, 2018) Smalltown Supersound
10. Rhye: Stay Safe (Blood, 2018) Loma Vista
11. Black Atlass: Summer Time (Haunted Paradise, 2016) Fool's Gold
12. Nova Flares: Summer Colours (Nova Flares EP, 2018) self-released
13. Project Pablo: No Sweat (Hope You're Well, 2017) Technicolour
14. Psychedelic Furs: Dumb Waiters (Talk Talk Talk, 1981) CBS
15. Gerardo Iacoucci: Tradimento (Le Avventure, 2017) Finders Keepers
16. Long Branch: Lilacs (Found the Setting Sun, 2018) DWR
17. Thus Owls: Asleep in the Water (Black Matter EP, 2015) Secret City
18. Amedeo Tommasi: Uncle Solo (Psyche Funk Italia: Italian Library Nuggets from the 60s and 70s, 2010) Pinball/Flipper
19. Jo Passed: No Joy/I'm Not Real Girl (Out EP, 2016) self-released
20. Broadcast: Dead the Long Year (The Noise Made by People, 2000) Warp
21. Ash Walker: Only Got Hash (Echo Chamber, 2017) Deep Heads
22. Goldfrapp: A&E (Seventh Tree, 2008) Mute
23. Portishead: Cowboys (Roseland NYC Live, 1998) Go! Beat
24. Waclaw Zimpel: Lines (Lines, 2016) Instant Classic
25. Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man: Spider Monkey (Out of Season, 2002) Go! Beat
26. Spiro & Adrian Utley: We Will Be Absorbed [Moog version] (The Vapourer single, 2013) Real World
27. Anne Briggs, Adrian Utley & Will Gregory: Lowlands (Arcadia OST, 2018) Invada
28. Adrian Utley & Will Gregory: Nudists (Arcadia OST, 2018) Invada
29. Adrian Utley & Will Gregory: Cautious Optimism (Arcadia OST, 2018) Invada
30. Stonephace: Stonephace (Stonephace, 2009) Tru Thoughts
31. Anne Briggs: Blackwater Side (An Introduction to Anne Briggs, 2018) Topic


Track Listing:

Nothing Hits the Spot...
CITR · S.U.B. Pop
One of the Girls
Otha · One of the Girls single
Framheim Station
Kalte · Covalencies
If You See Me [album mix]
Sink Ya Teeth · Sink Ya Teeth
ESG · A South Bronx Story
Alla's Scans
Khotin · Beautiful You
Jason Voorhees Salon & Spa
Devours · Avalon EP
Poppies in July
Kellarissa · Ocean Electro
Clean Air
Bjørn Torske · Byen
Stay Safe
Rhye · Blood
Summer Time
Black Atlass · Haunted Paradise
Summer Colours
Nova Flares · Nova Flares EP
No Sweat
Project Pablo · Hope You're Well
Dumb Waiters
Psychedelic Furs · Talk Talk Talk
Gerardo Iacoucci · Le Avventure
Long Branch · Found the Setting Sun
Asleep in the Water
Thus Owls · Black Matter EP
Uncle Solo
Amedeo Tommasi · Psyche Funk Italia: Italian Library Nuggets from the 60s and 70s
No Joy/I'm Not Real Girl
Jo Passed · Out EP
Dead the Long Year
Broadcast · The Noise Made by People
Only Got Hash
Ash Walker · Echo Chamber
Goldfrapp · Seventh Tree
Portishead · Roseland NYC Live
Waclaw Zimpel · Lines
Spider Monkey
Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man · Out of Season
We Will Be Absorbed [Moog version]
Spiro & Adrian Utley · The Vapourer single
Anne Briggs, Adrian Utley & Will Gregory · Arcadia OST
Adrian Utley & Will Gregory · Arcadia OST
Cautious Optimism
Adrian Utley & Will Gregory · Arcadia OST
Stonephace · Stonephace
Blackwater Side
Anne Briggs · An Introduction to Anne Briggs