Exploding Head Movies Episode July 16, 2018

XHM #416 - "Only fools by the marina" (2018 July 16)

7:00pm - 9:02pm

Long in the docks but appropriate for the summer weather, it's our yacht rock episode! Going back to the timeframe of 1976-1984 when the West Coast pop sound introduced smooth adult-oriented music to the airwaves, mixing soul, jazz, R&B and rock together with pristine production and light catchy vocals. We'll include some of the music that appeared in the cult online video series that gave Yacht Rock its name.

1. Pages: The Sailor's Song (Future Street, 1979) Epic
2. Heiki: Sauna Porch (Sauna Porch Recordings Co., 2011) Paper+Sound
3. The Pointer Sisters: Could I Be Dreamin' (Special Things, 1980) Planet
4. Nicolette Larson: When You Come Around (Radioland, 1980) Warner Bros
5. Reggie Lucas: Tender Years (Survival Themes, 1976) East Wind/Inner City
6. Brenda Russell: Hello People (Two Eyes, 1983) Warner Bros
7. Airplay: After the Love is Gone (Airplay, 1980) RCA
8. Skim Milk: Hey Mister! (Ghosts of Jazz, 2015) self-released
9. Kerry Chater: Ain't Nothin' for a Heartache (Love on a Shoestring, 1978) Warner Bros
10. Chaka Khan: Stronger Than Before (I Feel for You, 1984) Warner Bros
11. Rolemodel: Better Things [Theme from the Group web series] (2018) self-released
12. Maxus: Nobody's Business (Maxus, 1981) Warner Bros
13. Diane Tell: Mon Ami-e (Chimères, 1982) Polydor
14. Plains Apparition: Can't Reconcile (Adrift, 2018) Downpour Spirit
15. Martine St-Clair: Un Homme Sentimental (Cœur Ordinateur, 1982) Pro-Culture
16. Diane Dufresne: La Toune Qui Groove (Turbulences, 1981) RCA Victor
17. Light Blending In: Thought Processing (Last Word, 2018) Downpour Spirit
18. Exit Someone: Sydney, The List Goes On (Dry Your Eyes EP, 2017) Atelier Ciseaux
19. Kassin: Relax (Relax, 2018) Luaka Bop
20. Ocean City Defender: Star Tropics (The Young Person's Guide to Modern Fashion & Etiquette, 2013) self-released
21. Steely Dan: Black Cow (Aja, 1977) ABC
22. Gorillaz: Humility [w.George Benson] (The Now Now, 2018) Parlophone
23. George Benson: Breezin' (Breezin', 1976) Warner Bros
24. Kenny Loggins: If It's Not What You're Looking For (High Adventure, 1982) Columbia
25. Michael McDonald: Believe in It (If That's What It Takes, 1982) Warner Bros
26. Toto: Paul Meets Chani (Dune OST, 1984) Polydor
27. Christopher Cross: Sailing (Christopher Cross, 1979) Warner Bros

To catch up on the Yacht Rock web series and podcast, check out http://www.yachtrock.com/podcast



Track Listing:

The Sailor's Song
Pages · Future Street
Sauna Porch
Heiki · Sauna Porch Recordings Co.
Could I Be Dreamin'
The Pointer Sisters · Special Things
When You Come Around
Nicolette Larson · Radioland
Tender Years
Reggie Lucas · Survival Themes
Hello People
Brenda Russell · Two Eyes
After the Love is Gone
Airplay · Airplay
Hey Mister!
Skim Milk · Ghosts of Jazz
Ain't Nothin' for a Heartache
Kerry Chater · Love on a Shoestring
Stronger Than Before
Chaka Khan · I Feel for You
Better Things [Theme from the Group web series]
Rolemodel · Better Things [Theme from the Group web series]
Nobody's Business
Maxus · Maxus
Mon Ami-e
Diane Tell · Chimères
Can't Reconcile
Plains Apparition · Adrift
Un Homme Sentimental
Martine St-Clair · Cœur Ordinateur
La Toune Qui Groove
Diane Dufresne · Turbulences
Thought Processing
Light Blending In · Last Word
Sydney, The List Goes On
Exit Someone · Dry Your Eyes EP
Kassin · Relax
Star Tropics
Ocean City Defender · The Young Person's Guide to Modern Fashion & Etiquette
Black Cow
Steely Dan · Aja
Humility [w.George Benson]
Gorillaz · The Now Now
George Benson · Breezin'
If It's Not What You're Looking For
Kenny Loggins · High Adventure
Believe in It
Michael McDonald · If That's What It Takes
Paul Meets Chani
Toto · Dune OST
Christopher Cross · Christopher Cross