Exploding Head Movies Episode June 25, 2018

XHM #414 - "True sax & violins" (2018 June 25)

7:00pm - 9:01pm

Although he has scored many a film, Colin Stetson is gaining regard for his evil music from the 2018 supernatural horror Hereditary. There's more TD International Coastal Jazz Festival stuff and other strange sounds to kick off your summer. gak gets high on paint fumes somewhere closeby.

1. Bonobo: Break Apart [w.Rhye, Lukan's Lo-Fi Bootleg] (2017) self-released
2. Gordon Grdina's The Marrow: Telesm (Ejdeha, 2018) Songlines
3. Sons of Kemet: My Queen is Harriet Tubman (Your Queen is a Reptile, 2018) Impulse!
4. Mary Margaret O'Hara: Don't Be Afraid [from Happy End] (September Songs: Music of Kurt Weill, 1997) Sony
5. Bruce Loko: God's Window (Africa Gets Physical: Volume 1, 2017) Gets Physical
6. Robert Plant & Alison Krauss: Please Read the Letter (Raising Sand, 2007) Rounder
7. Faith Healer: Sufferin' Creature (Try :-), 2017) Mint
8. Light Blending In: Echos of the Past [w.CMD094] (Last Word, 2018) Downpour Spirit
9. Simian Mobile Disco & Deep Throat Choir: Caught in a Wave (Murmurations, 2018) Wichita
10. Nosaj Thing: Sister (Parallels, 2017) Innovative Leisure
11. Ikonika: Mise en Place (Aerotropolis, 2013) Hyperdub
12. Moondog: Hardshoe 7/4 [w.Ray Malone] (More Moondog, 1956) Prestige
13. Parquet Courts: Almost Had to Start a Fight/In and Out of Patience (Wide Awake! 2018) Rough Trade
14. Neko Case: Hell-On (Hell-On, 2018) Anti-
15. Plains Apparation: Country Hourglass (Adrift, 2018) Downpour Spirit
16. Nancy Pants: Apple (Total Nancy Pants, 2014) self-released
17. The Silures: 21 Ghosts, Pt I (All You Can Eat EP, 2004) Citizen
18. Sex Mob: Oakland (Sexotica, 2006) Thirsty Ear
19. Nine Inch Nails: God Break Down the Door (Bad Witch, 2018) Capitol/The Null Corporation
20. LA Vampires Goes Ital: Streetwise (Streetwise 12", 2011) Not Not Fun
21. Holy Fuck: Chimes Broken (Congrats, 2016) Last Gang/Innovative Leisure
22. Colin Stetson: Mothers & Daughters (Hereditary OST, 2018) Milan
23. Colin Stetson: Charlie (Hereditary OST, 2018) Milan
24. Colin Stetson: Mourning (Hereditary OST, 2018) Milan
25. Colin Stetson: Classroom (Hereditary OST, 2018) Milan
26. Colin Stetson: Steve (Hereditary OST, 2018) Milan
27. Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson: Peace Go With You, Brother [As-Salaam-Alaikum] (Winter in America, 1974) Strata-East


Track Listing:

Break Apart [w.Rhye, Lukan's Lo-Fi Bootleg]
Bonobo · Break Apart [w.Rhye, Lukan's Lo-Fi Bootleg]
Gordon Grdina's The Marrow · Ejdeha
My Queen is Harriet Tubman
Sons of Kemet · Your Queen is a Reptile
Don't Be Afraid [from Happy End]
Mary Margaret O'Hara · September Songs: Music of Kurt Weill
God's Window
Bruce Loko · Africa Gets Physical: Volume 1
Please Read the Letter
Robert Plant & Alison Krauss · Raising Sand
Sufferin' Creature
Faith Healer · Try :-)
Echos of the Past [w.CMD094]
Light Blending In · Last Word
Caught in a Wave
Simian Mobile Disco & Deep Throat Choir · Murmurations
Nosaj Thing · Parallels
Mise en Place
Ikonika · Aerotropolis
Hardshoe 7/4 [w.Ray Malone]
Moondog · More Moondog
Almost Had to Start a Fight/In and Out of Patience
Parquet Courts · Wide Awake!
Neko Case · Hell-On
Country Hourglass
Plains Apparation · Adrift
Nancy Pants · Total Nancy Pants
21 Ghosts, Pt I
The Silures · All You Can Eat EP
Sex Mob · Sexotica
God Break Down the Door
Nine Inch Nails · Bad Witch
LA Vampires Goes Ital · Streetwise 12"
Chimes Broken
Holy Fuck · Congrats
Mothers & Daughters
Colin Stetson · Hereditary OST
Colin Stetson · Hereditary OST
Colin Stetson · Hereditary OST
Colin Stetson · Hereditary OST
Colin Stetson · Hereditary OST
Peace Go With You, Brother [As-Salaam-Alaikum]
Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson · Winter in America