Exploding Head Movies Episode May 7, 2018

XHM #408 - "Wardialing for dollars" (2018 May 07)

7:00pm - 9:01pm

There's been another recent death in the film score world, so we pay tribute to Arthur B Rubinstein (1938-2018) and music from two of his soundtracks, both from 1983: War Games and Blue Thunder. Synths galore!

1. The Beepers: Video Fever (War Games OST, 1983) Polydor
2. Up! Spiritual High (Artificial Intelligence, 1992) Warp
3. Jon Hopkins: Everything Connected (Singularity, 2018) Domino
4. Astrid Sonne: Real (Human Lines, 2018) Escho
5. Washed Out: Hard to Say Goodbye (Mister Mellow, 2017) Stones Throw
6. Ryan Hemsworth: Surrounded [w.Kotomi & DOSS] (Alone for the First Time, 2014) Last Gang/Secret Songs
7. Beans: Interlude [Brandywine] (Portage, 1998) Zulu
8. Milk: Don't Laugh (Late Bloomer EP, 2016) self-released
9. Underpass: Red Reflection (Red Reflection, 2016) No Sun
10. Sister Blanche: Side B (Three Swords, 2014) self-released
11. Sibille Attar: I Don't Have To (Paloma's Hand EP, 2018) PNKSLM
12. Jenny Lewis: She's Not Me (The Voyager, 2014) Warner Bros
13. Dual Twice: Climbing Limbs, Breaking Ours (Violent Origami [Remastered], 2007) self-released
14. Beach House: Dark Spring (7, 2018) Sub Pop
15. Kelly Lee Owens: Evolution (Kelly Lee Owens, 2017) Smalltown Supersound
16. Saxsyndrum: Yardbird Flutter (SXD_EP, 2014) Art Not Love
17. Wendy Bevan: Falling (2018) Unknown Pleasure
18. James Brown: Soul Power, Pt 1 (Soul Classics, 1971) King
19. Badbadnotgood: Structure No. 3 (IV, 2016) Innovative Leisure
20. Dazz Band: Let It Whip (Keep It Live, 1982) Motown
21. Michael Jackson: Baby Be Mine (Thriller, 1982) Epic/CBS
22. Offworld: Primitive Streak (1, 2016) Constellation
23. Arthur B Rubinstein: Main Title (WarGames OST, 1983) Polydor
24. Arthur B Rubinstein: Tic Tac Toe (WarGames OST, 1983) Polydor
25. Arthur B Rubinstein: Confidence is High (WarGames OST, 1983) Polydor
26. Arthur B Rubinstein: Edge of the World [end title] (WarGames OST, 1983) Polydor
27. Arthur B Rubinstein: Blue Thunder Ballet (Blue Thunder OST, 1983) MCA
28. Arthur B Rubinstein: Kate's Theme (Blue Thunder OST, 1983) MCA
29. Arthur B Rubinstein: Adios JAFO (Blue Thunder OST, 1983) MCA
30. Arthur B Rubinstein: Ride with the Angels [original end title] (Blue Thunder OST, 1983) MCA
31. Yvonne Elliman: Edge of the World (WarGames OST, 1983) Polydor


Track Listing:

Video Fever
The Beepers · WarGames OST
Spiritual High
Up! · Artificial Intelligence
Everything Connected
Jon Hopkins · Singularity
Astrid Sonne · Human Lines
Hard to Say Goodbye
Washed Out · Mister Mellow
Surrounded [w.Kotomi & DOSS]
Ryan Hemsworth · Alone for the First Time
Interlude [Brandywine]
Beans · Portage
Don't Laugh
Milk · Late Bloomer EP
Red Reflection
Underpass · Red Reflection
Side B
Sister Blanche · Three Swords
I Don't Have To
Sibille Attar · Paloma's Hand EP
She's Not Me
Jenny Lewis · The Voyager
Climbing Limbs, Breaking Ours
Dual Twice · Violent Origami [Remastered]
Dark Spring
Beach House · 7
Kelly Lee Owens · Kelly Lee Owens
Yardbird Flutter
Saxsyndrum · SXD_EP
Wendy Bevan · Falling
Soul Power, Pt 1
James Brown · Soul Classics
Structure No. 3
Badbadnotgood · IV
Let It Whip
Dazz Band · Keep It Live
Baby Be Mine
Michael Jackson · Thriller
Primitive Streak
Offworld · 1
Main Title
Arthur B Rubinstein · WarGames OST
Tic Tac Toe
Arthur B Rubinstein · WarGames OST
Confidence is High
Arthur B Rubinstein · WarGames OST
Edge of the World [end title]
Arthur B Rubinstein · WarGames OST
Blue Thunder Ballet
Arthur B Rubinstein · Blue Thunder OST
Kate's Theme
Arthur B Rubinstein · Blue Thunder OST
Adios JAFO
Arthur B Rubinstein · Blue Thunder OST
Ride with the Angels [original end title]
Arthur B Rubinstein · Blue Thunder OST
Edge of the World
Yvonne Elliman · WarGames OST