Exploding Head Movies Episode February 26, 2018

XHM #398 - "Back to the boats" (2018 February 26)

7:28pm - 9:03pm

Our fifth Oscar profile this year as we do another take on Hans Zimmer's nominated score from Dunkirk plus a song from Marshall, ending our listen of all the nominees leading up to the 90th Academy Awards next Sunday. This episode is compact, lean and slightly more digestible than usual; please enjoy.

Once more into the breach!

1. Goldfrapp: Faux Suede Drifter (Silver Eye, 2017) Mute
2. Pender Street Steppers: No Need (Pender Street Steppers 12", 2017) Mood Hut
3. The Orielles: I Only Bought It for the Bottle (Silver Dollar Moment, 2018) Heavenly
4. Supermoon: Bottleships (Playland, 2016) Mint
5. Robert T: Cirrus 003 (Cirrus, 2015) self-released
6. Superchunk: Where Eagles Dare (2011) Merge
7. Sigh: Hatch (demos, 2018) self-released
8. Mort Garson [aka Lucifer]: Solomon's Ring (Black Mass, 1971) UNI/MCA
9. US Girls: M.A.H. (In a Poem Unlimited, 2018) 4AD
10. In Mirrors: Take Your Movement Away [on Film] (Escape from Berlin, 2017) Italians Do It Better
11. Road Hog: Charger (Spares, 2018) self-released
12. Sudan Archives: Come Meh Way (Sudan Archives, 2017) Stones Throw
13. Björk: Blissing Me (Utopia, 2017) One Little Indian
14. Arca: Child (Arca, 2017) XL
15. Kyle Kinane: Let Fear Rule (Sold Out Suck It! EP, 2015) Comedy Central
16. Marcus Miller: Justice Is Coming [w.Wynton Marsalis and Jimmy Heath] (Marshall OST, 2017) Warner Bros
17. Andra Day: Stand Up for Something [w.Common] (Marshall OST, 2017) Warner Bros
18. Panda Bear: Shepard Tone (A Day with the Homies EP, 2017) Domino
19. Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch: Hijack (Blade Runner 2049 OST, 2017) Epic/Sony
20. Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch: Home (Dunkirk OST, 2017) WaterTower
21. Hans Zimmer: The Oil (Dunkirk OST, 2017) WaterTower
22. Valiska: Forever (On Pause, 2017) Trouble in Utopia
23. Hans Zimmer: We Need Our Army Back (Dunkirk OST, 2017) WaterTower

Previous Dunkirk profile can be heard at http://www.citr.ca/radio/exploding-head-movies/episode/20170904/


Track Listing:

Faux Suede Drifter
Goldfrapp · Silver Eye
No Need
Pender Street Steppers · Pender Street Steppers 12"
I Only Bought It for the Bottle
The Orielles · Silver Dollar Moment
Supermoon · Playland
Cirrus 003
Robert T · Cirrus
Where Eagles Dare
Superchunk · Where Eagles Dare
Sigh · demos
Solomon's Ring
Mort Garson [aka Lucifer] · Black Mass
US Girls · In a Poem Unlimited
Take Your Movement Away [on Film]
In Mirrors · Escape from Berlin
Road Hog · Spares
Come Meh Way
Sudan Archives · Sudan Archives
Blissing Me
Björk · Utopia
Arca · Arca
Let Fear Rule
Kyle Kinane · Sold Out Suck It! EP
Justice Is Coming [w.Wynton Marsalis and Jimmy Heath]
Marcus Miller · Marshall OST
Stand Up for Something [w.Common]
Andra Day · Marshall OST
Shepard Tone
Panda Bear · A Day with the Homies EP
Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch · Blade Runner 2049 OST
Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch · Dunkirk OST
The Oil
Hans Zimmer · Dunkirk OST
Valiska · On Pause
We Need Our Army Back
Hans Zimmer · Dunkirk OST