Exploding Head Movies Episode February 5, 2018

XHM #395 - "Creature from the love lagoon" (2018 February 05)

6:57pm - 9:02pm

Part II of our annual Oscar profile listens to Alexandre Desplat's nominated score from The Shape of Water, this year's leading film. There's also a nominated song from The Greatest Showman, some bands from the upcoming Winter Waste show and the 2017/18 winner of CITR's battle of the bands Shindig!

1. Ty Segall: The Main Pretender (Freedom's Goblin, 2018) Drag City
2. Atrum Machina: Static; Liquid (Life in a Dark Room, 2015) self-released
3. Programm: We Barely Escaped (Like the Sun EP, 2015) The Hand Recordings
4. The Besnard Lakes: The Bray Road Beast (A Coliseum Complex Museum, 2016) Outside Music
5. Nils Frahm: Sunson (All Melody, 2018) Erased Tapes
6. Dixie's Death Pool: How Long? (Twilight Sound Mountain, 2017) Leisure Thief
7. Valiska: Villeaceron (La Tourette, 2014) self-released
8. Valiska: Structure I (Structure, 2013) Bow Bottom
9. Baby David: Ramen (Marvelous, 2015) self-released
10. Matthew Dear: Modafinil Blues (Modafinil Blues, 2017) Ghostly International
11. Overmono: Phase Magenta (Arla III, 2017) XL
12. storc: [Now You Want Me to Play the Room You Just] Emptied? (storc, 2017) Beakface
13. Mamarudegyal MTHC: 4am (MRG EP, 2016) self-released
14. Daphni: Vulture (Joli Mai, 2017) Jiaolong
15. Champion Lawnmower: Babies (Babies, 2017) self-released
16. Necking: Detective Olivia Benson (Meditation Tape, 2017) self-released
17. Johnny Pearson: Grand Prix (Impact and Action, 1967) KPM
18. Destroyer: Tinseltown Swimming in Blood (Ken, 2017) Merge
19. Suede: Wild Ones (Dog Man Star, 1994) Nude
20. Tyrone Brunson: The Smurf (Sticky Situation, 1982) Believe in a Dream/Epic
21. Nite Jewel: Obsession (Real High, 2017) Gloriette
22. Jeff Bridges: Ikea (Sleeping Tapes, 2015) Squarespace
23. Swayzak: Ikea (Make Up Your Mind 12", 2002) Studio !K7
24. Chris & Cosey: This is Me (Heartbeat, 1981) Rough Trade
25. Keala Settle & The Greatest Showman Ensemble: This is Me (The Greatest Showman OST, 2017) Atlantic
26. Alexandre Desplat: Mr Moustafa (The Grand Budapest Hotel OST, 2014) ABKCO
27. Alexandre Desplat: The Shape of Water (The Shape of Water OST, 2017) Decca
28. Alexandre Desplat: Elisa's Theme (The Shape of Water OST, 2017) Decca
29. Alexandre Desplat: That Isn't Good (The Shape of Water OST, 2017) Decca
30. Alexandre Desplat: Decency (The Shape of Water OST, 2017) Decca
31. Alexandre Desplat: Without You/Rainy Day (The Shape of Water OST, 2017) Decca
32. Madeleine Peyroux: La Javanaise (The Shape of Water OST, 2017) Decca


Track Listing:

The Main Pretender
Ty Segall · Freedom's Goblin
Static; Liquid
Atrum Machina · Life in a Dark Room
We Barely Escaped
Programm · Like the Sun EP
The Bray Road Beast
The Besnard Lakes · A Coliseum Complex Museum
Nils Frahm · All Melody
How Long?
Dixie's Death Pool · Twilight, Sound Mountain
Valiska · La Tourette
Structure I
Valiska · Structure
Baby David · Marvelous
Modafinil Blues
Matthew Dear · Modafinil Blues
Phase Magenta
Overmono · Arla III
(Now You Want Me to Play the Room You Just) Emptied?
storc · storc
Mamarudegyal MTHC · MRG EP
Daphni · Joli Mai
Champion Lawnmower · Babies
Detective Olivia Benson
Necking · Meditation Tape
Grand Prix
Johnny Pearson · Impact and Action
Tinseltown Swimming in Blood
Destroyer · Ken
Wild Ones
Suede · Dog Man Star
The Smurf
Tyrone Brunson · Sticky Situation
Nite Jewel · Real High
Jeff Bridges · Sleeping Tapes
Swayzak · Make Up Your Mind 12"
This is Me
Chris & Cosey · Heartbeat
This is Me
Keala Settle & The Greatest Showman Ensemble · The Greatest Showman OST
Mr Moustafa
Alexandre Desplat · The Grand Budapest Hotel OST
The Shape of Water
Alexandre Desplat · The Shape of Water OST
Elisa's Theme
Alexandre Desplat · The Shape of Water OST
That Isn't Good
Alexandre Desplat · The Shape of Water OST
Alexandre Desplat · The Shape of Water OST
Without You
Alexandre Desplat · The Shape of Water OST
Rainy Day
Alexandre Desplat · The Shape of Water OST
La Javanaise
Madeleine Peyroux · The Shape of Water OST