Exploding Head Movies Episode November 20, 2017

XHM #386 - "Living in dread and promise" (2017 November 20)

7:08pm - 9:03pm

With Mogwai playing in Vancouver this week, we listen to some of the Scottish post-rock act's music, including selections from their score to the 2016 documentary Atomic. The guitars return after a few weeks of synths.

1. storc: One Woman, Two Eyes (storc, 2017) self-released
2. Trentemoller: November (Fixion, 2016) In My Room
3. Flying Lotus: Siren Song [w.Angel Deradoorian] (You're Dead! 2014) Warp
4. Gary Numan: And It All Began with You (Savage: Songs from a Broken World, 2017) BMG
5. Odonis Odonis: Tracer (No Pop, 2017) Felte
6. Cold Specks: New Moon (Fool's Paradise, 2017) Arts & Crafts
7. Petra Glynt: This Trip (This Trip, 2017) Vibe Over Method
8. Teen Daze: An Alpine Forest (Themes for a New Earth, 2017) Flora
9. The Lollipop Shoppe: You Must Be a Witch (Just Colour, 1968) Uni
10. Dead Moon: Unknown Passage (Defiance, 1990) Tombstone
11. The Braen's Machine: Fall Out (Underground, 1971) Liuto
12. Walrus: Feels (Goodbye Something, 2016) Madic
13. The Rural Alberta Advantage: Wild Grin (The Wild, 2017) Paper Bag
14. Keith Mansfield: Pretty Colours (Sweet Groove, 1970) KPM
15. So Young: Sixteen (Try Me, 2015) self-released
16. Sun Stone Revolvers: Horizon (Everything's Alright Forever: Volume 2, 2013) Everything's Alright Forever
17. No UFO's: Sautenes in Amber (NU LP for RS, 2017) Root Strata
18. Escape-ism: Lonely at the Top (Introduction to Escape-ism, 2017) Merge
19. Godspeed You! Black Emperor: Fam/Famine (Luciferian Towers, 2017) Constellation
20. Mogwai: Half Time (Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait OST, 2006) Wall of Sound/Play It Again Sam
21. Mogwai: Rano Pano (Hardcore Will Never Die But You Will, 2011) Rock Action/Sub Pop
22. Mogwai: Party in the Dark (Every Country's Sun, 2017) Rock Action/Temporary Residence/Spunk
23. Mogwai: Hungry Face (Les Revenants OST, 2013) Rock Action
24. Mogwai: Bitterness Centrifuge (Atomic OST, 2016) Rock Action
25. Mogwai: U-235 (Atomic OST, 2016) Rock Action
26. Mogwai: Little Boy (Atomic OST, 2016) Rock Action
27. Mogwai: Huaynaputina (Before the Flood OST, 2016) Lakeshore
28. Kamasi Washington: Humility (Harmony of Difference EP, 2017) Young Turks


Track Listing:

One Woman, Two Eyes
storc · storc
Trentemoller · Fixion
Siren Song [w.Angel Deradoorian]
Flying Lotus · You're Dead!
And It All Began with You
Gary Numan · Savage: Songs from a Broken World
Odonis Odonis · No Pop
New Moon
Cold Specks · Fool's Paradise
This Trip
Petra Glynt · This Trip
An Alpine Forest
Teen Daze · Themes for a New Earth
You Must Be a Witch
The Lollipop Shoppe · Just Colour
Unknown Passage
Dead Moon · Defiance
Fall Out
The Braen's Machine · Underground
Walrus · Goodbye Something
Wild Grin
The Rural Alberta Advantage · The Wild
Pretty Colours
Keith Mansfield · Sweet Groove
So Young · Try Me
Sun Stone Revolvers · Everything's Alright Forever: Volume 2
Sautenes in Amber
No UFO's · NU LP for RS
Lonely at the Top
Escape-ism · Introduction to Escape-ism
Godspeed You! Black Emperor · Luciferian Towers
Half Time
Mogwai · Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait OST
Rano Pano
Mogwai · Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will
Party in the Dark
Mogwai · Every Country's Sun
Hungry Face
Mogwai · Les Revenants OST
Bitterness Centrifuge
Mogwai · Atomic OST
Mogwai · Atomic OST
Little Boy
Mogwai · Atomic OST
Mogwai · Before the Flood OST
Kamasi Washington · Harmony of Difference EP