Exploding Head Movies Episode November 13, 2017

XHM #385 - "Dreadfully distinct against the dark" (2017 November 13)

6:59pm - 9:02pm

Part 2 of our Blade Runner profile, jumping ahead to 2049 with this year's sequel to the 1982 original. Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch provide the Vangelis-influenced score to Denis Villeneuve's film, replacing previously hired composer Johann Johannsson.

1. Yaeji: Drink I'm Sippin' On (EP2, 2017) Godmode
2. Audioglider: Moulin Bessou'ed (Subaquamarine, 2016) Section
3. Essaie Pas: Futur Parle (Futur Parle single, 2017) DFA
4. Kelly Lee Owens: Anxi [w.Jenny Hval] (Kelly Lee Owens, 2017) Smalltown Supersound
5. Arca: Urchin (Arca, 2017) XL
6. Antwood: Commodity Fetish Mode (Sponsored Content, 2017) Planet Mu
7. Concubine: Seif (Concubine, 2015) self-released
8. Pye Corner Audio: Greenpoint Hangover (Island of Ghosts EP, 2017) Analogical Force
9. Helena Hauff: Gift (Have You Been There Have You Seen It EP, 2017) Ninja Tune
10. Kaade: All the Air (Encounter with Power EP, 2017) self-released
11. Roedelius: Staunen im Fjord (War Machine OST, 2017) Lakeshore/Invada
12. N/K: Whatdoesmean (EP, 2016) self-released
13. Omnine: Fase (You are Home EP, 2017) Apparel Tronic
14. Laraaji: Harmonica Drone (Bring on the Sun, 2017) All Saints
15. Remember: Skyline (Rotobakkuhomu, 2015) Dream Catalogue
16. Atrum Machina: No Longer Human (Life in a Dark Room, 2015) self-released
17. 2814: Guided by Love (Rain Temple, 2016) Dream Catalogue
18. prOphecy Sun: Of Bladerunner (Not for Dogs, 2011) self-released
19. Off World: Satellite Beach (2, 2017) Constellation
20. Benjamin Damage: Off World (Montreal EP, 2017) R&S
21. Gary Numan: Time to Die (Strange Charm reissue, 1999) Cleopatra/Eagle
22. MORI: Los Angeles 2019 (MORI EP1, 2014) self-released
23. Kuedo: Flight Path (Severant, 2011) Planet Mu
24. Johann Johannsson: Fragment I (Orphée, 2016) Deutsche Grammophon/Decca
25. The Ink Spots: If I Didn't Care (If I Didn't Care 10", 1939) Decca
26. Vangelis: Morning at the Bradbury (Blade Runner: EMS Recombination [definitive edition], 1982) Tyrell
27. Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch: 2049 (Blade Runner 2049 OST, 2017) Epic/Sony
28. Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch: Sea Wall (Blade Runner 2049 OST, 2017) Epic/Sony
29. Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch: Tears in the Rain (Blade Runner 2049 OST, 2017) Epic/Sony


Track Listing:

Drink I'm Sippin' On
Yaeji · EP2
Moulin Bessou'ed
Audioglider · Subaquamarine
Futur Parle
Essaie Pas · Futur Parle single
Anxi [w.Jenny Hval]
Kelly Lee Owens · Kelly Lee Owens
Arca · Arca
Commodity Fetish Mode
Antwood · Sponsored Content
Concubine · Concubine
Greenpoint Hangover
Pye Corner Audio · Island of Ghosts EP
Helena Hauff · Have You Been There, Have You Seen It EP
All the Air
Kaade · Encounter with Power EP
Staunen im Fjord
Roedelius · War Machine OST
N/K · EP
Omnine · You are Home EP
Harmonica Drone
Laraaji · Bring on the Sun
Remember · Rotobakkuhomu
No Longer Human
Atrum Machina · Life in a Dark Room
Guided by Love
2814 · Rain Temple
Of Bladerunner
prOphecy Sun · Not for Dogs
Satellite Beach
Off World · 2
Off World
Benjamin Damage · Montreal EP
Time to Die
Gary Numan · Strange Charm reissue
Los Angeles 2019
Flight Path
Kuedo · Severant
Fragment I
Johann Johannsson · Orphee
If I Didn't Care
The Ink Spots · Blade Runner: EMS Recombination [definitive edition]
Morning at the Bradbury
Vangelis · Blade Runner: EMS Recombination [definitive edition]
Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch · Blade Runner 2049 OST
Sea Wall
Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch · Blade Runner 2049 OST
Tears in the Rain
Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch · Blade Runner 2049 OST