Exploding Head Movies Episode October 16, 2017

XHM #381 - "From whispers to screams" (2017 October 16)

7:00pm - 9:03pm

As Hallowe'en Horror Month continues, with the 40th anniversary of Dario Argento's Italian giallo film Suspiria, we'll listen to some cuts of Goblin's score that I haven't played before. Spooky synths mix in with all that prog action.

1. Easy Going: Fear (Fear, 1979) Banana/Unidisc
2. Mike Oldfield: Foreign Affair [Mater Suspiria Vision Mindfuck remix] (2010) self-released
3. Kelela: LMK (Take Me Apart, 2017) Warp
4. Galcher Lustwerk: What U Want Me to Do (Dark Bliss, 2017) White Material
5. Eric Copeland: Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo (Goofballs, 2017) DFA
6. Bernardino Femminielli: Boys' Trottoir (Plaisirs Americains, 2016) Mind/Bethlehem XXX
7. Bicep: Vespa (Bicep, 2017) Ninja Tune
8. Philippe Battikha: Time for New Hands (Invisible Backgrounds, 2015) Samizdat
9. Tiga: No Fantasy Required (No Fantasy Required, 2016) Counter
10. Drexciya: Aquabahn (Drexciya 4: The Unknown Aquazone, 1994) Submerge
11. Fulldeck Subhuman: Mimi (Distraction Motif, 2016) self-released
12. Newclear Waves: The Black Hand (Newclear Waves, 2012) Desire
13. Zoo Owl: Amphibia (Hollow, 2014) self-released
14. Secret Pyramid: Closer (Movements of Night, 2013) Students of Decay
15. Zola Jesus: Exhumed (Okovi, 2017) Sacred Bones
16. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith: An Intention (The Kid, 2017) Western Vinyl
17. NHK yx Koyxen: Intention (Exit Entrance, 2017) DFA
18. Whitehorse: Manitoba Death Star (Panther in the Dollhouse, 2017) Six Shooter
19. Mise en Scene: Closer (2017) Light Organ
20. Haddon: Polyhistor (Auricular Palimpsest, 2015) self-released
21. Ace Martens: Palm Springs (Palm Springs EP, 2016) self-released
22. Ariel Pink: Feels Like Heaven (Dedicated to Bobby Jameson, 2017) Mexican Summer
23. Johnny Jewel: Strobe Lights (Windswept, 2017) Italians Do It Better
24. Broken Social Scene: Vanity Pail Kids (Hugs of Thunder, 2017) Arts & Crafts/City Slang
25. The Black Angels: Half Believing (Death Song, 2017) Partisan
26. Jacques Greene: Fall (Feel Infinite, 2017) Luckyme
27. Wayne Bell & Tobe Hooper: Smell of the Slaughterhouse/Sign of the Hitchhiker (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre OST, 1974) Assaultmyears
28. Goblin: Suspiria [narration] (Suspiria OST, 1977) Cinevox
29. Goblin: Roller (Roller, 1976) Cinevox
30. Goblin: Witch (Suspiria OST, 1977) Cinevox
31. Goblin: Sighs (Suspiria OST, 1977) Cinevox
32. Goblin: Markos [alternate version] (Suspiria OST, 1977) Cinevox


Track Listing:

Easy Going · Fear
Foreign Affair [Mater Suspiria Vision Mindfuck remix]
Mike Oldfield · Foreign Affair [Mater Suspiria Vision Mindfuck remix]
Kelela · Take Me Apart
What U Want Me to Do
Galcher Lustwerk · Dark Bliss
Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo
Eric Copeland · Goofballs
Boys' Trottoir
Bernardino Femminielli · Plaisirs Americains
Bicep · Bicep
Time for New Hands
Philippe Battikha · Invisible Backgrounds
No Fantasy Required
Tiga · No Fantasy Required
Drexciya · Drexciya 4: The Unknown Aquazone
Fulldeck Subhuman · Distraction Motif
The Black Hand
Newclear Waves · Newclear Waves
Zoo Owl · Hollow
Secret Pyramid · Movements of Night
Zola Jesus · Okovi
An Intention
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith · The Kid
NHK yx Koyxen · Exit Entrance
Manitoba Death Star
Whitehorse · Panther in the Dollhouse
Mise en Scene · Closer single
Haddon · Auricular Palimpsest
Palm Springs
Ace Martens · Palm Springs EP
Feels Like Heaven
Ariel Pink · Dedicated to Bobby Jameson
Strobe Lights
Johnny Jewel · Windswept
Vanity Pail Kids
Broken Social Scene · Hugs of Thunder
Half Believing
The Black Angels · Death Song
Jacques Greene · Feel Infinite
Smell of the Slaughterhouse/Sign of the Hitchhiker
Wayne Bell & Tobe Hooper · The Texas Chainsaw Massacre OST
Suspiria [narration]
Goblin · Suspiria OST
Goblin · Roller
Goblin · Suspiria OST
Goblin · Suspiria OST
Markos [alternate version]
Goblin · Suspiria OST