Exploding Head Movies Episode October 2, 2017

XHM #379 - "The true horror within" (2017 October 02)

6:57pm - 8:58pm

Normally for October, we switch over exclusively to horror-related music in the lead up towards Hallowe'en. Based on this weekend's current events, we'll postpone our usual macabre material and opt for continued VIFF synopses and then tributes to the recently deceased.

1. Brasstronaut: Hawk (Brasstronaut, 2017) Unfamiliar
2. Godspeed You! Black Emperor: Undoing a Luciferian Towers (Luciferian Towers, 2017) Constellation
3. Louise Burns: Storms (Young Mopes, 2017) Light Organ
4. 54-40: Oppenheimer Park (Odd Squad & Company - On the Beat: Volume II, 2009) Odd Squad
5. Skim Milk: Reunion (Ghost of Jazz, 2015) self-released
6. Actors: Post Traumatic Love [Humans remix] (Post Traumatic Love Remixes, 2012) self-released
7. Rococode: Panic Attack [Humans remix] (Panic Attack EP, 2015) Marquis Label Services
8. Alessandro Alessandroni & Giuliano Sorgini: Autumn Song (Panoramic Feelings, 1971) Canopo
9. DJ Shadow: Horror Show [w.Danny Brown] (The Mountain Has Fallen EP, 2017) Mass Appeal
10. Adamennon: Dalle Fauci al Ventre della Belva Nera (Le Nove Ombre del Caos: Colonna Sonora Originale, 2017) Boring Machines
11. Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow: Hacking/Cutting (Ex Machina OST, 2015) Invada
12. Those Darlins: Red Light Love (Those Darlins, 2009) Oh Wow Dang
13. Hüsker Dü: Statues (Everything Falls Apart, 1983) Reflex
14. Loscil: Deceiver (Monument Builders, 2016) Kranky
15. Beachwood Sparks: By Your Side (Once We Were Trees, 2001) Sub Pop
16. Sheldon Allman: Theme from Let's Make a Deal (Television's Greatest Hits: Volume 5 - In Living Colour, 1996) TVT
17. Django Reinhardt: September Song (The Electric Years, 1947) Avid
18. Petunia: Oh My Mother (Inside of You, 2014) self-released
19. Johnny Cash: I Won't Back Down (American III: Solitary Man, 2000) American
20. Olekranon: Eulogist (Aphelion, 2014) Inam
21. Tangerine Dream: Green Desert (Green Desert, 1986) Jive
22. Angelo Badalamenti: Mysterioso #1 (Twin Peaks Archive, 2012) David Lynch


Track Listing:

Brasstronaut · Brasstronaut
Undoing a Luciferian Towers
Godspeed You! Black Emperor · Luciferian Towers
Louise Burns · Young Mopes
Oppenheimer Park
54-40 · Odd Squad & Company - On the Beat: Volume II
Skim Milk · Ghost of Jazz
Post Traumatic Love [Humans remix]
Actors · Post Traumatic Love Remixes
Panic Attack [Humans remix]
Rococode · Panic Attack EP
Autumn Song
Alessandro Alessandroni & Giuliano Sorgini · Panoramic Feelings
Horror Show [w.Danny Brown]
DJ Shadow · The Mountain Has Fallen EP
Dalle Fauci al Ventre della Belva Nera
Adamennon · Le Nove Ombre del Caos: Colonna Sonora Originale
Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow · Ex Machina OST
Red Light Love
Those Darlins · Those Darlins
Hüsker Dü · Everything Falls Apart
Loscil · Monument Builders
By Your Side
Beachwood Sparks · Once We Were Trees
Theme from Let's Make a Deal
Sheldon Allman · Television's Greatest Hits: Volume 5 - In Living Colour
September Song
Django Reinhardt · The Electric Years
Oh My Mother
Petunia · Inside of You
I Won't Back Down
Johnny Cash · American III: Solitary Man
Olekranon · Aphelion
Green Desert
Tangerine Dream · Green Desert
Mysterioso #1
Angelo Badalamenti · Twin Peaks Archive