Exploding Head Movies Episode September 4, 2017

XHM #376 - "Little ship dynamo" (2017 September 04)

7:04pm - 9:03pm

Happy Labour Day! With a new school year set to start, we profile Hans Zimmer's score to Christopher Nolan's latest film Dunkirk and pay tribute to Glen Campbell (1936-2017).

Onto the beaches:

1. LCD Soundsystem: Tonite (American Dream, 2017) DFA/Columbia
2. Sarah Neufeld: The Ridge (The Ridge, 2016) Constellation
3. Jay Arner: Back to School (Jay II, 2016) Mint
4. Adrian Teacher & The Subs: Victory Square (Terminal City, 2016) You've Changed
5. Dominic Muldowney: Victory Square (1984: The Music of Oceania OST, 1984) The Airstrip One Company
6. Palm Oil: The Envelope (Palm Oil, 2017) self-released
7. Needles//Pins: Untitled/You're Fine (Good Night Tomorrow, 2017) Mint/Dirt Cult
8. Glenn Mercer: Twenty Nine Palms (Incidental Hum, 2015) Bar/None
9. Thundercat: Friend Zone (Drunk, 2017) Brainfeeder
10. Cigarettes After Sex: Apocalypse (Cigarettes After Sex, 2017) Partisan
11. The Exotic Rhythms of Les Baxter and Chorus: Yellow Sun (African Blue, 1969) GNP Crescendo
12. Dead Soft: Never Forever (Dead Soft, 2014) Kingfisher Bluez/Infinity Cat
13. Psych: Misty Big Eyes (Rebel Girl Halifax Rock Camp Compilation, 2014) self-released
14. Gerry Moore: Rose Garden (Hammond Fever, 1971) Deacon
15. The Ballantynes: The Message (Singles cassette, 2016) La-Ti-Da
16. Fleet Foxes: Kept Woman (Crack-Up, 2017) Nonesuch
17. Dixie's Death Pool: Coco Dame (Twilight Sound Mountain, 2017) Leisure Thief
18. Colleen Rennison: The Fool is the Last One to Know (See the Sky About to Rain, 2014) Black Hen
19. Frederick Squire: Book of Love (Spooky Action at a Distance, 2016) self-released
20. Boots Randolph: Wichita Lineman (Yakety Revisited, 1969) Monument
21. Gloria Jones: Tainted Love (My Bad Boy's Comin' Home 7", 1965) Champion
22. Sagittarius: My World Fell Down (Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968, 1972) Elektra
23. Carter Burwell: La Boeuf Takes Leave (True Grit OST, 2010) Nonesuch
24. Glen Campbell: True Grit (True Grit OST, 1969) Capitol
25. Glen Campbell: Southern Nights (Southern Nights, 1977) Capitol
26. Gerry Moore: Wichita Lineman (Hammond Fever, 1971) Deacon
27. Merle Haggard: The Bottle Let Me Down (Swinging Doors, 1966) Capitol
28. Dario Marianelli: Elegy for Dunkirk (Atonement OST, 2007) Decca
29. Hans Zimmer: The Mole (Dunkirk OST, 2017) WaterTower
30. Hans Zimmer: Supermarine (Dunkirk OST, 2017) WaterTower
31. Benjamin Wallfisch & Sir Edward Elgar: Variation 15 (Dunkirk OST, 2017) WaterTower


Track Listing:

LCD Soundsystem · American Dream
The Ridge
Sarah Neufeld · The Ridge
Back to School
Jay Arner · Jay II
Victory Square
Adrian Teacher & The Subs · Terminal City
Victory Square
Dominic Muldowney · 1984: The Music of Oceania OST
The Envelope
Palm Oil · Palm Oil
Untitled/You're Fine
Needles//Pins · Good Night, Tomorrow
Twenty Nine Palms
Glenn Mercer · Incidental Hum
Friend Zone
Thundercat · Drunk
Cigarettes After Sex · Cigarettes After Sex
Yellow Sun
The Exotic Rhythms of Les Baxter and Chorus · African Blue
Never Forever
Dead Soft · Dead Soft
Misty Big Eyes
Psych · Rebel Girl Halifax Rock Camp Compilation
Rose Garden
Gerry Moore · Hammond Fever
The Message
The Ballantynes · Singles cassette
Kept Woman
Fleet Foxes · Crack-Up
Coco Dame
Dixie's Death Pool · Twilight, Sound Mountain
The Fool is the Last One to Know
Colleen Rennison · See the Sky About to Rain
Book of Love
Frederick Squire · Spooky Action at a Distance
Wichita Lineman
Boots Randolph · Yakety Revisited
Tainted Love
Gloria Jones · My Bad Boy's Comin' Home 7"
My World Fell Down
Sagittarius · Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968
La Boeuf Takes Leave
Carter Burwell · True Grit OST
True Grit
Glen Campbell · True Grit OST
Southern Nights
Glen Campbell · Southern Nights
Wichita Lineman
Gerry Moore · Hammond Fever
The Bottle Let Me Down
Merle Haggard · Swinging Doors
Elegy for Dunkirk
Dario Marianelli · Atonement OST
The Mole
Hans Zimmer · Dunkirk OST
Hans Zimmer · Dunkirk OST
Variation 15
Benjamin Wallfisch & Sir Edward Elgar · Dunkirk OST