Exploding Head Movies Episode August 28, 2017

XHM #375 - "Shown what we're made of" (2017 August 28)

7:01pm - 9:05pm

gak's back from watching the solar eclipse in Tennessee, so he has a bit of country, leading towards the diverse soundtrack from Robert Altman's 1975 satire Nashville. Vancouver band Palm Oil take over for the first half hour with plenty of punk and hardcore to go along with stories of odd venues for shows and travel tips, leading up to their appearance at this year's Victory Square Block Party.

1. Bob Kulick, Eric Singer & David Glen Eisley: Sweet Victory (Spongebob Squarepants: The Yellow Album, 2005) Nick
2. Cavern of Anti-Matter: Hi-Hats Bring the Hiss (Void Beats/Invocation Trex, 2016) Duophonic
3. Sex Church: Drifter (Flowers, 2015) Limited Appeal
4. Shameover: Already Gone (Shameover demo, 2016) self-released
5. Shameover: Cougar (Shameover demo, 2016) self-released
6. No Goods: Stray (Buzzer 12", 2017) Kingfisher Bluez
7. Daphne: Baby Blue (Love Story of a Starfckr, 2017) self-released
8. Collagen: Horrendous Fucking Nightmare/Erasing Space (#1 Demo 15', 2015) self-released
9. Six Brew Bantha: The Architect (Intravenously Commodified 12", 2014) SPHC/To Live a Lie
10. Puritans: Self Control (Swerving Lines EP, 2017) Pizza/Pop
11. Hurtin': Period Talk (Low Standards demo, 2015) self-released
12. SBDC: Bad at Sex (Too Bad, 2017) self-released
13. Open Relationship: Stick + Poke (Born Weird EP, 2012) self-released
14. Passive: Dining With The Languid (No. 1 EP, 2015) Thankless
15. Klaus Nomi: Total Eclipse (Urgh! A Music War OST, 1981) A&M
16. KK: Eclipse (Glyphs of Erebus Sublime, 2011) IO Sound
17. Sam Phillips: Soul Eclipse (Fan Dance, 2001) Nonesuch
18. The B-52's: Give Me Back My Man (Wild Planet, 1980) Warner Bros
19. Robert Stillman: As We Walked Into the Field (Rainbow, 2016) Orindal
20. Willie Dunn: I Pity the Country (Native North America Volume 1: Aboriginal Folk, Rock, and Country 1966-1985, 2014) Light in the Attic
21. Colter Wall: Sleeping on the Blacktop (Hell or High Water OST, 2016) Milan
22. Gerry Butler: Gentle on My Mind (The Happy Hammond Goes Pop Country, 1970) Pickwick/Hallmark 
23. Johnny Cash: Tennessee Stud (American Recordings, 1994) American/Sony
24. Bill Dees: Tennessee Owns My Soul (1969) unreleased
25. Bob Dylan: Nashville Skyline Rag (Nashville Skyline, 1969) Columbia
26. Keith Carradine: It Don't Worry Me (Nashville OST, 1975) ABC
27. Karen Black: Memphis (Nashville OST, 1975) ABC
28. Bill Frisell: Brother (Nashville, 1997) 
29. Carolyn Mark & Dave Lang: One, I Love You (A Tribute to Nashville, 2002) Mint


Track Listing:

Sweet Victory
Bob Kulick, Eric Singer & David Glen Eisley · Spongebob Squarepants: The Yellow Album
Hi-Hats Bring the Hiss
Cavern of Anti-Matter · Void Beats/Invocation Trex
Sex Church · Flowers
Already Gone
Shameover · Shameover demo
Shameover · Shameover demo
No Goods · Buzzer 12"
Baby Blue
Daphne · Love Story of a Starfckr
Horrendous Fucking Nightmare/Erasing Space
Collagen · #1 Demo 15'
The Architect
Six Brew Bantha · Intravenously Commodified EP
Self Control
Puritans · Swerving Lines EP
Period Talk
Hurtin' · Low Standards Demo 2015
Bad at Sex
SBDC · Too Bad
Stick + Poke
Open Relationship · Born Weird EP
Dining With The Languid
Passive · No. 1 EP
Total Eclipse
Klaus Nomi · Urgh! A Music War OST
KK · Glyphs of Erebus Sublime
Soul Eclipse
Sam Phillips · Fan Dance
Give Me Back My Man
The B-52's · Wild Planet
As We Walked Into the Field
Robert Stillman · Rainbow
I Pity the Country
Willie Dunn · Native North America Volume 1: Aboriginal Folk, Rock, and Country 1966-1985
Sleeping on the Blacktop
Colter Wall · Hell or High Water OST
Gentle on My Mind
Gerry Butler · The Happy Hammond Goes Pop Country
Tennessee Stud
Johnny Cash · American Recordings
Tennessee Owns My Soul
Bill Dees · Tennessee Owns My Soul
Nashville Skyline Rag
Bob Dylan · Nashville Skyline
It Don't Worry Me
Keith Carradine · Nashville OST
Karen Black · Nashville OST
Bill Frisell · Nashville
One, I Love You
Carolyn Mark & Dave Lang · A Tribute to Nashville