Exploding Head Movies Episode August 7, 2017

XHM #373 - "National disco hours" (2017 August 07)

6:55pm - 9:01pm

Originally intended to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday but lined up nicely with both BC Day and the end to Pride Week in Vancouver, this episode goes into the weird fringes of a forgotten genre: Canadian disco! Montreal was a hotbed of disco in the late seventies and upon the global collapse, somehow the Canadian sound kept going. Amongst cheery & cheesy songs, we look at music from the 2011 film Funkytown which portrayed the Montreal disco scene. We also have a spaghetti western cover and an instructional piece on skating. Turn on the siren!

1. Suzy Q: Tonight [Rafael Cancian re-edit] (2014) self-released
2. Kébekélektrik: Mirage (Kébekélektrik, 1977) Les Disques Direction
3. France Joli: Come to Me [edit] (Come to Me 12", 1979) TGO/Prelude/Ariola
4. Vera: Take Me to the Bridge (Take Me to the Bridge, 1980) Rio
5. Freddie James: Everybody Get Up and Boogie [instrumental] (Get Up and Boogie, 1979) Unidisc/Warner Bros
6. Pierre Perpall: Oui C'est Dans la Danse (Danser, 1978) Solo
7. Patsy Gallant: Sugar Daddy (Besoin D'Amour, 1977) Attic
8. Kébekélektrik: Magic Fly (Kébekélektrik, 1977) Les Disques Direction
9. Kébekélektrik: War Dance [Tom Moulton mix] (Kébekélektrik, 1977) Les Disques Direction
10. Gino Soccio: Dancer (Dancer 12", 1979) Celebration/Warner Bros/RFC
11. Francine McGee: Feelin' Good (Feelin' Good 12", 1977) RCA Victor
12. Claudja Barry: Sweet Dynamite [Todd Terje edit] (Tangoterje: I Want Your Love 12", 2008) Supreme
13. Wayne St John: Something's Up [Love Me Like the First Time, original 12" mix] (Something's Up 12", 1977) RCA Victor/Salsoul
14. Dealer: Star Dance [SIREN edit] (2016) self-released
15. THP Orchestra: Two Hot for Love (Two Hot for Love 12", 1977) RCA Victor
16. Denise McCann: Tattoo Man (Tattoo Man, 1978) Butterfly/RCA Victor
17. Lime: Agent 406 (Your Love, 1981) Matra
18. Jeancy: Reservation (Reservation 12", 1982) Lotus
19. Guy Lafleur: Savoir Patiner (Lafleur! [édition français], 1979) Unison
20. Jean Robitaille: Obsession (Funkytown OST, 2010) Island/Def Jam
21. Penny McLean: Lady Bump (Funkytown OST, 2010) Island/Def Jam
22. Florence K: I Feel Love (Funkytown OST, 2010) Island/Def Jam
23. Jean Robitaille: Missing You (Funkytown OST, 2010) Island/Def Jam
24. The Black Light Orchestra: A Man and His Harmonica/Once Upon a Time in the West (Once Upon a Time..., 1977) RCA Victor
25. Jean Robitaille: Loving My Child (Funkytown OST, 2010) Island/Def Jam
26. Nightlife Unlimited: Let's Do It Again (Nightlife Unlimited, 1981) Unidisc


Track Listing:

Tonight [Rafael Cancian re-edit]
Suzy Q · Tonight [Rafael Cancian re-edit]
Kébekélektrik · Kébekélektrik
Come to Me [edit]
France Joli · Come to Me 12"
Take Me to the Bridge
Vera · Take Me to the Bridge
Everybody Get Up and Boogie [instrumental]
Freddie James · Get Up and Boogie
Oui C'est Dans la Danse
Pierre Perpall · Danser
Sugar Daddy
Patsy Gallant · Besoin D'Amour
Magic Fly
Kébekélektrik · Kébekélektrik
War Dance [Tom Moulton mix]
Kébekélektrik · Kébekélektrik
Gino Soccio · Dancer 12"
Feelin' Good
Francine McGee · Feelin' Good 12"
Sweet Dynamite [Todd Terje edit]
Claudja Barry · Tangoterje: I Want Your Love 12"
Something's Up [Love Me Like the First Time, original 12" mix]
Wayne St John · Something's Up 12"
Star Dance [SIREN edit]
Dealer · Star Dance [SIREN edit]
Two Hot for Love
THP Orchestra · Two Hot for Love 12"
Tattoo Man
Denise McCann · Tattoo Man
Agent 406
Lime · Your Love
Jeancy · Reservation 12"
Savoir Patiner
Guy Lafleur · Lafleur! [édition français]
Jean Robitaille · Funkytown OST
Lady Bump
Penny McLean · Funkytown OST
I Feel Love
Florence K · Funkytown OST
Missing You
Jean Robitaille · Funkytown OST
A Man and His Harmonica/Once Upon a Time in the West
The Black Light Orchestra · Once Upon a Time...
Loving My Child
Jean Robitaille · Funkytown OST
Let's Do It Again
Nightlife Unlimited · Nightlife Unlimited