Exploding Head Movies Episode April 27, 2017

XHM #359 - "This bunny does hop" (2017 April 27)

6:03pm - 8:04pm

gak had a last minute business trip to Europe arise, so he's mixed and matched a few plans together and opted for a profile on British/German composer Max Richter and his eclectic mix of electroacoustic and neo-classical music, including some film score work. Happy belated Easter!

1. TOPS: Petals (Sugar at the Gate, 2017) Arbutus
2. Fatima Yamaha: What's a Girl to Do (A Girl Between Two Worlds 12", 2015) D1
3. Goldfrapp: Anymore (Silver Eye, 2017) Mute
4. Ramzi: Phobiza (Phobiza "Dia": Volume 1 [12"], 2016) Total Stasis
5. Giorgio Moroder: Chase [Theatre of Delays remix] (2012) self-released
6. Dirty Projectors: Keep Your Name (Dirty Projectors, 2017) Domino
7. Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet: Sad Turtles (Double Happiness OST, 1996) Malofilm
8. Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet: Burnt (Double Happiness OST, 1996) Malofilm
9. Franco Micalizzi: Running to the Airport (Violence: Colonna Sonora Originale Tratta Dal Film, 1977) Cometa Edizioni Musicali
10. Jon and Roy: Moonrise (By My Side, 2014) self-released
11. Julia Jacklin: Leadlight (Don't Let the Kids Win, 2016) Polyvinyl
12. Pye Corner Audio: Theme Number Nine (The Black Mill Tapes: Volumes 1 & 2, 2012) Type
13. Julie Doiron: Thought of You (Greville Tapes: Volume 2, 2016) Greville Tapes Music Club
14. Simply Saucer: Bullet Proof Nothing (Cyborgs Revisited, 1989) Mole Sound/Cargo
15. Para Palabras: Ghosts [interlude] (Landing, 2016) A Person Disguised As People
16. Monomyth: Falling in Love (Happy Pop Family, 2016) Mint
17. The National: Fake Empire (Boxer, 2007) Beggars Banquet
18. James Horner & the London Symphony Orchestra: Ripley's Rescue [percussion only] (Aliens OST: The Deluxe Edition, 2013) Varèse Sarabande
19. Fond of Tigers: Heartwarmongering No 4 (Uninhabit, 2016) self-released
20. The Flowers of Hell: Sketches of Space (Symphony No.1, 2016) Optical Sounds
21. Tycho: Dive [Memoryhouse remix] (Dive 12", 2012) Ghostly International
22. Memoryhouse: Dream Shake (Soft Hate, 2016) self-released
23. Blank Banshee: Sandclock (MEGA, 2016) Hologram Bay
24. Blank Banshee: Meteor Blade (MEGA, 2016) Hologram Bay
25. Max Richter: Maria the Poet [1913] (Memoryhouse, 2002) Late Junction
26. Max Richter: Shadow Journal [w.Tilda Swinton] (The Blue Notebooks, 2004) 130701
27. Max Richter: Iconography (The Blue Notebooks, 2004) 130701
28. Max Richter: Harmonium (Songs from Before, 2006) 130701/Deutsche Grammophon
29. Max Richter: A Song for H/Far Away (24 Postcards in Full Colour, 2008) 130701
30. Max Richter: Overlooked (Perfect Sense OST, 2011) Fontana International
31. Max Richter: Boaz and the Dogs (Waltz with Bashir OST, 2008) Delabel
32. Max Richter: The Haunted Ocean (Waltz with Bashir OST, 2008) Delabel
33. Max Richter: Infra 5 (Infra, 2010) 130701
34. Max Richter: Nocturne (Black Mirror: Nosedive OST, 2016) Deutsche Grammophon
35. Max Richter: Patterns [Cypher] (Sleep, 2015) Deutsche Grammophon
36. Max Richter: Infra 1 (Infra, 2010) 130701
37. Max Richter: Spring 1 (Vivaldi - the Four Seasons: Recomposed, 2012) Universal Music Classics & Jazz/Deutsche Grammophon


Track Listing:

TOPS · Sugar at the Gate
What's a Girl to Do
Fatima Yamaha · A Girl Between Two Worlds 12"
Goldfrapp · Silver Eye
Ramzi · Phobiza "Dia": Volume 1 [12"]
Chase [Theatre of Delays remix]
Giorgio Moroder · Chase [Theatre of Delays remix]
Keep Your Name
Dirty Projectors · Dirty Projectors
Sad Turtles
Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet · Double Happiness OST
Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet · Double Happiness OST
Running to the Airport
Franco Micalizzi · Violence: Colonna Sonora Originale Tratta Dal Film
Jon and Roy · By My Side
Julia Jacklin · Don't Let the Kids Win
Theme Number Nine
Pye Corner Audio · The Black Mill Tapes: Volumes 1 & 2
Thought of You
Julie Doiron · Greville Tapes: Volume 2
Bullet Proof Nothing
Simply Saucer · Cyborgs Revisited
Ghosts [interlude]
Para Palabras · Landing
Falling in Love
Monomyth · Happy Pop Family
Fake Empire
The National · Boxer
Ripley's Rescue [percussion only]
James Horner & the London Symphony Orchestra · Aliens OST: The Deluxe Edition
Heartwarmongering No 4
Fond of Tigers · Uninhabit
Sketches of Space
The Flowers of Hell · Symphony No.1
Dive [Memoryhouse remix]
Tycho · Dive 12"
Dream Shake
Memoryhouse · Soft Hate
Blank Banshee · MEGA
Meteor Blade
Blank Banshee · MEGA
Maria the Poet [1913]
Max Richter · Memoryhouse
Shadow Journal [w.Tilda Swinton]
Max Richter · The Blue Notebooks
Max Richter · The Blue Notebooks
Max Richter · Songs from Before
A Song for H/Far Away
Max Richter · 24 Postcards in Full Colour
Max Richter · Perfect Sense OST
Boaz and the Dogs
Max Richter · Waltz with Bashir OST
The Haunted Ocean
Max Richter · Waltz with Bashir OST
Infra 5
Max Richter · Infra
Max Richter · Black Mirror: Nosedive OST
Patterns [Cypher]
Max Richter · Sleep
Infra 1
Max Richter · Infra
Spring 1
Max Richter · Vivaldi - the Four Seasons: Recomposed