Exploding Head Movies Episode April 10, 2017

XHM #358 - "No problemo, carry on Houston" (2017 April 10)

7:01pm - 9:04pm

Lining up almost nicely with the 37th anniversary of the launch of NASA's Apollo 13 mission, we listen to selections from James Horner's score to the 1995 film adaptation. Amongst its stars was actor Bill Paxton (1955-2017), who was also active in music. We also pay tribute to Roland founder Ikutaro Kakehashi (1930-2017) and one of his most important instruments, the TR-808.

1. Bruce Haack: Mara's Moon (The Electronic Album for Children, 1969) Dimension 5/King/Mississippi
2. Hashim: Al-Naafiysh/The Soul (Al-Naafiysh 12", 1983) Cutting
3. Cybotron: Clear (Enter, 1983) Fantasy
4. A Guy Called Gerald: Voodoo Ray [Original 12" mix] (Voodoo Ray 12", 1988) Rham!/Warlock
5. Charanjit Singh: Raga Bhairavi (Synthesizing: Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat, 1983) His Master's Voice/Bombay Connection
6. DMX Krew: End of the Night (Nu Romantix, 1998) Rephlex
7. Addison Groove: Footcrab (Footcrab 12", 2010) Swamp 81
8. Walton: 808 Vybzin (Walton EP, 2011) Hyperdub
9. Junior Boys: C'mon Baby (Big Black Coat, 2016) City Slang
10. Teen Daze: Rising [w.Sounds of Ceres] (Themes for Dying Earth, 2017) Flora
11. Nicolas Jaar: Mistress (Nymphs III, 2016) Other People
12. Gohj-ji: Lost, Can You Find Me (2017) self-released
XIII Handsome Tiger: Let Go (2016) self-released
14. Michele Mercure: In the Air (Eye Chant, 1986) Quick Shower
15. Kid Koala & Emiliana Torrini: Nightfall Pale Blue (Music to Draw to: Satellite, 2017) Arts & Crafts
16. The Precious Lo's: Problems (2017) self-released
17. Lee Rosevere: Planet B (Trappist-1, 2017) Happy Puppy
18. The Damned: New Rose (Damned Damned Damned, 1977) Stiff
19. The Courtneys: Country Song (II, 2017) Flying Nun
20. Visible Cloaks: Moon (Reassemblage, 2017) RVNG Intl.
21. Real Estate: After the Moon (In Mind, 2017) Domino
22. Carla Sagan: Heroes of Space Travel (Observer Bias, 2015) self-released
23. Sinoia Caves: Sundown in the New Archives/Milky Way Echo (The Enchanter Persuaded, 2006) Jagjaguwar
24. Barnes & Barnes: Fish Heads [1976] (Voobaha, 1980) Rhino
25. Martini Ranch: Reach (Holy Cow, 1988) Sire
26. James Horner: All Systems Go/The Launch (Apollo 13 OST, 1995) MCA Soundtracks
27. James Horner: Lunar Dreams (Apollo 13 OST, 1995) MCA Soundtracks
28. James Horner: Docking (Apollo 13 OST, 1995) MCA Soundtracks
29. James Horner: Master Alarm (Apollo 13 OST, 1995) MCA Soundtracks
30. James Horner: The Darkside of the Moon (Apollo 13 OST, 1995) MCA Soundtracks
31. Brian Eno: Stars (Apollo Atmospheres & Soundtracks, 1983) EG


Track Listing:

Mara's Moon
Bruce Haack · The Electronic Album for Children
Al-Naafiysh/The Soul
Hashim · Al-Naafiysh 12"
Cybotron · Enter
Voodoo Ray [Original 12" mix]
A Guy Called Gerald · Voodoo Ray 12"
Raga Bhairavi
Charanjit Singh · Synthesizing: Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat
End of the Night
DMX Krew · Nu Romantix
Addison Groove · Footcrab 12"
808 Vybzin
Walton · Walton EP
C'mon Baby
Junior Boys · Big Black Coat
Rising [w.Sounds of Ceres]
Teen Daze · Themes for Dying Earth
Nicolas Jaar · Nymphs III
Lost, Can You Find Me
Gohj-ji · Lost, Can You Find Me
Let Go
Handsome Tiger · Let Go
In the Air
Michele Mercure · Eye Chant
Nightfall Pale Blue
Kid Koala & Emiliana Torrini · Music to Draw to: Satellite
The Precious Lo's · Problems
Planet B
Lee Rosevere · Trappist-1
New Rose
The Damned · Damned Damned Damned
Country Song
The Courtneys · II
Visible Cloaks · Reassemblage
After the Moon
Real Estate · In Mind
Heroes of Space Travel
Carla Sagan · Observer Bias
Sundown in the New Archives/Milky Way Echo
Sinoia Caves · The Enchanter Persuaded
Fish Heads [1976]
Barnes & Barnes · Voobaha
Martini Ranch · Holy Cow
All Systems Go/The Launch
James Horner · Apollo 13 OST
Lunar Dreams
James Horner · Apollo 13 OST
James Horner · Apollo 13 OST
Master Alarm
James Horner · Apollo 13 OST
The Darkside of the Moon
James Horner · Apollo 13 OST
Brian Eno · Apollo Atmospheres & Soundtracks