Exploding Head Movies Episode April 3, 2017

XHM #357 - "Whistling to the afterlife" (2017 April 03)

6:59pm - 9:03pm

In light of recent news, we preempt previous plans and give a long tribute to composer Alessandro Alessandroni (1925-2017). We'll cover a lot of his scores for film & TV, along with collaborations with other legends of the Italian soundtrack industry.

1. The Mighty Bop: Thème 357 (La Yellow 357, 1996) Yellow Productions
2. New Fries: JZ III [Absolutely Free remix] (2017) XLR8R
3. Aldous Harding: Horizon (Party, 2017) 4AD/Flying Nun
4. Whitney: No Woman (Light Upon the Lake, 2016) Secretly Canadian
5. Bill Frisell: Brother (Nashville, 1997) Elektra/Nonesuch
6. Dengue Fever: Cardboard Castles (The Deepest Lake, 2015) Tuk Tuk
7. River Tiber: Green in Blue (Indigo, 2016) self-released
8. Lesley Barber: Manchester Minimalist Piano & Strings (Manchester by the Sea OST, 2016) Milan
9. Persons: Whole New Life (Persons, 2016) HAVN
10. Ramzi: Male Heya (Phobiza "Noite" Volume 2, 2017) Mood Hut
11. Mark Templeton & Kyle Armstrong: Side B [excerpt] (Extensions, 2014) Graphical
12. Mitski: Thursday Girl (Puberty 2, 2016) Dead Oceans
13. Wire: Blogging (Wire, 2015) Pink Flag
14. Angelo Badalamenti: Deer Meadow Shuffle (The Twin Peaks Archive, 2012) David Lynch
15. Twin Peaks: Good Lovin' (Wild Onion, 2014) Grand Jury
16. Hinds: I'll Be Your Man (Leave Me Alone, 2016) Mom + Pop Music
17. Mark Ellestad: String Trio, 3rd Movement (at Desolation Sound, 2015) Six-Sided
18. Bernardino Femminielli: Touche-Pipi (Plaisirs Américains, 2016) Mind/Bethlehem XXX
19. Jacques Greene: Feel Infinite (Feel Infinite, 2017) LuckyMe
20. Ian William Craig: Either Or (A Turn of Breath, 2015) Recital
21. Flight Facilities: Sunshine [w.Reggie Watts] (Down to Earth, 2014) Glassnote/Future Classic
22. Fog Lake: Side Effects (Dragonchaser, 2017) Orchid Tapes
23. Dominic Muldowney: The Place Where There is No Darkness (Nineteen Eighty-Four: The Music of Oceania, 2010) 1999) Airstrip One Company
24. Dominic Muldowney: This is Our Land (Nineteen Eighty-Four: The Music of Oceania, 2010) 1999) Airstrip One Company
25. Ennio Morricone: Marcetta/Marcia (The Good The Bad & The Ugly OST, 1966) United Artists/Parade
26. Alessandro Alessandroni: Domenica in Riviera (Stroboscopica Volume 3: 20 Jazzy Orchestral Latin Strobo Sounds from Cinematic '70's Filmworks, 1968) Plastic
27. Alessandro Alessandroni: The Stranger (Curb Your Enthusiasm: Music from the TV Series, 2006) Mellowdrama
28. Alessandro Alessandroni: North Wind (Panoramic Feelings: Mellow Carefree Lounge Music, 1971) Canopo
29. Alessandro Alessandroni: Il Porto (Stroboscopica: Sonorizzazioni Psycho Beat Volume 1, 1977) Plastic
30. Alessandro Alessandroni: Stozzatrice (Industrial, 2015) Dead-Cert Home Entertainment
31. Alessandro Alessandroni: Demolizione (Industrial, 2015) Dead-Cert Home Entertainment
32. The Braen's Machine: Murder (Underground, 1971) Liuto
33. Alessandro Alessandroni: Hell Nightmare (La Terrifcante Notte del Demonio OST, 1971) Lucertola Media
34. Alessandro Alessandroni & Ennio Morricone: I Pattinatori di Bruegel (70's Ennio Morricone: Volume 2, 2012) Bacci
35. Alessandro Alessandroni: Tribute to Morricone (Selected Library Music, 2010) Flipper
36. Alessandro Alessandroni: Spaghetti Time (Selected Library Music, 2010) Flipper
37. Piero Umiliani: Mah Nà Mah Nà (Svezia: Inferno e Paradiso OST, 1969) Musicor/Ariel


Track Listing:

Thème 357
The Mighty Bop · La Yellow 357
JZ III [Absolutely Free remix]
New Fries · JZ III [Absolutely Free remix]
Aldous Harding · Party
No Woman
Whitney · Light Upon the Lake
Bill Frisell · Nashville
Cardboard Castles
Dengue Fever · The Deepest Lake
Green in Blue
River Tiber · Indigo
Manchester Minimalist Piano & Strings
Lesley Barber · Manchester by the Sea OST
Whole New Life
Persons · Persons
Male Heya
Ramzi · Phobiza "Noite" Volume 2
Side B [excerpt]
Mark Templeton & Kyle Armstrong · Extensions
Thursday Girl
Mitski · Puberty 2
Wire · Wire
Deer Meadow Shuffle
Angelo Badalamenti · The Twin Peaks Archive
Good Lovin'
Twin Peaks · Wild Onion
I'll Be Your Man
Hinds · Leave Me Alone
String Trio, 3rd Movement
Mark Ellestad · at Desolation Sound
Bernardino Femminielli · Plaisirs Américains
Feel Infinite
Jacques Greene · Feel Infinite
Either Or
Ian William Craig · A Turn of Breath
Sunshine [w.Reggie Watts]
Flight Facilities · Down to Earth
Side Effects
Fog Lake · Dragonchaser
The Place Where There is No Darkness
Dominic Muldowney · Nineteen Eighty-Four: The Music of Oceania
This is Our Land
Dominic Muldowney · Nineteen Eighty-Four: The Music of Oceania
Ennio Morricone · The Good, The Bad & The Ugly OST
Domenica in Riviera
Alessandro Alessandroni · Stroboscopica Volume 3: 20 Jazzy Orchestral Latin Strobo Sounds from Cinematic '
The Stranger
Alessandro Alessandroni · Curb Your Enthusiasm: Music from the TV Series
North Wind
Alessandro Alessandroni · Panoramic Feelings: Mellow Carefree Lounge Music
Il Porto
Alessandro Alessandroni · Stroboscopica: Sonorizzazioni Psycho Beat Volume 1
Alessandro Alessandroni · Industrial
Alessandro Alessandroni · Industrial
The Braen's Machine · Underground
Hell Nightmare
Alessandro Alessandroni · La Terrifcante Notte del Demonio OST
I Pattinatori di Bruegel
Alessandro Alessandroni & Ennio Morricone · 70's Ennio Morricone: Volume 2
Tribute to Morricone
Alessandro Alessandroni · Selected Library Music
Spaghetti Time
Alessandro Alessandroni · Selected Library Music
Mah Nà Mah Nà
Piero Umiliani · Svezia: Inferno e Paradiso - Colonna Sonora Originale del Film