Exploding Head Movies Episode February 20, 2017

XHM #351 - "The pallbearers of Camelot" (2017 February 20)

7:00pm - 9:04pm

Fortuitiously timed for America's Presidents' Day, the final of our Oscar nominee profiles conclused with selections from Mica Levi's score to the biopic Jackie, along with a Sting & J Ralph duet from Jim: The James Foley Story.

1. Scott Garbe & Doug Tefler: 26 Seconds (The Kennedy Suite, 2013) Latent
2. The London Philharmonic Orchestra: Carl Orff's O Fortuna from Carmina Burana [w.the London Philharmonic Choir & the London Chorus, conductor: David Parry] (The 50 Greatest Pieces of Classical Music, 2009) X5G
3. Djivan Gasparyan: I Will Not Be Sad in this World (I Will Not Be Sad in this World, 2009) Opal
4. Bat for Lashes: Never Forgive the Angels (The Bride, 2016) Parlophone
5. Agnes Obel: Familiar (Citizen of Glass, 2016) Play It Again Sam
6. Dalhous: Another Witnessed by Resolution (Run for the Shadows EP, 2016) Lapsus
7. The Rural Alberta Advantage: Beacon Hill (White Lights, 2017) Paper Bag
8. Wolf Parade: Automatic (EP 4, 2016) self-released
9. White Poppy: Heavy Hands (Dorval & Devereaux, 2014) Moon Glyph
10. Cult Babies: Garbage People (Off to See the Lizard, 2015) self-released
11. Other Jesus: Couch (Bachelors of Art, 2014) Big Fun
12. Boards of Canada: White Cyclosa (Tomorrow's Harvest, 2013) Warp
13. Princess Century: Safe Word [w.Melatonini] (My Precious! A Waves Radio Show compilation, 2016) Red Maze
14. Pick a Piper: Nikko (Distance, 2017) Tin Angel
15. SURVIVE: Wardenclyffe (RR7349, 2016) Relapse
16. Nancy Leticia: Siiigh (2016) self-released
17. Maria Minerva: Ivory Tower (Histrionic, 2014) Not Not Fun
18. Broadcast & the Focus Group: One Million Years Ago (Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age, 2009) Warp
19. Actors: Bury Me (Bury Me single, 2016) self-released
20. Butterflywingtip: The Light (Birth Weight, 2017) True Zoo
21. John Carpenter & Alan Howarth: The President at the Train (Escape from New York OST, 1981) Varèse Sarabande/Death Waltz
22. Badbadnotgood: And That Too (IV, 2016) Innovative Leisure
23. Weyes Blood: Seven Words (Front Row Seat to Earth, 2016) Kemado
24. Ratatat: Kennedy (Classics, 2006) XL
25. Randy Newman: Mr President, Please Have Pity on the Working Man (Good Old Boys, 1974) Warner Bros
26. Dustin O'Halloran: Death of a President (An American Affair OST, 2009) Filter US
27. Sting & J Ralph: The Empty Chair (Jim: The James Foley Story OST, 2016) Republic
28. Micachu & the Shapes: You Know (Never, 2012) Rough Trade
29. Mica Levi: Creation (Under the Skin OST, 2014) Milan/Rough Trade
30. Mica Levi: Children (Jackie OST, 2016) Milan
31. Mica Levi: Empty White House (Jackie OST, 2016) Milan
32. Mica Levi: Walk to the Capitol (Jackie OST, 2016) Milan
33. Mica Levi: The End (Jackie OST, 2016) Milan
34. Ry Cooder: Happy Meeting in Glory (Jazz, 1978) Warner Bros


Track Listing:

26 Seconds
Scott Garbe & Doug Tefler · The Kennedy Suite
Carl Orff's O Fortuna from Carmina Burana [w.the London Philharmonic Choir & the
The London Philharmonic Orchestra · The 50 Greatest Pieces of Classical Music
I Will Not Be Sad in this World
Djivan Gasparyan · I Will Not Be Sad in this World
Never Forgive the Angels
Bat for Lashes · The Bride
Agnes Obel · Citizen of Glass
Another Witnessed by Resolution
Dalhous · Run for the Shadows EP
Beacon Hill
The Rural Alberta Advantage · White Lights
Wolf Parade · EP 4
Heavy Hands
White Poppy · Dorval & Devereaux
Garbage People
Cult Babies · Off to See the Lizard
Other Jesus · Bachelors of Art
White Cyclosa
Boards of Canada · Tomorrow's Harvest
Safe Word [w.Melatonini]
Princess Century · My Precious! A Waves Radio Show compilation
Pick a Piper · Distance
Nancy Leticia · Siiigh
Ivory Tower
Maria Minerva · Histrionic
One Million Years Ago
Broadcast & the Focus Group · Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age
Bury Me
Actors · Bury Me single
The Light
Butterflywingtip · Birth Weight
The President at the Train
John Carpenter & Alan Howarth · Escape from New York OST
And That Too
Badbadnotgood · IV
Seven Words
Weyes Blood · Front Row Seat to Earth
Ratatat · Classics
Mr President, Please Have Pity on the Working Man
Randy Newman · Good Old Boys
Death of a President
Dustin O'Halloran · An American Affair OST
The Empty Chair
Sting & J Ralph · Jim: The James Foley Story OST
You Know
Micachu & the Shapes · Never
Mica Levi · Under the Skin OST
Mica Levi · Jackie OST
Empty White House
Mica Levi · Jackie OST
Walk to the Capitol
Mica Levi · Jackie OST
The End
Mica Levi · Jackie OST
Happy Meeting in Glory
Ry Cooder · Jazz