Exploding Head Movies Episode February 13, 2017

XHM #350 - "Whistling with human freight" (2017 February 13)

6:58pm - 9:04pm

Happy family day, at least here in British Columbia. This episode is stacked with material, ranging from 2 Oscar-nominated scores - Thomas Newman's Passengers then Dustin O'Halloran & Hauschka's Lion - 1 nominated song from Moana and a tribute to composer/producer David Axelrod (1933-2017). Let's cart ourselves along the indigo pathways...

1. David Axelrod: Loved Boy [w.Lou Rawls] (David Axelrod, 2001) Mo'Wax
2. Mi'ens: Terrorist Attraction (Experimentalsparklenoisepop, 2014) self-released
3. Gene Faith: Family Man (My Baby's Missing 7", 1970) Virtue
4. Thundercat: Show You the Way [w.Michael McDonald & Kenny Loggins] (Drunk, 2017) Brainfeeder
5. Family: Family Affair (Family Affair 7", 1971) North Bay
6. Sarah Toussaint-Léveillé: L'écurie Humaine (La Mort est un Jardin Sauvage, 2016) Orage
7. Leonard Cohen: Winter Lady (Songs of Leonard Cohen, 1967) Columbia
8. Bing & Ruth: As Much as Possible (No Home of the Mind, 2017) 4AD
9. Future States: Sudo Su (Casual Listener, 2016) Golden Brown
10. Billy Bragg & Wilco: Christ for President (Mermaid Avenue, 1998) Elektra
11. Damon Eliza Palermo: Aquarius (Clouds of David, 2015) 1080p
12. The Zodiac: Aquarius - The Lover of Life (Cosmic Sounds, 1967) Elektra
13. Mort Garson: In Love, Aquarius (Signs of the Zodiac: Aquarius, 1969) A&M
14. Marcello Giombini: Aquarius (Astromusic Synthesizer, 1981) Forever
15. River Tiber: Genesis (Indigo, 2016) Factor/self-released
16. Nyssa: Bad Girls [elegy] (2016) self-released
17. Astrolope: Blimp (Sour Dream, 2016) Plutoid
18. Fog Lake: Lost Love Letters (Virgo Indigo, 2014) Orchid Tapes
19. David Axelrod: The Warnings, Pt 1 (Earth Rot, 1970) Capitol
20. David McCallum: The Edge (Music: A Bit More of Me, 1967) Capitol
21. The Electric Prunes: General Confessional (Release of an Oath, 1968) Reprise
22. David Axelrod: The Dr & the Diamond (David Axelrod, 2001) Mo'Wax
23. David Axelrod: The Human Abstract (Songs of Experience, 1969) Capitol
24. DJ Shadow: Midnight in a Perfect World (Endtroducing..., 1996) Mo'Wax
25. David Axelrod: Mucho Chupar (Heavy Axe, 1974) Fantasy
26. Auli'i Cravalho: How Far I'll Go (Moana OST, 2016) Walt Disney
27. Thomas Newman: Command Ring (Passengers OST, 2016) Columbia/Sony Classical
28. Thomas Newman: The Starship Avalon [Main Theme] (Passengers OST, 2016) Columbia/Sony Classical
29. Thomas Newman: Robot Questions (Passengers OST, 2016) Columbia/Sony Classical
30. Thomas Newman: Zero Gravity (Passengers OST, 2016) Columbia/Sony Classical
31. Thomas Newman: You Brought Me Back (Passengers OST, 2016) Columbia/Sony Classical
32. Dustin O'Halloran & Hauschka: Lion Theme (Lion OST, 2016) Weinstein/Sony Classical
33. Dustin O'Halloran & Hauschka: Escape the Station (Lion OST, 2016) Weinstein/Sony Classical
34. Dustin O'Halloran & Hauschka: Falling Downward (Lion OST, 2016) Weinstein/Sony Classical
35. The Traveling Inner Lights: Let's Have a Family Prayer (The Art of Field Recordings: Volume 2 - Religious, 2009) Dust to Digital


Track Listing:

Loved Boy [w.Lou Rawls]
David Axelrod · David Axelrod
Terrorist Attraction
Mi'ens · Experimentalsparklenoisepop
Family Man
Gene Faith · My Baby's Missing 7"
Show You the Way [w.Michael McDonald & Kenny Loggins]
Thundercat · Drunk
Family Affair
Family · Family Affair 7"
L'écurie Humaine
Sarah Toussaint-Léveillé · La Mort est un Jardin Sauvage
Winter Lady
Leonard Cohen · Songs of Leonard Cohen
As Much as Possible
Bing & Ruth · No Home of the Mind
Sudo Su
Future States · Casual Listener
Christ for President
Billy Bragg & Wilco · Mermaid Avenue
Damon Eliza Palermo · Clouds of David
Aquarius: The Lover of Life
The Zodiac · Cosmic Sounds
In Love, Aquarius
Mort Garson · Signs of the Zodiac: Aquarius
Marcello Giombini · Astromusic Synthesizer
River Tiber · Indigo
Bad Girls [elegy]
Nyssa · Bad Girls [elegy]
Astrolope · Sour Dream
Lost Love Letters
Fog Lake · Virgo Indigo
The Warnings, Pt 1
David Axelrod · Earth Rot
The Edge
David McCallum · Music: A Bit More of Me
General Confessional
The Electric Prunes · Release of an Oath
The Dr & the Diamond
David Axelrod · David Axelrod
The Human Abstract
David Axelrod · Songs of Experience
Midnight in a Perfect World
DJ Shadow · Endtroducing...
Mucho Chupar
David Axelrod · Heavy Axe
How Far I'll Go
Auli'i Cravalho · Moana OST
Command Ring
Thomas Newman · Passengers OST
The Starship Avalon [Main Theme]
Thomas Newman · Passengers OST
Robot Questions
Thomas Newman · Passengers OST
Zero Gravity
Thomas Newman · Passengers OST
You Brought Me Back
Thomas Newman · Passengers OST
Lion Theme
Dustin O'Halloran & Hauschka · Lion OST
Escape the Station
Dustin O'Halloran & Hauschka · Lion OST
Falling Downward
Dustin O'Halloran & Hauschka · Lion OST
Let's Have a Family Prayer
The Traveling Inner Lights · The Art of Field Recordings: Volume 2 - Religious