Exploding Head Movies Episode February 6, 2017

XHM #349 - "The colours of earthshine" (2017 February 06)

7:00pm - 9:12pm

Our annual Oscar profile continues, leading up to the 89th Academy Awards at the end of February 2017. As Black History Month kicks off, we look at Nicholas Britell's score to Barry Jenkins' Moonlight, nominated in 8 categories total. Amongst other soulful & weird sounds, gak talks about Utah and somehow getting back in time for air.

1. Utah Saints: Something Good (Utah Saints, 1992) FFRR/London
2. Corinthian: Lonely City (Eurozone Ghost, 2016) Deep Sea Mining Syndicate
3. Gusgus: David (Attention, 2002) Underwater
4. Little Sprout: Novice (Little Sprout, 2017) self-released
5. Roland Tings: Floating on a Salt Lake (Who U Love 12", 2014) Internasjonal
6. Run the Jewels: Call Ticketron (Run the Jewels 3, 2016) self-released
7. Shabazz Palaces: Forerunner Foray (Lese Majesty, 2014) Sub Pop
8. Nackt: Super Bowl XXVII (2016) self-released
9. Lady Wray: Smilin' (Queen Alone, 2016) Big Crown
10. Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings: Tell Me (100 Days 100 Nights, 2007) Daptone
11. The Mighty Swells: A Shot in the Dark (Off the Top with The Mighty Swells! 2015) self-released
12. Michael Kiwanuka: The Final Frame (Love & Hate, 2016) Polydor
13. Michele Nox: Heaven (Monolith, 2016) self-released
14. Jer Nogood: I Dream of Grass (Lawnmower Man, 2016) self-released
15. Swervedriver: Winter Depths (Adult Swim Singles Program, 2015) Williams Street
16. Mitski: Your Best American Girl (Puberty 2, 2016) Dead Oceans
17. Pentangle: The Casbah [alternate version] (The Pentangle, 2001) Castle
18. Sleater-Kinney: Combat Rock (One Beat, 2002) Sub Pop
19. Operators: Shape of Things (Blue Wave, 2016) Last Gang
20. Blank Banshee: Xenos (Mega, 2016) Hologram Bay
21. The xx: I Dare You (I See You, 2017) Young Turks
22. Kelly Lee Owens: CBM (Oleic EP, 2016) Smalltown Supersound
23. Secret Pyramid: Depths (Movements of Night, 2013) Students of Decay
24. Ancient Babes: Patricia's Whim [Bartholomew's Trayzhure] (2016) self-released
25. Men I Trust: Plain View (2016) self-released
26. Loscil: Anthropocene (Monument Builders, 2016) Kranky
27. Drowzy: Hide N Seek (I Want to Be Your Star single, 2016) House of Commons
28. Orlando Gloom: High in the Moonlight (Volume I, 2015) Palm House Recording Co.
29. Xspance: Moonlight Song (Melodyheart, 2016) Section
30. Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox: Can't Stop the Feeling [w.Aubrey Logan] (Squad Goals, 2016) Mud Hut
31. Nicholas Britell: You Don't Even Know (Moonlight OST, 2016) Lakeshore
32. Nicholas Britell: Little's Theme (Moonlight OST, 2016) Lakeshore
33. Nicholas Britell: The Middle of the World (Moonlight OST, 2016) Lakeshore
34. Nicholas Britell: The Spot (Moonlight OST, 2016) Lakeshore
35. Nicholas Britell: Chiron's Theme - Chopped & Screwed [Knock Down, Stay Down] (Moonlight OST, 2016) Lakeshore
36. Nicholas Britell: End Credits Suite (Moonlight OST, 2016) Lakeshore
37. Nicholas Britell: No Two Works [w.Justin Hurwitz] (Whiplash OST, 2014) Varèse Sarabande


Track Listing:

Something Good
Utah Saints · Utah Saints
Lonely City
Corinthian · Eurozone Ghost
Gusgus · Attention
Little Sprout · Little Sprout
Floating on a Salt Lake
Roland Tings · Who U Love 12"
Call Ticketron
Run the Jewels · Run the Jewels 3
Forerunner Foray
Shabazz Palaces · Lese Majesty
Super Bowl XXVII
Nackt · Super Bowl XXVII
Lady Wray · Queen Alone
Tell Me
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings · 100 Days, 100 Nights
A Shot in the Dark
The Mighty Swells · Off the Top with The Mighty Swells!
The Final Frame
Michael Kiwanuka · Love & Hate
Michele Nox · Monolith
I Dream of Grass
Jer Nogood · Lawnmower Man
Winter Depths
Swervedriver · Adult Swim Singles Program
Your Best American Girl
Mitski · Puberty 2
The Casbah [alternate version]
Pentangle · The Pentangle
Combat Rock
Sleater-Kinney · One Beat
Shape of Things
Operators · Blue Wave
Blank Banshee · Mega
I Dare You
The xx · I See You
Kelly Lee Owens · Oleic EP
Secret Pyramid · Movements of Night
Patricia's Whim [Bartholomew's Trayzhure]
Ancient Babes · Patricia's Whim [Bartholomew's Trayzhure]
Plain View
Men I Trust · Plain View
Loscil · Monument Builders
Hide N Seek
Drowzy · I Want to Be Your Star single
High in the Moonlight
Orlando Gloom · Volume I
Moonlight Song
Xspance · Melodyheart
Can't Stop the Feeling [w.Aubrey Logan]
Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox · Squad Goals
You Don't Even Know
Nicholas Britell · Moonlight OST
Little's Theme
Nicholas Britell · Moonlight OST
The Middle of the World
Nicholas Britell · Moonlight OST
The Spot
Nicholas Britell · Moonlight OST
Chiron's Theme - Chopped & Screwed [Knock Down, Stay Down]
Nicholas Britell · Moonlight OST
End Credits Suite
Nicholas Britell · Moonlight OST
No Two Works [w.Justin Hurwitz]
Nicholas Britell · Whiplash OST