Exploding Head Movies Episode September 12, 2016

XHM #329 - "No talking foxes" (2016 September 12)

7:00pm - 9:03pm

The story of a grieving couple retreating into a forest to mourn a loss and being consumed by nature. 2015's Couple in a Hole is profiled, featuring a score by Bristol's BEAK>. We also talk Victoria's Rifflandia Festival this weekend, the end of summer and plenty of new(ish) music.

1. Prince Buster: One Step Beyond (Al Capone 7", 1964) Blue Beat
2. Donato Dozzy: Techtresor (That Fab, 2016) Spazio Disponibile
3. Badbadnotgood: In Your Eyes [w.Charlotte Day Wilson] (IV, 2016) Innovative Leisure/Arts & Crafts
4. Holy Fuck: Tom Tom (Congrats, 2016) Innovative Leisure/Last Gang
5. Mike & Rich: Eggy Toast (Expert Knob Twiddlers, 2016) Planet Mu
6. Vesuvio Solo: Don't Leave Me in the Dark (Don't Leave Me in the Dark, 2016) Atelier Ciseaux
7. Sigur Ros: Óveður (Óveður single, 2016) XL
8. Kutcorners: Dreamflower (Chapel Sound Compilation: Volume 1, 2015) Chapel Sound
9. Lost Creatures: Leave Me Alone (demo, 2016) self-released
10. Loon: Dance (Threads, 2016) self-released
11. The Durutti Column: Sketch for Summer (The Return of the Durutti Column, 1980) Factory
12. Hellshovel: Summer's Over (Hated by the Sun, 2012) Slovenly
13. Bloc Party: Helicopter [Whitey remix] (Silent Alarm Remixed, 2005) Wichita/Vice
14. Tennyson: 7:00 AM (Like What EP, 2015) self-released
15. JPNSGRLS: A Girl from a Different Dimension (Divorce, 2016) Light Organ
16. Dralms: Domino House (Shook, 2015) Boompa
17. Arms and Sleepers: Libon (Nostalgia for the Absolute, 2011) Expect Candy
18. Mesa Luna: Shutting Down (Shutting Down 7", 2014) Kingfisher Bluez
19. De la Soul: Pain [w.Snoop Dogg] (and the Anonymous Nobody, 2016) AOI
20. Trevor Bastow: Funky Monkey (Double Exposure, 1976) Programme
21. Chapel Sound: Rebirth (2016) Chapel Sound
22. Run the Jewels: Close Your Eyes [and Count to Fuck, w.Zack de la Rocha] (Run the Jewels 2, 2014) Mass Appeal/RED
23. Radio Crew: Breaking & Entering (Breaking & Entering, 1983) Rainbow Television Workshop
24. Massive Attack: The Spoils [w.Hope Sandoval] (The Spoils EP, 2016) Virgin EMI
25. Pisces: Sam [w.Linda Bruner] (A Lovely Sight, 2009) Numero Group
26. Tom Scott & The LA Express: Sneakin’ in the Back (Tom Scott & The LA Express, 1974) Legacy/Ode
27. BEAK> The Broken Window ( 28. BEAK> Yatton (BEAK>> 2012) Invada
29. BEAK> Flax Bourton (Couple in a Hole OST, 2016) Invada
30. BEAK> Spittin' Feathers (Couple in a Hole OST, 2016) Invada
31. BEAK> Timeshare (Couple in a Hole OST, 2016) Invada
32. BEAK> Battery Point (Couple in a Hole OST, 2016) Invada
33. Madness: One Step Beyond (One Step Beyond..., 1979) Stiff

Next week: more wolves howling, maybe.


Track Listing:

One Step Beyond
Prince Buster · Al Capone 7"
Donato Dozzy · That Fab
In Your Eyes [w.Charlotte Day Wilson]
Badbadnotgood · IV
Tom Tom
Holy Fuck · Congrats
Eggy Toast
Mike & Rich · Expert Knob Twiddlers
Don't Leave Me in the Dark
Vesuvio Solo · Don't Leave Me in the Dark
Sigur Rós · Óveður single
Kutcorners · Chapel Sound Compilation: Volume 1
Leave Me Alone
Lost Creatures · Leave Me Alone demo
Loon · Threads
Sketch for Summer
The Durutti Column · The Return of the Durutti Column
Summer's Over
Hellshovel · Hated by the Sun
Helicopter [Whitey remix]
Bloc Party · Silent Alarm Remixed
7:00 AM
Tennyson · Like What EP
A Girl from a Different Dimension
JPNSGRLS · Divorce
Domino House
Dralms · Shook
Arms and Sleepers · Nostalgia for the Absolute
Shutting Down
Mesa Luna · Shutting Down 7"
Pain [w.Snoop Dogg]
De la Soul · ...and the Anonymous Nobody
Funky Monkey
Trevor Bastow · Double Exposure
Chapel Sound · Rebirth
Close Your Eyes [and Count to Fuck, w.Zack de la Rocha]
Run the Jewels · Run the Jewels 2
Breaking & Entering
Radio Crew · Breaking & Entering
The Spoils [w.Hope Sandoval]
Massive Attack · The Spoils EP
Sam [w.Linda Bruner]
Pisces · A Lovely Sight
Sneakin’ in the Back
Tom Scott & The LA Express · Tom Scott & The LA Express
The Broken Window
Flax Bourton
BEAK> · Couple in a Hole OST
Spittin' Feathers
BEAK> · Couple in a Hole OST
BEAK> · Couple in a Hole OST
Battery Point
BEAK> · Couple in a Hole OST
One Step Beyond
Madness · One Step Beyond...