Exploding Head Movies Episode August 8, 2016

XHM #324 - "Please call him Mister Marshall" (2016 August 08)

7:00pm - 9:02pm

A weirder episode than usual as we pay tribute to creator/director Garry Marshall (1934-2016), focusing on his sitcoms from the 1970s: Happy Days and one of its spinoffs, Laverne & Shirley.

1. Jim Haas: Theme from Happy Days (Happy Days OST, 1975) ABC
2. Memoryhouse: Knife in the Water (Soft Hate, 2016) Beko/self-released
3. Project Pablo: Beaubien Dream (Beaubien Dream, 2016) SOBO
4. Zomby x Burial: Sweetz (Sweetz 10", 2016) Hyperdub
5. Le Roi Crocodile: Summer with You (JPN 2006, 2015) self-released
6. Lewis: Summer's Moon (L'Amour, 2014) Light in the Attic
7. Bibio: A Mineral Love (A Mineral Love, 2016) Warp
8. Quilt: Hissing My Plea (Plaza, 2016) Mexican Summer
9. Gerhard Heinz: Cheaters Theme [from "Die Sage des Todes/Bloody Moon"] (Classic Soundtrack Series: Vol 1 & 2, 1981) JMP
10. She-Devils: Come (She-Devils EP, 2015) self-released
11. Esther Grey: Buttermilk (Buttermilk 7", 2013) Label Fantastic/Little Room Labs
12. Anatole: Nova (LA/Tu es Des Notres, 2016) Pantoum/La Palette
13. Renny Wilson: Fascist Punx (Punk Explosion/Extension, 2015) Mint
14. Late Spring: Invisible (Invisible, 2016) Agony Klub
15. Holy Fuck: Casio Bossa Nova (Holy Fuck, 2005) Dependent
16. Bonnie Doon: Pizza Shark (An Affair to Imagine, 2014) Bruised Tongue
17. Adrian Teacher & The Subs: Forget America (Terminal City, 2016) You've Change
18. Alexander Harvey: Tropical Year (Visitations, 2015) self-released
19. Alvvays: Next of Kin (Alvvays, 2014) Polyvinyl/Royal Mountain
20. Sturgill Simpson: In Bloom (A Sailor's Guide to Earth, 2016) Atlantic
21. Buscemi: Big Bugs to Brazil (Mocha Supremo, 1998) Downsall Plastics
22. Bumblebeez: Rio [Jimmy2sox & U-GO-B remix] (2009) self-released
23. Aterciopelados: Rio [Tigris mix by Sidestepper] (Rio single, 2008) Nacional
24. Ennio Morricone: Samba Bamba [Versione Strumentale con Tromba] (Ad Ogni Costo OST, 1968) RCA Italiana
25. Fellini: Rock Europeu (O Adeus de Fellini, 1985) Baratos Afins
26. The Baseball Project: Ichiro Goes to the Moon (Volume 2: High and Inside, 2011) Yep Roc
27. Les Baxter: Freeway to Rio (Bugaloo in Brazil, 1970) KPM
28. Potsie: Pump Your Blood [from Potsie Quits School] (Happy Days, 1979) ABC
29. Cyndi Grecco: Making Our Dreams Come True (Making Our Dreams Come True, 1976) Private Stock
30. Jack Costanzo & Gerry Woo: Jive Samba (Latin Percussion with Soul, 1968) Tico
31. Penny Marshall & Cindy Williams: Sixteen Reasons (Laverne & Shirley Sing, 1976) Atlantic
32. Penny Marshall & Cindy Williams: More from Our Yearbook (Laverne & Shirley Sing, 1976) Atlantic
33. Ike Quebec: Favela (Bossa Nova Soul Samba, 2007) Blue Note
34. Lenny & Squiggy: King of the Cars (Lenny & the Squigtones, 1979) Casablanca

Now who will catch the Loch Ness Monster?


Track Listing:

Theme from Happy Days
Jim Haas · Happy Days
Knife in the Water
Memoryhouse · Soft Hate
Beaubien Dream
Project Pablo · Beaubien Dream
Zomby x Burial · Sweetz 10"
Summer with You
Le Roi Crocodile · JPN 2006
Summer's Moon
Lewis · L'Amour
A Mineral Love
Bibio · A Mineral Love
Hissing My Plea
Quilt · Plaza
Cheaters Theme [from "Die Sage des Todes/Bloody Moon"]
Gerhard Heinz · Classic Soundtrack Series: Vol 1 & 2
She-Devils · She-Devils EP
Esther Grey · Buttermilk 7"
Anatole · LA/Tu es Des Notres
Fascist Punx
Renny Wilson · Punk Explosion/Extension
Late Spring · Invisible
Casio Bossa Nova
Holy Fuck · Holy Fuck
Pizza Shark
Bonnie Doon · An Affair to Imagine
Forget America
Adrian Teacher & The Subs · Terminal City
Tropical Year
Alexander Harvey · Visitations
Next of Kin
Alvvays · Alvvays
In Bloom
Sturgill Simpson · A Sailor's Guide to Earth
Big Bugs to Brazil
Buscemi · Mocha Supremo
Rio [Jimmy2sox & U-GO-B remix]
Bumblebeez · Rio [Jimmy2sox & U-GO-B remix]
Rio [Tigris mix by Sidestepper]
Aterciopelados · Rio single
Samba Bamba [Versione Strumentale con Tromba]
Ennio Morricone · Ad Ogni Costo OST
Rock Europeu
Fellini · O Adeus de Fellini
Ichiro Goes to the Moon
The Baseball Project · Volume 2: High and Inside
Freeway to Rio
Les Baxter · Bugaloo in Brazil
Pump Your Blood [from Potsie Quits School]
Potsie · Happy Days
Making Our Dreams Come True
Cyndi Grecco · Making Our Dreams Come True
Jive Samba
Jack Costanzo & Gerry Woo · Latin Percussion with Soul
Sixteen Reasons
Penny Marshall & Cindy Williams · Laverne & Shirley Sing
More from Our Yearbook
Penny Marshall & Cindy Williams · Laverne & Shirley Sing
Ike Quebec · Bossa Nova Soul Samba
King of the Cars
Lenny & Squiggy · Lenny & the Squigtones