Exploding Head Movies Episode July 25, 2016

XHM #322 - "Ensconced in glamour" (2016 July 25)

6:59pm - 9:03pm

This episode is to be played at maximum volume. With Pride Week in effect, we got our act together and stitched together a long-overdue profile on Todd Hayne's 1998 glam rock ode Velvet Goldmine, a little late to honour David Bowie but this is for the fans. We also look at the life of Alan Vega (1938-2016) as we don feather boas.

1. Prince: Controversy [single version] (Controversy, 1981) Warner Bros
2. Jeremy Greenspan & Borys: But Wait There's More (But Wait There's More single, 2016) Jiaolong
3. Alan Vega: Speedway (Alan Vega, 1980) PVC/ZE/Celluloid
4. VVV: Red Lights Down (Endless, 1998) Blast First
5. Sunn O))) & Pan Sonic: Che (Che 10", 2009) Blast First Petite
6. Primal Scream: Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne (Diamonds Fur Coat Champagne 10", 2008) Blast First Petite
7. Lydia Lunch: Frankie Teardrop (Frankie Teardrop 10", 2008) Blast First Petite
8. Waxlimbs: Trains (World Makers, 2013) self-released
9. Bruce Springsteen: State Trooper (Nebraska, 1982) Columbia
10. Devon Welsh: Me and Alan Vega (2016) self-released
11. John Parker: Gusher (Dallas: Original TV Soundtrack, 2011) Soundworks International
12. The Tragically Hip: In Sarnia (Man Machine Poem, 2016) Universal
13. Gord Downie & The Sadies: Crater (and the Conquering Sun, 2014) Arts & Crafts
14. REM: 2JN (Imitation of Life single, 2001) Warner Bros
15. Quivers: Mantis (Self Portrait in E, 2013) Craft Singles
16. Skinny Kids: Small Room (Skinny Kids cassette, 2013) Local Art Collective
17. Huevos Rancheros: Interstate Death Toll (Get Outta Dodge, 1996) Mint
18. Wolf Parade: Floating World (EP4, 2016) self-released
19. Jay Holy: Safe Places (Scopolamine Dream, 2015) Reel Cod
20. Shooting Guns: Burchard Von Worms (Wolfcop OST, 2014) Sundowning Sound/RidingEasy/One Way Static
21. Brady Allard: The Way You Move (Days Leave, 2015) self-released
22. John Maus: Quantum Leap (We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves, 2011) Ribbon Music/Upset the Rhythm
23. Thunder Company: Ridin' on the Gravy Train (Ridin' on the Gravy Train 7", 1970) Columbia
24. Venus Sans Furs: I Think of Her (Dominionated Deux, 2015) Quick Before It Melts
25. David Bowie: Velvet Goldmine [remastered] (Five Years: 1969-1973, 2015) Parlophone
26. Carter Burwell: Velvet Spacetime (Velvet Goldmine OST, 1998) Fontana Records London
27. Wylde Rattz: TV Eye (Velvet Goldmine OST, 1998) Fontana Records London
28. The Venus in Furs: Baby's on Fire (Velvet Goldmine OST, 1998) Fontana Records London
29. The Venus in Furs: 2HB (Velvet Goldmine OST, 1998) Fontana Records London
30. Pulp: We are the Boys (Velvet Goldmine OST, 1998) Fontana Records London
31. Grant Lee Buffalo: The Whole Shebang (Velvet Goldmine OST, 1998) Fontana Records London
32. David Bowie: Warszawa (Low, 1977) RCA
33. Bruce Springsteen: Dream Baby Dream (High Hopes, 2014) Columbia


Track Listing:

Controversy [single version]
Prince · Controversy
But Wait There's More
Jeremy Greenspan & Borys · But Wait There's More single
Alan Vega · Alan Vega
Red Lights Down
Vega/Väisänen/Vainio (VVV) · Endless
Sunn O))) & Pan Sonic · Che 10"
Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne
Primal Scream · Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne 10"
Frankie Teardrop
Lydia Lunch · Frankie Teardrop 10"
Waxlimbs · World Makers
State Trooper
Bruce Springsteen · Nebraska
Me and Alan Vega
Devon Welsh · Me and Alan Vega
John Parker · Dallas: Original TV Soundtrack
In Sarnia
The Tragically Hip · Man Machine Poem
Gord Downie & The Sadies · and the Conquering Sun
REM · Imitation of Life single
Quivers · Self Portrait in E
Small Room
Skinny Kids · Skinny Kids cassette
Interstate Death Toll
Huevos Rancheros · Get Outta Dodge
Floating World
Wolf Parade · EP4
Safe Places
Jay Holy · Scopolamine Dream
Burchard Von Worms
Shooting Guns · Wolfcop OST
The Way You Move
Brady Allard · Days Leave
Quantum Leap
John Maus · We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves
Ridin' on the Gravy Train
Thunder Company · Ridin' on the Gravy Train 7"
I Think of Her
Venus Sans Furs · Dominionated Deux
Velvet Goldmine [remastered]
David Bowie · Five Years: 1969-1973
Velvet Spacetime
Carter Burwell · Velvet Goldmine OST
TV Eye
Wylde Rattz · Velvet Goldmine OST
Baby's on Fire
The Venus in Furs · Velvet Goldmine OST
The Venus in Furs · Velvet Goldmine OST
We are the Boys
Pulp · Velvet Goldmine OST
The Whole Shebang
Grant Lee Buffalo · Velvet Goldmine OST
David Bowie · Low
Dream Baby Dream
Bruce Springsteen · High Hopes