Exploding Head Movies Episode June 27, 2016

XHM #318 - "Faith in chaos theory" (2016 June 27)

6:58pm - 9:02pm

We turn our clocks back to 1998 as we go electronic before diving into Clint Mansell's first score for Darren Aronfsky's 1998 debut Pi.

These are the numbers in a certain order:

1. Montag: Set Adrift on a Memory of You (Des Cassettes et un Walkman Jaune, 2009) self-released
2. Paulo J Ferreira Lopes: Norte (Feeze, 2013) Atrito-Afeito
THREE POINT Odonis Odonis: Nervous (Post Plague, 2016) Telephone Explosion
4. Doomsquad: Pyramids on Mars (Total Time, 2016) Bella Union
5. Unfollow: Half Blu (Blue Twenty-One, 2016) Blue Tapes & X-Ray Records
6. JFM: Waiting for Legba ('Bo, 2016) A Person Disguised as People
7. LAL: Stand in My Way (Find Safety, 2016) Coax
8. Dalhous: The Essential Wander (Run for the Shadows EP, 2016) Lapsus
9. Caribou: Leave House (Swim, 2010) Merge/City Slang
10. Project Pablo: Royal Plus (Beaubien Dream, 2016) SOBO
11. Perfume Advert: Mirror Shield (Big Gete Star, 2016) 1080p
12. Kafka: Burr (Dnepr_Vancouver 1.0, 2015) Reclaim Your City
13. Heartbeats: Sour Keys (Forever Violet EP, 2016) Loveless
ONE FOUR Arca: Slit Thru (Xen, 2014) Mute
ONE FIVE Jacques Greene: Body Party (Greene 02, 2013) self-released
16. Lone: Backtail was Heavy (Levitate, 2016) R&S
17. Moresounds: Dead and Bury [w.Feature] (Pure Niceness, 2015) Astrophonica
18. Elementz of Noize: Clock (Clock 12", 2002) Emotif
19. DJ Spooky: Post-Human Sophistry (Riddim Warfare, 1998) Outpost/Asphodel
20. Ryuichi Sakamoto: Grief [Amon Tobin remix] (Anger/Grief single, 1998) Ninja Tune
21. Clint Mansell: ?r²/Pi R 2 [w.Sean Gullette] (Pi OST, 1998) Sire
22. Autechre: Kalpol Introl (Pi OST, 1998) Sire
23. Clint Mansell: We Got the Gun [w.Sean Gullette] (Pi OST, 1998) Sire
24. Clint Mansell: 2?r/2 Pi R (Pi OST, 1998) Sire
25. Spacetime Continuum: A Low Frequency Inversion Field [w.Sean Gullette] (Pi OST, 1998) Sire
26. Spandau Ballet: True (True, 1983) Chrysalis


Track Listing:

Set Adrift on a Memory of You
Montag · Des Cassettes et un Walkman Jaune
Paulo J Ferreira Lopes · Feeze
Odonis Odonis · Post Plague
Pyramids on Mars
Doomsquad · Total Time
Half Blu
Unfollow · Blue Twenty-One
Waiting for Legba
JFM · 'Bo
Stand in My Way
LAL · Find Safety
The Essential Wander
Dalhous · Run for the Shadows EP
Leave House
Caribou · Swim
Royal Plus
Project Pablo · Beaubien Dream
Mirror Shield
Perfume Advert · Big Gete Star
Kafka · Dnepr_Vancouver 1.0
Sour Keys
Heartbeats · Forever Violet EP
Slit Thru
Arca · Xen
Body Party
Jacques Greene · Greene 02
Backtail was Heavy
Lone · Levitate
Dead and Bury [w.Feature]
Moresounds · Pure Niceness
Elementz of Noize · Clock 12"
Post-Human Sophistry
DJ Spooky · Riddim Warfare
Grief [Amon Tobin remix]
Ryuichi Sakamoto · Anger/Grief single
?r²/Pi R 2 [w.Sean Gullette]
Clint Mansell · Pi OST
Kalpol Introl
Autechre · Pi OST
We Got the Gun [w.Sean Gullette]
Clint Mansell · Pi OST
2?r/2 Pi R
Clint Mansell · Pi OST
A Low Frequency Inversion Field [w.Sean Gullette]
Spacetime Continuum · Pi OST
Spandau Ballet · True