Exploding Head Movies Episode June 13, 2016

XHM #316 - "Granite poems" (2016 June 13)

6:58pm - 9:01pm

Nicolas Jaar's alternative soundtrack to the 1969 Armenian film The Colour of Pomegranates anchors this goofy little episode, ranging from the recently rejigged Levitation Vancouver festival, a wide array of French songs and other weirdness for a very loose experience.

1. Bobby Curtola: Fortune Teller (Mr. Personality, 1962) Tartan
2. Omega: Kérgeskezű Favágok/Callous-handed Woodcutters (10 000 Lépés, 1969) Qualiton
3. Dada Plan: Helpless (The Madness Hides, 2015) Kingfisher Bluez
4. Thee Oh Sees: Devil Again (Garage Swim, 2013) Williams Street
5. Tycho: Awake (Awake, 2014) Ghostly International
6. Hinds: San Diego (Leave Me Alone, 2016) Mom & Pop
7. Flying Lotus: Descent into Madness [w.Thundercat] (You're Dead!, 2014) Warp
8. Holy Fuck: Latin America (Latin, 2010) Young Turks
9. Kaytranada: Lite Spots (99.9%, 2016) HW&W/XL
10. Le Roi Crocodile: Montreal (2015) self-released
11. Para Palabras: Roll with Me [version 2] (2014) self-released
12. Paupière: Elle et Lui (Jeunes Instants EP, 2016) Lisbon Lux
13. Ele: Since Then [w.Yuki Imai] (2014) self-released
14. Nancy Leticia: Love Dream (Love Dream EP, 2015) Noise Collector
15. Neon Indian: Street Level (VEGA INTL. Night School, 2015) Mom + Pop/Transgressive
16. Yelle: Mon Pays (Safari Disco Club, 2011) Barclay
17. Arpadys: Monkey Star (Arpadys, 1978) Decca/Polydor/Sirocco
18. Cat's Eyes: Love You Anyway (Broken Glass EP, 2011) Polydor
19. Broadcast: Man is Not a Bird (Haha Sound, 2003) Warp
20. Portage: 1/4 (Un et Demi, 2015) Alright
21. Waxlimbs: Finding Fish Pt 2 (World Makers, 2013) self-released
22. Michel Colombier: Canon (Campus, 1969) La Compagnie
23. Charles Trenet: Boum! (Vous Êtes Jolie 10", 1938) Columbia
24. Air: Astronomic Club (Le Voyage Dans la Lune OST, 2012) Astralwerks
25. Dernier Sex: Neverless (3-Song EP, 2015) Menace Collective
26. Nothingness: Sunshine Coast (EP, 2015) self-released
27. Nicolas Jaar: Nothingness (Pomegranates, 2015) Other People
28. Nicolas Jaar: Don't Break My Love (Nymphs I, 2015) Other People
29. Susumu Yokota: The Colour of Pomegranates (The Boy and the Tree, 2002) Leaf
30. Nicolas Jaar: Garden of Eden (Pomegranates, 2015) Other People
31. Nicolas Jaar: Folie a Deux (Pomegranates, 2015) Other People
32. Nicolas Jaar: Muse (Pomegranates, 2015) Other People
33. Darkside: Freak, Go Home (Psychic, 2013) Matador/Other People


Track Listing:

Fortune Teller
Bobby Curtola · Mr. Personality
Kérgeskez? Favágok/Callous-handed Woodcutters
Omega · 10 000 Lépés
Dada Plan · The Madness Hides
Devil Again
Thee Oh Sees · Garage Swim
Tycho · Awake
San Diego
Hinds · Leave Me Alone
Descent into Madness [w.Thundercat]
Flying Lotus · You're Dead!
Latin America
Holy Fuck · Latin
Lite Spots
Kaytranada · 99.9%
Le Roi Crocodile · Montreal
Roll with Me [version 2]
Para Palabras · Roll with Me [version 2]
Elle et Lui
Paupière · Jeunes Instants EP
Since Then [w.Yuki Imai]
Ele · Since Then [w.Yuki Imai]
Love Dream
Nancy Leticia · Love Dream EP
Street Level
Neon Indian · VEGA INTL. Night School
Mon Pays
Yelle · Safari Disco Club
Monkey Star
Arpadys · Arpadys
Love You Anyway
Cat's Eyes · Broken Glass EP
Man is Not a Bird
Broadcast · Haha Sound
Portage · Un et Demi
Finding Fish Pt 2
Waxlimbs · World Makers
Michel Colombier · Campus
Charles Trenet · Vous Êtes Jolie 10"
Astronomic Club
Air · Le Voyage Dans la Lune OST
Dernier Sex · 3-Song EP
Sunshine Coast
Nothingness · EP
Nicolas Jaar · Pomegranates
Don't Break My Love
Nicolas Jaar · Nymphs I
The Colour of Pomegranates
Susumu Yokota · The Boy and the Tree
Garden of Eden
Nicolas Jaar · Pomegranates
Folie a Deux
Nicolas Jaar · Pomegranates
Nicolas Jaar · Pomegranates
Freak, Go Home
Darkside · Psychic