Exploding Head Movies Episode June 6, 2016

XHM #315 - "Asteroids taunt me" (2016 June 06)

6:58pm - 9:03pm

May was originally going to be primarily video game month but news cycles happened so this straggler of a profile on the weird game Flywrench will tackle a selection of the vital Los Angeles underground bass scene.

1. The Avalanches: Frankie Sinatra [w.Danny Brown & MF Doom, extended mix] (Wildflower, 2016) Modular/Astralwerks/XL/EMI
2. Olin: People Fix (From Iceland 12", 2016) Giegling
3. Project Pablo: Follow It Up [Dandana mix] (I Want to Believe 12", 2015) 1080p
4. AT/NU: Shift (Psi Grove, 2014) 1080p
5. Isao Tomita: Peer Gynt, Suite #2 - Solveig's Song (Kosmos, 1978) RCA
6. Lnrdcroy: Donny on the River (UNTHANK008 10", 2015) Firecracker
7. Michael Red: Moving (Chapel Sound Compilation: Volume 1, 2015) Chapel Sound
8. Jolin Ras: Seabreeze (Chapel Sound Compilation: Volume 1, 2015) Chapel Sound
9. Reindeer: Smoke (2016) self-released
10. KING: Supernatural [extended mix] (We Are KING, 2016) King Creative
11. The Klinik: Moving Hands [Helena Hauff remix] (So Low Remixes, 2016) The Vinyl Factory
12. Shy Ones: Without You (Shy Ones, 2016) Cast Exotic Archives
13. Julianna Barwick: Forever (Nepenthe, 2013) Dead Oceans
14. Dang Olsen Dream Tape: Thumper (Zonk, 2016) Constellation Tatsu
15. At the Drive-In: One-Armed Scissor (Relationship of Command, 2000) Grand Royal/Virgin
16. Surfer Blood: Swim [to Reach the End] (Swim single, 2009) Holiday
17. Donato Dozzy: A.Ritmica (That Fab EP, 2016) Spazio Disponibile
18. The Tragically Hip: Butts Wigglin' (Brain Candy OST, 1996) Matador
19. Gordon Downie: Insomniacs of the World, Good Night (Coke Machine Glow, 2001) Wiener Art/Zoe
20. Klondike: I Hope We'll Die at the Same Time from the Mouth of a Lion (Africa to MIDI, 2014) Jeunesse Spatiale
21. DJ Shadow: Six Days [Machinedrum remix] (The Liquid Amber EP, 2014) Liquid Amber
22. DJ Spooky: Polyphony of One (Riddim Warfare, 1998) Outpost/Asphodel
23. Mark Redito: Just for Tonight (Flywrench OST, 2015) Magical Properties
24. Baths: Turlan Courtship (Flywrench OST, 2015) Magical Properties
25. Dntel: Through the Mark (Flywrench OST, 2015) Magical Properties
26. Daedelus: Speeds (Flywrench OST, 2015) Magical Properties
27. Sweatson Klank: Rust Check (Flywrench OST, 2015) Magical Properties
28. Goodnight Cody: Plasma Fire (Flywrench OST, 2015) Magical Properties
29. Syndakit: Helium Crew Anthem 2 (Flywrench OST, 2015) Magical Properties
30. Wilmoth Houdini: Bobby Sox Idol [Frank Sinatra] (Calypso Capers, 1944) Waldorf Music Hall


Track Listing:

Frankie Sinatra [w.Danny Brown & MF Doom, extended mix]
The Avalanches · Wildflower
People Fix
Olin · From Iceland 12"
Follow It Up [Dandana mix]
Project Pablo · I Want to Believe 12"
AT/NU · Psi Grove
Peer Gynt, Suite #2 - Solveig's Song
Isao Tomita · Kosmos
Donny on the River
Lnrdcroy · UNTHANK008 10"
Michael Red · Chapel Sound Compilation: Volume 1
Jolin Ras · Chapel Sound Compilation: Volume 1
Reindeer · Smoke
Supernatural [extended mix]
Moving Hands [Helena Hauff remix]
The Klinik · So Low Remixes
Without You
Shy Ones · Shy Ones
Julianna Barwick · Nepenthe
Dang Olsen Dream Tape · Zonk
One-Armed Scissor
At the Drive-In · Relationship of Command
Swim [to Reach the End]
Surfer Blood · Swim single
Donato Dozzy · That Fab EP
Butts Wigglin'
The Tragically Hip · Brain Candy OST
Insomniacs of the World, Good Night
Gordon Downie · Coke Machine Glow
I Hope We'll Die at the Same Time from the Mouth of a Lion
Klondike · Africa to MIDI
Six Days [Machinedrum remix]
DJ Shadow · The Liquid Amber EP
Polyphony of One
DJ Spooky · Riddim Warfare
Just for Tonight
Mark Redito · Flywrench OST
Turlan Courtship
Baths · Flywrench OST
Through the Mark
Dntel · Flywrench OST
Daedelus · Flywrench OST
Rust Check
Sweatson Klank · Flywrench OST
Plasma Fire
Goodnight Cody · Flywrench OST
Helium Crew Anthem 2
Syndakit · Flywrench OST
Bobby Sox Idol [Frank Sinatra]
Wilmoth Houdini · Calypso Capers