Exploding Head Movies Episode February 29, 2016

XHM #301 - "The prettiest week of our lives" (2016 February 29)

7:01pm - 9:03pm

It's Leap Day for CITR's 2016 edition of the Fundrive! As part of our Oscar recap, we put the spotlight on Howard Shore's score to the winner of the Best Picture: Spotlight.


1. Tom Holkenborg [aka Junkie XL]: Claw Trucks [extended version] (Mad Max: Fury Road OST, 2015) Watertower
2. Lnrdcroy: Terragem (UNTHANK008 10", 2015) Firecracker
3. Ennio Morricone & the Czech National Symphony Orchestra: Neve (Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight OST, 2015) Third Man/Decca
4. Ryuichi Sakamoto: Killing Hawk (The Revenant OST, 2015) Milan
5. Sam Smith: Writing's on the Wall (Writing's on the Wall single, 2015) Capitol
6. Amy Winehouse: You Know I'm No Good (Back to Black, 2006) Island
7. Common Vernacular: Proto-void a Vacuum (2014) self-released
8. Soft Serve: Take It Easy (Soft Serve, 2015) self-released
9. Actors: Let It Grow (2015) self-released
10. David Bowie: Crystal Japan (Up the Hill Backwards 7", 1981) RCA
11. David Bowie: DJ (Lodger, 1979) RCA
12. Animal Collective: Floridada (Painting With, 2016) Domino
13. James Clarke: Wild Elephants (Small Group + Synthesizer, 1973) Amphonic
14. Bob & Ray: How Does Radio Work? (Vintage Bob & Ray: Volume 4 - The New York Years [Part 2], 2009) Radio Art
15. Handsome Boy Modeling School: Look at This Face [Oh My God They're Gorgeous] (So How's Your Girl..., 1999) Tommy Boy
16. CFCF: Lighthouse on Chatham Sound (On Vacation, 2016) International Feel Recordings
17. Young Galaxy: Were You Ever a Dreamer? (Falsework [bonus track], 2016) Paper Bag
18. Vanity 6: Make-Up (Vanity 6, 1982) Warner Bros
19. Sergio Levels: Radio Sound (The 12 Days of Bass Coast, 2015) Bass Coast
20. Charles: Horizontal Flipphone [alternate version] (2015) self-released
21. Konig: Treat Me Like a Dog (Puberty, 2015) Yellow K
22. Rem's Floating Chandelier: Year Leap Annee (Think of the Willows, 2012) self-released
23. Mike Post: Theme from Quantum Leap (Television's Greatest Hits: Volume 7 - Cable Ready, 1996) TVT
24. Paul Giovanni: Fire Leap (The Wicker Man OST, 1998) Trunk
25. Howard Shore: Delivering the News (Spotlight OST, 2015) self-released
26. Howard Shore: Spotlight (Spotlight OST, 2015) self-released
27. Howard Shore: Investigative Journalism (Spotlight OST, 2015) self-released
28. Howard Shore: Keep Silent (Spotlight OST, 2015) self-released
29. Howard Shore: The Sealed Documents (Spotlight OST, 2015) self-released
30. Howard Shore: Night Mass (Spotlight OST, 2015) self-released
31. Concubine: Apocalypse Disco (Concubine, 2014) self-released
32. Sparks: Academy Award Performance (No.1 in Heaven, 1979) Virgin/Elektra


Track Listing:

Claw Trucks [extended version]
Tom Holkenborg [aka Junkie XL] · Mad Max: Fury Road OST
Lnrdcroy · UNTHANK008 10"
Ennio Morricone & the Czech National Symphony Orchestra · Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight OST
Killing Hawk
Ryuichi Sakamoto · The Revenant OST
Writing's on the Wall
Sam Smith · Writing's on the Wall single
You Know I'm No Good
Amy Winehouse · Back to Black
Proto-void a Vacuum
Common Vernacular · Proto-void a Vacuum
Take It Easy
Soft Serve · Soft Serve
Let It Grow
Actors · Let It Grow
Crystal Japan
David Bowie · Up the Hill Backwards 7"
David Bowie · Lodger
Animal Collective · Painting With
Wild Elephants
James Clarke · Small Group + Synthesizer
How Does Radio Work?
Bob & Ray · Vintage Bob & Ray: Volume 4 - The New York Years [Part 2]
Look at This Face [Oh My God They're Gorgeous]
Handsome Boy Modeling School · So How's Your Girl...
Lighthouse on Chatham Sound
CFCF · On Vacation
Were You Ever a Dreamer?
Young Galaxy · Falsework [bonus track]
Vanity 6 · Vanity 6
Radio Sound
Sergio Levels · The 12 Days of Bass Coast
Horizontal Flipphone [alternate version]
Charles · Horizontal Flipphone [alternate version]
Treat Me Like a Dog
Konig · Puberty
Year Leap Annee
Rem's Floating Chandelier · Think of the Willows
Theme from Quantum Leap
Mike Post · Television's Greatest Hits: Volume 7 - Cable Ready
Fire Leap
Paul Giovanni · The Wicker Man OST
Delivering the News
Howard Shore · Spotlight OST
Howard Shore · Spotlight OST
Investigative Journalism
Howard Shore · Spotlight OST
Keep Silent
Howard Shore · Spotlight OST
The Sealed Documents
Howard Shore · Spotlight OST
Night Mass
Howard Shore · Spotlight OST
Academy Award PerformanceAcademy Award Performance
Sparks · No.1 in Heaven