Exploding Head Movies Episode February 22, 2016

XHM #300! "No word on what happened to the labyrinth codpiece" (2016 February 22)

7:00pm - 9:04pm

The 88th Academy Awards are handed out this Sunday (February 28) so since we heard all the nominated scores, it's time for all the original songs that were nominated. Along with representing films like Spectre, 50 Shades of Grey, The Hunting Ground, Racing Extinction and Youth, it's also time for our belated tribute to David Bowie (1947-2016) with his connection to film.

1. A Tribe Called Quest: Award Tour (Midnight Marauders, 1993) Jive
2. Pour le Plasir: The Movie (Tin Machine EP, 2015) Blue Tapes/X-Ray
3. Rae Spoon: I Hear Them Calling (Armour, 2016) Coax
4. Receivers: Ships & Lanterns (The Air on the Set, 2015) self-released
5. Gravity's Rainbow: Take Me On to the Otherside [instrumental ambient version] (Yesterday's Horizon, 2015) self-released
6. The Ballantynes: Matchbook (2016) self-released
7. Leon Bridges: So Long (So Long from Concussion single, 2015) Columbia
8. Nancy Leticia: One Afternoon Nap (Love Dream EP, 2015) Noise Collector
9. Alice Olivia: Writing's on the Wall (2015) self-released
10. The Weeknd: Earned It (Fifty Shades of Grey OST, 2015) Republic
11. Kara-Lis Coverdale: Touch Me & Die (Aftertouches, 2015) Sacred Phrases
12. Lady Gaga: 'Til It Happens to You ('Til It Happens to You single, 2015) Interscope
13. J Ralph & Anohni: Manta Ray (Racing Extinction OST, 2015) Rumor Mill
14. Tlon: Black Blossom (Acoustic Lazy Dolls, 2002) Oral
15. Sumi Jo & the BBC Concert Orchestra: Simple Song #3 [w.Viktoria Mullova, violin] (Youth/La Giovinezza OST, 2015) Milan
16. Mychael Danna: Death of the Zebra (The Life of Pi OST, 2012) Sony Classical
17. Tor: Paper Rain (Drum Therapy, 2012) Loci
18. Kurt Inder: Pressure (Soft Things, 2015) self-released
19. Cult Babies: Conspiracy Dog (Off to See the Lizard, 2015) self-released
20. Brian Eno: The Big Ship (Another Green World, 1975) Island
21. Destroyer: Times Square (Poison Season, 2015) Merge/Dead Oceans
22. Flight of the Conchords: Bowie (Flight of the Conchords, 2008) Sub Pop
23. David Bowie: All Saints (Low: Ryko Edition, 1991) Rykodisc
24. David Bowie: Moonage Daydream (The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders of Mars, 1972) RCA Victor
25. David Bowie: Subterraneans (Low, 1977) RCA Victor
26. David Bowie: Sense of Doubt (Christiane F - Wir Kinder Vom Bahnhof Zoo OST, 1977) RCA Victor
27. David Bowie: That's Motivation (Absolute Beginners EP, 1986) Virgin
28. David Bowie: I'm Deranged [edit] (Lost Highway OST, 1996) Nothing/Interscope
29. Seu Jorge: O Astronauta de Marmore (The Life Aquatic: Studio Sessions, 2005) Hollywood
30. David Bowie: Sex and the Church (The Buddha of Suburbia OST, 1993) Arista/BMG
31. Nina Simone: Wild is the Wind (Wild is the Wind, 1966) Philips



Track Listing:

Award Tour
A Tribe Called Quest · Midnight Marauders
The Movie
Pour le Plasir · Tin Machine EP
I Hear Them Calling
Rae Spoon · Armour
Ships & Lanterns
Receivers · The Air on the Set
Take Me On to the Otherside [instrumental ambient version]
Gravity's Rainbow · Yesterday's Horizon
The Ballantynes · Matchbook
So Long
Leon Bridges · So Long from Concussion single
One Afternoon Nap
Nancy Leticia · Love Dream EP
Writing's on the Wall
Alice Olivia · Writing's on the Wall
Earned It
The Weeknd · Fifty Shades of Grey OST
Touch Me & Die
Kara-Lis Coverdale · Aftertouches
'Til It Happens to You
Lady Gaga · 'Til It Happens to You
Manta Ray
J Ralph & Anohni · Racing Extinction OST
Black Blossom
Tlon · Acoustic Lazy Dolls
Simple Song #3 [w.Viktoria Mullova, violin]
Sumi Jo & the BBC Concert Orchestra · Youth/La Giovinezza OST
Death of the Zebra
Mychael Danna · The Life of Pi OST
Paper Rain
Tor · Drum Therapy
Kurt Inder · Soft Things
Conspiracy Dog
Cult Babies · Off to See the Lizard
The Big Ship
Brian Eno · Another Green World
Times Square
Destroyer · Poison Season
Flight of the Conchords · Flight of the Conchords
All Saints
David Bowie · Low: Ryko Edition
Moonage Daydream
David Bowie · The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders of Mars
David Bowie · Low
Sense of Doubt
David Bowie · Christiane F - Wir Kinder Vom Bahnhof Zoo OST
That's Motivation
David Bowie · Absolute Beginners EP
I'm Deranged [edit]
David Bowie · Lost Highway OST
O Astronauta de Marmore
Seu Jorge · The Life Aquatic: Studio Sessions
Sex and the Church
David Bowie · The Buddha of Suburbia OST
Wild is the Wind
Nina Simone · Wild is the Wind