Exploding Head Movies Episode February 15, 2016

XHM #299 - "Department of external affairs" (2016 February 15)

6:58pm - 9:05pm

Not only do we have the 5th and final nominee for Best Original Score, Carter Burwell's Carol, Vancouver band Milk stops by and plays a live set. There's a rambolic interview with them (and Soft Serve head Kyle), poor jokes, sports & a contention about a Discorder review.

1. Les Paul & Mary Ford: Smoke Rings (Bye Bye Blues!, 1952) Capitol
2. Scuba: Solitary Confinement (Phenix 2 12", 2014) Hotflush
3. Boats: Movie Scores We Hummed (Cannonballs Cannonballs! 2010) Kill Rock Stars
4. Neil Richardson: Prestige Production (Impact and Action: Volume 2, 1970) KPM
5. Milk: LIVE SET & INTERVIEW (Live @ CITR, 2016) CITR
6. Parquet Courts: Ducking and Dodging (Sunbathing Animal, 2014) What's Your Rupture?/Mom & Pop
7. Soft Serve: The Hike (Sink Deep EP, 2013) self-released
8. Jade Statues: She Don't Evn Smoke (Chapel Sound Compilation: Volume 1, 2015) Chapel Sound
9. FFS: Johnny Delusional (FFS, 2015) Domino
10. Franz Ferdinand: Ulysses (Tonight, 2009) Domino
11. Richard Reed Parry, yMusic, Bryce & Aaron Dessner: Interruptions - Heart and Breath Nonet, VI. French Guitars (Music for Heart and Breath, 2014) Deutsche Grammophon
12. Yumi Zouma: Catastrophe (EP II, 2015) Cascine
13. Eerie Summer: Togda Bylo Vse Po-drugomu (Togda Bylo Vse Po-drugomu single, 2016) self-released
14. Nightmares on Wax: Nights Introlude (Smokers Delight, 1995) Warp
15. Lakes of Canada: Transgressions (Transgressions, 2015) self-released
16. Carter Burwell: Carol's Dark Knight (Where the Wild Things Are: Score, 2009) DGC
17. Carter Burwell: Gun (Carol OST, 2015) Varèse Sarabande
18. Carter Burwell: Opening (Carol OST, 2015) Varèse Sarabande
19. Carter Burwell: To Carol's (Carol OST, 2015) Varèse Sarabande
20. Carter Burwell: To Court (Carol OST, 2015) Varèse Sarabande
21. Carter Burwell: Letter (Carol OST, 2015) Varèse Sarabande
22. Carter Burwell: The End (Carol OST, 2015) Varèse Sarabande
23. Wes Montgomery & The Eddie Higgins Trio: You'd Be So Nice to Come Home to (One Night in Indy, 2016) Resonance


Track Listing:

Smoke Rings
Les Paul & Mary Ford · Bye Bye Blues!
Solitary Confinement
Scuba · Phenix 2 12"
Movie Scores; We Hummed
Boats · Cannonballs, Cannonballs!
Prestige Production
Neil Richardson · Impact and Action: Volume 2
Milk · Live @ CITR
Milk · Live @ CITR
Milk · Live @ CITR
Milk · Live @ CITR
Don't Laugh
Milk · Live @ CITR
Milk · Live @ CITR
Ducking and Dodging
Parquet Courts · Sunbathing Animal
The Hike
Soft Serve · Sink Deep EP
She Don't Evn Smoke
Jade Statues · Chapel Sound Compilation: Volume 1
Johnny Delusional
Franz Ferdinand · Tonight
Interruptions - Heart and Breath Nonet, VI. French Guitars
Richard Reed Parry, yMusic, Bryce & Aaron Dessner · Music for Heart and Breath
Yumi Zouma · EP II
Togda Bylo Vse Po-drugomu
Eerie Summer · Togda Bylo Vse Po-drugomu
Nights Introlude
Nightmares on Wax · Smokers Delight
Lakes of Canada · Transgressions
Carol's Dark Knight
Carter Burwell · Where the Wild Things Are: Score
Carter Burwell · Carol OST
Carter Burwell · Carol OST
To Carol's
Carter Burwell · Carol OST
To Court
Carter Burwell · Carol OST
Carter Burwell · Carol OST
The End
Carter Burwell · Carol OST
You'd Be So Nice to Come Home to
Wes Montgomery & The Eddie Higgins Trio · One Night in Indy