Exploding Head Movies Episode January 4, 2016

XHM #293 - "To every corner of the earth" (2016 January 04)

7:00pm - 9:01pm

To kick off a new year, it's time to listen to Disasterpeace. Along with his music from the recent indie horror film It Follows, there will be his chiptune score from the 2012 indie video game FEZ.

Hello 2016, goodbye Lemmy (& Scott & JB).

1. CITR: A Date That Will Live in Infamy (SUB Pop, 1963) CITR
2. Radiohead: Spectre (2015) unreleased
3. AT/NU: Subsurface [extended mix] (PSI Grove, 2014) 1080p
4. DJ Shadow: Swerve (2015) Liquid Amber [forthcoming release]
5. Teen Daze: Célébrer (2015) self-released
6. Deichkind: Happy New Fear (Victoria OST, 2015) Erased Tapes
7. Majical Cloudz: Downtown (Are You Alone? 2015) Matador
8. Young Galaxy: Body (Falsework, 2015) Paper Bag
9. Motoko: Light is Body (Inner Life EP, 2014) Illuminated Paths
10. Halcyon: Your Love In My Heart (Your Love In My Heart, 2015) self-released
11. Neon Indian: The Glitzy Hive (VEGA INTL. Night School, 2015) Mom + Pop/Transgressive
12. Eli Muro: Pursuit (Chapel Sound Compilation: Volume 1, 2015) Chapel Sound
13. Hawkwind: Motorhead (Kings of Speed single, 1975) United Artists
14. Motörhead: Overkill (Overkill, 1979) Bronze
15. Domenique Dumont: La Bataille de Neige (Comme Ça, 2015) Antinote
SIXTEEN Stone Temple Pilots: Big Empty (The Crow OST, 1994) Interscope
17. The Specials: Friday Night, Saturday Morning (Ghost Town single, 1981) Two-Tone
18. Guidewire: Mar Mar Mar (Surges EP, 2015) self-released
19. Project Pablo: Why Though? (I Want to Believe 12", 2015) 1080p
TWENTY Azeda Booth: Fiji Inn Hearts (Tubtrek EP, 2009) Absolutely Kosher
21. Landyn: I Can't Feel Like This I Need to Sleep (2015) Chapel Sound
22. DJ Rashad: Ya Hot [w.Taso] (6613 EP, 2015) Hyperdub
23. Disasterpeace: Forgotten (FEZ OST, 2012) Polytron
24. Disasterpeace: Death (FEZ OST, 2012) Polytron
25. Disasterpeace: Puzzle (FEZ OST, 2012) Polytron
26. Disasterpeace: Beacon (FEZ OST, 2012) Polytron
27. Disasterpeace: Doppel (It Follows OST, 2015) Milan
28. Disasterpeace: Title (It Follows OST, 2015) Milan
29. Disasterpeace: Old Maid (It Follows OST, 2015) Milan
30. Disasterpeace: Company (It Follows OST, 2015) Milan
31. Disasterpeace: Inquiry (It Follows OST, 2015) Milan
32. BT: Main Title to Stealth (Stealth OST, 2005) Varèse Sarabande
33. The Juan Maclean: You are My Destiny (You are My Destiny 12", 2013) DFA


Track Listing:

A Date That Will Live in Infamy
Radiohead · Spectre
Subsurface [extended mix]
AT/NU · PSI Grove
DJ Shadow · Swerve
Teen Daze · Célébrer
Happy New Fear
Deichkind · Victoria OST
Majical Cloudz · Are You Alone?
Young Galaxy · Falsework
Light is Body
Motoko · Inner Life EP
Your Love In My Heart
Halcyon · Your Love In My Heart
The Glitzy Hive
Neon Indian · VEGA INTL. Night School
Eli Muro · Chapel Sound Compilation: Volume 1
Hawkwind · Kings of Speed single
Motörhead · Overkill
La Bataille de Neige
Domenique Dumont · Comme Ça
Big Empty
Stone Temple Pilots · The Crow OST
Friday Night, Saturday Morning
The Specials · Ghost Town single
Mar Mar Mar
Guidewire · Surges EP
Why Though?
Project Pablo · I Want to Believe 12"
Fiji Inn Hearts
Azeda Booth · Tubtrek EP
I Can't Feel Like This I Need to Sleep
Landyn · I Can't Feel Like This I Need to Sleep
Ya Hot [w.Taso]
DJ Rashad · 6613 EP
Disasterpeace · FEZ OST
Disasterpeace · FEZ OST
Disasterpeace · FEZ OST
Disasterpeace · FEZ OST
Disasterpeace · It Follows OST
Disasterpeace · It Follows OST
Old Maid
Disasterpeace · It Follows OST
Disasterpeace · It Follows OST
Disasterpeace · It Follows OST
Main Title to Stealth
BT · Stealth OST
You are My Destiny
The Juan Maclean · You are My Destiny 12"