Exploding Head Movies Episode August 31, 2015

XHM #278 - "Behave for the bellhop" (2015 August 31)

7:00pm - 9:00pm

There was a Brazilian dude watching the show, occasionally sharing baseball score updates.

1. Beach House: Sparks (Depression Cherry, 2015) Sub Pop
2. Infamous Boogieman: Systeme (Boogieman, 2015) ASL Singles Club
3. Braids: Sore Eyes (Deep in the Iris, 2015) Arbutus/Flemish Eye
4. Ladyfrnd: Strange Days (Farewell EP, 2015) Hybridity
5. Napoleon: Moogie Wonderland (Moogie Wonderland EP, 2015) Secret Life
6. Tennyson: For You (Tennysongs, 2015) self-released
7. AM Static: Sum (A Life Well Lived, 2014) self-released
8. Martin Denny: Exotica (Forbidden Island, 1958) Liberty
9. Valet: Clouds [Recycle Culture Magellanic mix] (2015) self-released
10. Supermoon: Grounded (Comet Lovejoy, 2015) Alarum
11. Henry Mancini & His Orchestra: Guararé [Cumbieras] (The Latin Sound of Henry Mancini, 1965) RCA
12. Brave Shores: Surfs Up (Brave Shores, 2014) Universal Music Canada
13. Fake Tears: 14 Storeys (Nightshifting, 2015) Mint
14. Angelo Badalamenti: Haunting & Heartbreaking (Lost Highway OST, 1997) Nothing/Interscope
15. Adrian Teacher & the Subs: Old Graffiti [w.Julie Doiron] (Sorta Hafta EP, 2015) self-released
16. Julie Doiron: The Gambler (S.U.B. Pop, 2015) CITR
17. John Schroeder Orchestra: Wana Nana Wana Nana (The Easy Project II: House of Loungecore, 1996) Sequel
18. Eagles of Death Metal: Complexity (Zipper Down, 2015) T-Boy/UME
19. Major Lazer: Lose Yourself [w.RDX & Moska] (Apocalypse Soon EP, 2014) Secretly Canadian/Mad Decent
20. The Wax Girl: Daylight (Between Screens, 2015) self-released
21. Pink Martini: Amado Mio (Sympathique, 1997) Heinz
22. Esquivel and His Orchestra: Sentimental Journey (Infinity in Sound: Volume 2, 1961) RCA Victor
23. Esquivel and His Orchestra: Harlem Nocturne (Infinity in Sound, 1960) RCA Victor
24. Combustible Edison: Breakfast at Denny's (I Swinger, 1994) Sub Pop
25. Combustible Edison: Lonelyville (Schizophonic! 1996) Sub Pop
26. Combustible Edison: Dior (The Impossible World, 1998) Sub Pop
27. Combustible Edison: In the Garden of Earthly Delights (The Impossible World, 1998) Sub Pop
28. Combustible Edison: Vertigogo [opening theme] (Four Rooms OST, 1995) WEA/Elektra
29. Combustible Edison: Four Rooms Swing (Four Rooms OST, 1995) WEA/Elektra
30. Combustible Edison: Coven of Witches (Four Rooms OST, 1995) WEA/Elektra
31. Combustible Edison: Punch Drunk (Four Rooms OST, 1995) WEA/Elektra
32. Combustible Edison: Champagne and Needles (Four Rooms OST, 1995) WEA/Elektra
33. Combustible Edison: Vertigogo [closing credits] (Four Rooms OST, 1995) WEA/Elektra
34. Nouveau Zodiaque: Combustible (EP CD-R, 2013) Hobo Cult


Track Listing:

Beach House · Depression Cherry
Infamous Boogieman · Boogieman
Sore Eyes
Braids · Deep in the Iris
Strange Days
Ladyfrnd · Farewell EP
Moogie Wonderland
Napoleon · Moogie Wonderland EP
For You
Tennyson · Tennysongs
AM Static · A Life Well Lived
Martin Denny · Forbidden Island
Clouds [Recycle Culture Magellanic mix]
Valet · Clouds [Recycle Culture Magellanic mix]
Supermoon · Comet Lovejoy
Guararé [Cumbieras]
Henry Mancini & His Orchestra · The Latin Sound of Henry Mancini
Surfs up
Brave Shores · Brave Shores
14 Storeys
Fake Tears · Nightshifting
Haunting & Heartbreaking
Angelo Badalamenti · Lost Highway OST
Old Graffiti [w.Julie Doiron]
Adrian Teacher & the Subs · Sorta Hafta EP
The Gambler
Julie Doiron · S.U.B. Pop
Wana Nana Wana Nana
John Schroeder Orchestra · The Easy Project II: House of Loungecore
Eagles of Death Metal · Zipper Down
Lose Yourself [w.RDX & Moska]
Major Lazer · Apocalypse Soon EP
The Wax Girl · Between Screens
amado mio
pink martini · sympathique
Sentimental Journey
Esquivel and His Orchestra · Infinity in Sound: Volume 2
Harlem Nocturne
Esquivel and His Orchestra · Infinity in Sound
Breakfast at Denny's
Combustible Edison · I Swinger
Combustible Edison · Lonelyville
Combustible Edison · The Impossible World
In the Garden of Earthly Delights
Combustible Edison · The Impossible World
Vertigogo [opening theme]
Combustible Edison · Four Rooms OST
Four Rooms Swing
Combustible Edison · Four Rooms OST
Punch Drunk
Combustible Edison · Four Rooms OST
Champagne and Needles
Combustible Edison · Four Rooms OST
Vertigogo [closing credits]
Combustible Edison · Four Rooms OST
Nouveau Zodiaque · EP CD-R