Exploding Head Movies Episode August 10, 2015

XHM #275 - "Building up all the yesterdays." (2015 August 10)

7:00pm - 9:00pm

Many tweets from Detroit techno fans. I will approach this genre from another angle soon, folks.

1. George Fenton & Ken Freeman: Fanfare for Tomorrow (Handplayed by Robots, 1980) KPM
2. Electric Youth: Tomorrow (Innerworld, 2014) Secretly Canadian
3. Auk: Tomorrow Morning (Absolution EP, 2014) Thoughtless
4. Vials: Slow Season (Chrysalis EP, 2015) self-released
5. Waxlimbs: Yourself Open [w.Isabella Davis] (Coldform, 2015) Plutoid
6. Harry Forbes: Tomorrow's Achievements (Tomorrow's Achievements: Parry Music Library 1976-86, 2012) Public Information
7. The Number Line: New Crown (2015) self-released
8. Jessy Lanza: Fuck Diamond [Bambounou remix] (You Never Show Your Love EP, 2015) Hyperdub
9. Bing & Ruth: TWTGA (Tomorrow was the Golden Age, 2014) RVNG Intl
10. CFCF: Part 1 - Departure (The Colours of Life, 2015) 1080p
11. Ramzi: A Jungle 4 Ramzix 2 (Upload Leaves: Delete Fragment mixtape, 2014) Singapore Sling Tapes
12. Thievery Corporation: Tomorrow (The Mirror Conspiracy, 2000) ESL/4AD
13. Jacques Greene: 1 4 Me (After Life After Party EP, 2014) LuckyMe
14. Paranerd: Ballsacid (Circular Diagonal Cut EP, 2015) Low Noise Productions
15. Richard Denton & Martin Cook: Tomorrow's World (TV Sound and Image: British Television, Film And Library Composers 1956-80, 1980) Soul Jazz
16. Luke Vibert: Square Footage (We Hear You, 2009) Planet Mu
17. LFO: Freak (Sheath, 2003) Warp
18. Strategy: Tomorrow May Never Come (Boxology, 2014) 100% Silk
19. Jeff Mills: DNA (Waveform Transmission: Volume 3, 1994) Tresor
20. Jeff Mills: Robot Replica (Metropolis, 2000) Tresor
21. Jeff Mills: Multi-Dimensional Freedom (Man from Tomorrow OST, 2014) Axis
22. Jeff Mills: Gravity Drive (Man from Tomorrow OST, 2014) Axis
23. Jeff Mills: Us and Them (Man from Tomorrow OST, 2014) Axis
24. Jeff Mills: The Man Who Wanted Stars (Man from Tomorrow OST, 2014) Axis
25. Jeff Mills: The Watchers of People (Man from Tomorrow OST, 2014) Axis
26. Caustic Window: Fingertrips (Caustic Window, 1994) Rephlex
27. Jeff Mills: Starless 2 (Apollo EP, 1999) Axis
DIALOGUE: Tomorrow, You Will Wake Up a New Man (The Prisoner: File #3, 2002) Silva Screen
28. The Chemical Brothers: Reflexion (Born in the Echoes, 2015) Virgin EMI/Astralwerks


Track Listing:

Fanfare for Tomorrow
George Fenton & Ken Freeman · Handplayed by Robots
Electric Youth · Innerworld
Tomorrow Morning
Auk · Absolution EP
Slow Season
Vials · Chrysalis EP
Yourself Open [w.Isabella Davis]
Waxlimbs · Coldform
Tomorrow's Achievements
Harry Forbes · Tomorrow's Achievements: Parry Music Library 1976-86
New Crown
The Number Line · New Crown
Fuck Diamond [Bambounou remix]
Jessy Lanza · You Never Show Your Love EP
Bing & Ruth · Tomorrow was the Golden Age
Part 1 - Departure
CFCF · The Colours of Life
A Jungle 4 Ramzix 2
Ramzi · Upload Leaves: Delete Fragment mixtape
Thievery Corporation · The Mirror Conspiracy
1 4 Me
Jacques Greene · After Life After Party EP
Paranerd · Circular Diagonal Cut EP
Tomorrow's World
Richard Denton & Martin Cook · TV Sound and Image: British Television, Film And Library Composers 1956-80
Square Footage
Luke Vibert · We Hear You
LFO · Sheath
Tomorrow May Never Come
Strategy · Boxology
Jeff Mills · Waveform Transmission: Volume 3
Robot Replica
Jeff Mills · Metropolis
Multi-Dimensional Freedom
Jeff Mills · Man from Tomorrow OST
Gravity Drive
Jeff Mills · Man from Tomorrow OST
Us and Them
Jeff Mills · Man from Tomorrow OST
The Man Who Wanted Stars
Jeff Mills · Man from Tomorrow OST
The Watchers of People
Jeff Mills · Man from Tomorrow OST
Caustic Window · Caustic Window
Starless 2
Jeff Mills · Apollo EP
The Chemical Brothers · Born in the Echoes