Exploding Head Movies Episode July 13, 2015

XHM #271 - "Two hours live in heaven" (2015 July 13)

7:00pm - 9:00pm

I'm so tired but I did OK, maybe. Figuring out the new studio still but what fun.

1. Sparks: The No. 1 Song in Heaven (No. 1 in Heaven, 1979) Elektra/Virgin
2. Alex Killing Time: Outerspace (2015) self-released
3. FFS: Police Encounters (FFS, 2015) Domino
4. Franz Ferdinand: Twilight Omens (Tonight, 2009) Domino
5. Mort Garson: Music to Soothe the Savage Snake Plant (Mother Earth's Plantasia, 1976) Homewood
6. MVSEVM: French Jeans [Dada Life remix] (French Jeans single, 2010) Discobelle
7. Ramzi: Princess of Cups (Houti Kush, 2015) 1080p
8. Men I Trust: Nasty Ostinato Ad Nauseam Snap Bass Caron (Men I Trust, 2014) self-released
9. Vince Staples: Lemme Know [w.Jhené Aiko & DJ Dahi] (Summertime '06, 2015) Def Jam/Artium
10. DJ Rashad: CCP2 [w.DJ Spinn] (6613 EP, 2015) Hyperdub
11. Vladislav Delay: #22 (Ripatti 03 12", 2014) Ripatti
12. Kendrick Lamar: How Much a Dollar Cost [w.James Fauntleroy & Ronald Isley] (To Pimp a Butterfly, 2015) Top Dawg/Aftermath/Interscope
13. Radiohead: Pyramid Song (Amnesiac, 2001) EMI/Parlophone
14. Colleen: Holding Horses (Captain of None, 2015) Thrill Jockey
15. Beirut: O Leãozinho (Red Hot + Rio 2, 2011) eOne/EQ
16. Basia Bulat: Promise Not to Think About Love (Tall Tall Shadow, 2013) Secret City
17. Huevos Rancheros: The Lonely Bull (Get Outta Dodge, 1996) Mint
18. Lindi Ortega: Voodoo Mama (Tin Star, 2013) Last Gang
19. Phosphorescent: Ride On/Right On (Muchacho, 2013) Dead Oceans
20. Nils Frahm: Went Missing (Spaces, 2013) Erased Tapes
21. Tobias Jesso Jr: How Could You Babe (Goon, 2015) True Panther
22. How to Dress Well: Again (Special 7", 2012) Acéphale
23. Nils Frahm: Circling (Solo, 2015) Erased Tapes
24. Braids: Victoria (Flourish//Perish, 2013) Arbutus
25. DJ Koze: Burn with Me [Victoria edit] (Victoria OST, 2015) Erased Tapes
26. Nils Frahm: Nobody Knows Who You Are (Victoria OST, 2015) Erased Tapes
27. Nils Frahm: Our Own Roof (Victoria OST, 2015) Erased Tapes
28. Nils Frahm: Them (Victoria OST, 2015) Erased Tapes
29. Nils Frahm: Pendulum (Victoria OST, 2015) Erased Tapes
30. Nils Frahm: A Stolen Car (Victoria OST, 2015) Erased Tapes
31. The Chemical Brothers: Music Response (Surrender, 1999) Freestyle Dust/Virgin/Astralwerks


Track Listing:

The No. 1 Song in Heaven
Sparks · No. 1 in Heaven
Alex Killing Time · Outerspace
Police Encounters
Twilight Omens
Franz Ferdinand · Tonight
Music to Soothe the Savage Snake Plant
Mort Garson · Mother Earth's Plantasia
French Jeans [Dada Life remix]
MVSEVM · French Jeans single
Princess of Cups
Ramzi · Houti Kush
Nasty Ostinato Ad Nauseam Snap Bass Caron
Men I Trust · Men I Trust
Lemme Know [w.Jhené Aiko & DJ Dahi]
Vince Staples · Summertime '06
CCP2 [w.DJ Spinn]
DJ Rashad · 6613 EP
Vladislav Delay · Ripatti 03 12"
How Much a Dollar Cost [w.James Fauntleroy & Ronald Isley]
Kendrick Lamar · To Pimp a Butterfly
Pyramid Song
Radiohead · Amnesiac
Holding Horses
Colleen · Captain Of None
O Leãozinho
Beirut · Red Hot + Rio 2
Promise Not to Think About Love
Basia Bulat · Tall Tall Shadow
The Lonely Bull
Huevos Rancheros · Get Outta Dodge
Voodoo Mama
Lindi Ortega · Tin Star
Ride On/Right On
Phosphorescent · Muchacho
went missing
nils frahm · spaces
How Could You Babe
Tobias Jesso Jr · Goon
How to Dress Well · Special 7"
Nils Frahm · Solo
Braids · Flourish//Perish
Burn with Me [Victoria edit]
DJ Koze · Victoria OST
Nobody Knows Who You Are
Nils Frahm · Victoria OST
Our Own Roof
Nils Frahm · Victoria OST
Nils Frahm · Victoria OST
Nils Frahm · Victoria OST
A Stolen Car
Nils Frahm · Victoria OST
Music: Response
The Chemical Brothers · Surrender