Exploding Head Movies Episode June 1, 2015

XHM #265 - "I'm never gonna know you now, but I'm gonna love you anyhow" (2015 June 01)

7:00pm - 9:00pm

1. Badly Drawn Boy: The Shining [The Avalanches' Good Word for the Weekend remix] (Once Around the Block EP, 2000) XL
2. Azeda Booth: Well [Refined & Set in Sand] (Tubtrek EP, 2009) Absolutely Kosher
3. Peace: Black Cocaine (The World is Too Much with Us, 2012) Suicide Squeeze
4. B-Lines: Sunglasses (CITR Pop Alliance: Volume 1, 2009) CITR/self-released
5. Glad Rags: Meat Legs (Glad Rags EP, 2014) self-released
6. Tony Iglio: Soft Cream (Drug Store, 1971) TRY
7. Kim Gray: On Top (Backseat Bingo, 2015) Resurrection
8. Ace Martens: Silent Days (Silent Days, 2014) self-released
9. Primal Scream: Duffed Up [Adrian Sherwood dub of Get Duffy] (Echo Dek, 1997) Creation
10. The Courtneys: Mars Attacks [w.Young Braised] (Mars Attacks 7", 2014) Hockey Dad
11. Dead Ghosts: I Want You Back (Can't Get No, 2013) Burger
12. Row: Sighted Echo (Strachan, 2013) Power Moves
13. The Black Angels: Waterloo Waltz (Riley Hawk: Northwest Blow Out EP, 2014) Scion AV
14. The Posies: Open Every Window (DGC Rarities: Volume 1, 1991) DGC
15. Alexander Ebert: Somewhere in the Midnight of Summer (All is Lost OST, 2013) Community Music
16. Courtney Barnett: Pedestrian at Best (Sometimes I Sit and Think and Sometimes I Just Sit, 2015) Mom + Pop
17. Great Lake Swimmers: Zero in the City (A Forest of Arms, 2015) Nettwerk
18. AC Newman: Making a List (The F Word OST, 2014) F Word/Milan
19. AC Newman: Diner Drag (The F Word OST, 2014) F Word/Milan
20. Danny Michel: On My Way (Feather, Fur & Fin, 2008) Burnt Bun
21. Lindi Ortega: Lived and Died Alone (Tin Star, 2013) Last Gang
22. Daniele Patucchi: Per Salvarsi (Violent, Dramatic & Suspense, 1971) CAM
23. Lambs: Palms of Your Hands (Blister EP, 2013) self-released
24. Karen Dalton: Something on Your Mind (In My Own Time, 1971) Paramount
25. James Last: Happy Heart (The Unique Sound of James Last, 1964) Polydor
26. Bill Callahan: The Sing (Dream River, 2013) Drag City
27. Nick Drake: River Man (Five Leaves Left, 1969) Island
28. Amp Rive: Best Kept Secret (Irma Vep, 2012) Fluttery
29. Queens of the Stone Age: Christian Brother (Sick Sick Sick EP, 2007) Interscope
30. Heatmiser: Get Lucky (Mic City Sons, 1996) Caroline
31. Elliott Smith: [instrumental] (Basement sessions, 2005) unreleased
32. Elliott Smith: Independence Day (XO, 1998) Dreamworks
33. Elliott Smith: Memory Lane (From a Basement on the Hill, 2004) Anti-
34. Elliott Smith: Cecilia Amanda (New Moon, 2007) Kill Rock Stars
35. Air: Sur le Velo Autour de la Ville (Quartier Lointain OST, 2010) unreleased
36. Elliott Smith: Needle in the Hay (Elliott Smith, 1995) Kill Rock Stars
37. Elliott Smith: Miss Misery (Good Will Hunting OST, 1997) Capitol/Miramax
38. Colleen: Soul Alphabet (Captain of None, 2015) Thrill Jockey
39. Elliott Smith: Junk Bond Trader (Figure 8, 2000) Dreamworks

"drink up, baby, stay up all night
the things you could do, you won't but you might
the potential you'll be that you'll never see
the promises you'll only make
drink up with me now and forget all about the pressure of days"
--Elliott Smith (1969-2003), Between the Bars.


Track Listing:

The Shining [The Avalanches' Good Word for the Weekend remix]
Badly Drawn Boy · Once Around the Block EP
Well [Refined & Set in Sand]
Azeda Booth · Tubtrek EP
Black Cocaine
Peace · The World Is Too Much With Us
B-Lines · CITR Pop Alliance: Volume 1
Meat Legs
Glad Rags · Glad Rags EP
Soft Cream
Tony Iglio · Drug Store
On Top
Kim Gray · Backseat Bingo
Silent Days
Ace Martens · Silent Days
duffed up
Primal Scream · Echo Dek
Mars Attacks [w.Young Braised]
The Courtneys · Mars Attacks 7"
i want you back
dead ghosts · can't get no
Sighted Echo
Row · Strachan
Waterloo Waltz
The Black Angels · Riley Hawk: Northwest Blow Out EP
Open Every Window
The Posies · DGC Rarities: Volume 1
Somewhere in the Midnight of Summer
Alexander Ebert · All is Lost OST
Pedestrian at Best
Courtney Barnett · Sometimes I Sit and Think and Sometimes I Just Sit
Zero in the City
Great Lake Swimmers · A Forest of Arms
Making a List
AC Newman · The F Word OST
Diner Drag
AC Newman · The F Word OST
On My Way
Danny Michel · Feather, Fur & Fin
lived and died alone
lindi ortega · tin star
Per Salvarsi
Daniele Patucchi · Violent, Dramatic & Suspense
Palms of Your Hands
Lambs · Blister EP
Something On Your Mind
Karen Dalton · In My Own Time
Happy Heart
James Last · The Unique Sound of James Last
The Sing
Bill Callahan · Dream River
River Man
Nick Drake · Five Leaves Left
Best Kept Secret
Amp Rive · Irma Vep
Christian Brother
Queens of the Stone Age · Sick Sick Sick EP
Get Lucky
Heatmiser · Mic City Sons
Elliott Smith · Basement sessions
Independence Day
Elliott Smith · XO
Memory Lane
Elliott Smith · From a Basement on the Hill
Cecilia Amanda
Elliott Smith · New Moon
Sur le Velo Autour de la Ville
Air · Quartier Lointain OST
Needle in the Hay
Elliott Smith · Elliott Smith
Miss Misery
Elliott Smith · Good Will Hunting OST
Soul Alphabet
Colleen · Captain of None
Junk Bond Trader
Elliott Smith · Figure 8