Exploding Head Movies Episode May 4, 2015

XHM #261 - "Robots lounging in expensive pads" (2015 May 04)

7:00pm - 9:00pm

Keyboard repairs: Brad Winter
Playlist supervision: Sarah Cordingly
Breaker of shit: your host, gak.

1. Supergenius: Intro (Star Wars Breakbeats, 1998) Suckadelic
2. The Chemical Brothers: Sometimes I Feel So Deserted (Born in the Echoes, 2015) Virgin/EMI
3. Karneef: Quadri (Midas EP, 2014) self-released
4. Purity Ring: Bodyache (Another Eternity, 2015) 4AD
5. Astro Screamer: Stripes of Our Lives (Astro Screamer EP, 2014) self-released
6. New Zebra Kids: NZK Theme [instrumental] (2014) self-released
7. Juelz: Hide (2015) self-released
8. Halcyon: Less than Human (Your Love in My Heart, 2015) self-released
9. Eternal Tapestry: Woodland Anemone (Wild Strawberries, 2015) Thrill Jockey
10. Bruce Haack: Moonlight and Roses (Electric Lucifer: Book II, 1979) Telephone Explosion
11. Dan Deacon: Why Am I on This Cloud? (Adult Swim Singles Program, 2013) Williams Street
12. The Irrestible Force: Nepalese Bliss (Xen Cuts, 2000) Ninja Tune
13. Saroj Gopal: Nakkali Lai (The Himalayan Lores: Famous Folk Songs of Nepal, 1996) Sur Sudha
14. Sur Sudha: Ghansi (Melodies of Nepal, 1996) Sur Sudha/MCA
15. Ensiferum: Ad Victoriam (Victory Songs, 2007) Spinefarm
16. Ensiferum: Ahti (Victory Songs, 2007) Spinefarm
17. Korpiklaani: Kipumylly (Korven Kuningas, 2008) Nuclear Blast
18. Para Palabras: Nighttime in Havana (2014) self-released
19. Lordi: Blood Red Sandman (The Monsterican Dream, 2004) Drakkar/BMG Finland
20. Sleater-Kinney: Fangless (No Cities to Love, 2015) Sub Pop
21. Portishead: Cowboys [instrumental] (All Mine single, 1997) Go! Discs/London
22. Stephanie McKay: Sadder Day (McKay, 2003) Go! Beat
23. Quakers: Intro/Fitta Happier [w.Guilty Simpson & MED] (Quakers, 2012) Stones Throw
24. BEAK> Lulsgate (+, 2014) Invada
25. BEAK> Oh (+, 2014) Invada
26. Dolman: Monobrow (Dolman, 2014) Inflexion Point
27. Dolman: Pulse (Dolman, 2014) Inflexion Point
28. Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow: The Turing Test (Ex Machina OST, 2015) Invada
29. Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow: Ava (Ex Machina OST, 2015) Invada
30. Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow: The Test Worked (Ex Machina OST, 2015) Invada
31. Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow: Skin (Ex Machina OST, 2015) Invada
32. CUTS: Bunsen Burner (Ex Machina OST, 2015) Invada


Track Listing:

Sometimes I Feel So Deserted
The Chemical Brothers · Born in the Echoes
Karneef · Midas EP
Purity Ring · another eternity
Stripes of Our Lives
Astro Screamer · Astro Screamer EP
NZK Theme [instrumental]
New Zebra Kids · NZK Theme [instrumental]
Juelz · Hide
Less than Human
Halcyon · Your Love in My Heart
Woodland Anemone
Eternal Tapestry · Wild Strawberries
Moonlight and Roses
Bruce Haack · Electric Lucifer: Book II
Why Am I on This Cloud?
Dan Deacon · Adult Swim Singles Program
Nepalese Bliss
The Irrestible Force · Xen Cuts
Nakkali Lai
Saroj Gopal · The Himalayan Lores: Famous Folk Songs of Nepal
Sur Sudha · Melodies of Nepal
Ad Victoriam
Ensiferum · Victory Songs
Ensiferum · Victory Songs
Korpiklaani · Korven Kuningas
Nighttime in Havana
Para Palabras · Nighttime in Havana
Blood Red Sandman
Lordi · The Monsterican Dream
Sleater-Kinney · No Cities To Love
Cowboys [instrumental]
Portishead · All Mine single
Sadder Day
Stephanie McKay · McKay
Intro/Fitta Happier [w.Guilty Simpson & MED]
Quakers · Quakers
BEAK> · +
BEAK> · +
Dolman · Dolman
Dolman · Dolman
The Turing Test
Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow · Ex Machina OST
Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow · Ex Machina OST
The Test Worked
Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow · Ex Machina OST
Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow · Ex Machina OST
Bunsen Burner
CUTS · Ex Machina OST