Exploding Head Movies Episode March 30, 2015

XHM #252 [RE-ORDERED] - "Dump truck gliding like a cloud" (2015 February 23/March 30)

6:59am - 8:55am

Let's see if this works this time. Originally set for air a month ago, but played in the wrong order.

1. Tangerine Dream: Betrayal [theme from Sorcerer] (Sorcerer OST, 1977) MCA
2. Window: See See [Matrixxman remix] (Strands/Immersed, 2014) Crash Symbols
3. Hot Chip: Huarache Lights (Why Make Sense?, 2015) Domino
4. Purity Ring: Begin Again (Another Eternity, 2015) 4AD
5. Goux & Sigmund Fraise: Douce Nuit (Summer Fiction, 2014) Alright Tapes
6. MORI: Running (MORI EP1, 2014) self-released
7. TOPS: Destination (Picture You Staring, 2014) Arbutus
8. Malcolm Clarke: Romanescan Rout (The Radiophonic Workshop, 1975) BBC
9. Desire: Under Your Spell [synthesizer dub] (Under Your Spell [synthesizer dub], 2015) Italians Do It Better
10. Gavin Noir: Back Against the Wall [Let Me Down Easy] (2014) self-released
11. Graham Gouldman: Bionic Boar (Animalympics OST, 1980) Mercury
12. Akage No Anne: Robot Philosophies (2015) self-released
13. Skim Milk: Everyday (Skim Milk, 2014) self-released
14. Tennyson: To the Moon [and Back] (2013) unreleased
15. Plastikman: Expand [Tale of Us remix] (EX Club Mixes, 2015) Mute
16. John Carpenter: Abyss (Lost Themes, 2015) Sacred Bones
17. Tangerine Dream: Breathing the Night Away (Heartbreakers OST, 1985) Virgin
18. Tangerine Dream: Awakening (The Keep OST, 1983) TDI
19. Tangerine Dream: The Dream is Always the Same [instrumental] (Risky Business OST, 1983) Virgin
20. Tangerine Dream: Guido the Killer Pimp (Risky Business OST, 1983) Virgin
21. Tangerine Dream: Creation (Sorcerer OST, 1977) MCA
22. Tangerine Dream: Grind (Sorcerer OST, 1977) MCA
23. Tangerine Dream: Rain Forest (Sorcerer OST, 1977) MCA
24. Tangerine Dream: Abyss (Sorcerer OST, 1977) MCA
25. Tangerine Dream: Sorcerer (Sorcerer OST, 1977) MCA
26. Tangerine Dream: Birth of Liquid Plejades (Zeit, 1972)
27. DJ Fett Burger & Luca Lozano: Totally Tangerine (Hands of Doom, 2014) Sex Tags UFO