Exploding Head Movies Episode January 5, 2015

XHM #245 - "We all know what's in the box" (2015 January 05)

7:00pm - 9:00pm

Hello 2015! I'm so excited for this episode; I can't wait for you to hear it. Then maybe wear it on a T-shirt.

1. Alan Silvestri: Main Title from Back to the Future Pt II (Back to the Future Pt II OST, 1989) Geffen
2. Guidewire: Coordinated Pt II (demo, 2014) self-released
3. Sonic Youth: Skip Tracer (Washing Machine, 1995) DGC
4. Speedy Ortiz: Everything's Bigger (Real Hair EP, 2014) Carpark
5. Hanssen: Solar America (Seven Years Week, 2014) Hush
6. Joe Cocker: Woman to Woman (Joe Cocker, 1972) A&M
The New Pornographers: War on the East Coast (Brill Bruisers, 2014) Matador/Last Gang
8. Alan Hawkshaw: Flashpoint (The Rock Machine, 1973) Themes International
9. Atomic 7: Seven Stranded Castanets (...Gowns by Edith Head, 2002) Mint
10. Dark Horses: Sevens (Hail Lucid State, 2014) Last Gang
11. Money Mark: Seven, Seven, Seven (Mark's Keyboard Repair, 1995) Mo'Wax
12. TOPS: Circle the Dark (Picture You Staring, 2014) Arbutus
13. MORI: I Know It's Over (MORI EP1, 2014) self-released
14. Com Truise: Chemical Legs (Adult Swim Singles Program, 2012) William Street
15? Dum Dum Girls: Too True to be Good (Too True, 2014) Sub Pop
16. Zola Jesus: Dangerous Days (Taiga, 2014) Mute
Clark: Winter Linn (Clark, 2014) Warp
18. Cosmetics: Breathless (Olympia ...Plus, 2013) Captured Tracks
19. Chromatics: Red Car (Running from the Sun mixtape, 2012) Italians Do It Better
20. Machinedrum: Want Me (Adult Swim Singles Program, 2014) William Street
21. Dragos: Ghostly Kisses [w.Odile] (Ghostly Kisses single, 2014) self-released
22. Kode9: Magnetic City [excerpt] (Digital Mystikz split 12", 2007) Soul Jazz
23. Para Palabras: The Outsider [mix 2] (The Outsider [mix 2], 2014) self-released
24. David Bowie: The Hearts Filthy Lesson (Outside, 1995) Arista/BMG
25. Nine Inch Nails: Closer [Precursor, remixed by Coil & Danny Hyde] (Closer single, 1994) Atlantic/TVT/Interscope
26. Stuttgarter Kammerorchester: Johann Sebastian Bach's Suite No.3 in D Major, BMV 1068 "Air" [conducted by Karl Muchinger] (Se7en OST, 1995) TVT/Cinerama
Howard Shore: Greed Photo, Pt I (Se7en score, 1995) Concorde
28. Howard Shore: Sloth (Se7en score, 1995) Concorde
29. Howard Shore: Chasing John Doe (Se7en score, 1995) Concorde
30. Howard Shore: Wearing the Wire (Se7en score, 1995) Concorde
31. Howard Shore: The Desert (Se7en score, 1995) Concorde
32. Howard Shore: Monday (Se7en score, 1995) Concorde
33. Charlie Parker's Reboppers: Now's the Time (Se7en OST, 1945) TVT/Cinerama


Track Listing:

Main Title from Back to the Future Pt II
Alan Silvestri · Back to the Future Pt II OST
Coordinated Pt II
Guidewire · demo
Skip Tracer
Sonic Youth · Washing Machine
everything's bigger
speedy ortiz · real hair ep
Solar America
Hanssen · Seven Years Week
Woman to Woman
Joe Cocker · Joe Cocker
War on the East Coast
The New pornographers · Brill Bruisers
Alan Hawkshaw · The Rock Machine
Seven Stranded Castanets
Atomic 7 · ...Gowns by Edith Head
Dark Horses · Hail Lucid State
Seven, Seven, Seven
Money Mark · Mark's Keyboard Repair
Circle the Dark
TOPS · Picture You Staring
I Know It's Over
Chemical Legs
Com Truise · Adult Swim Singles Program
Too True To Be Good
Dum Dum Girls · Too True
Dangerous Days
Zola Jesus · Taiga
Winter Linn
Clark · Clark
Cosmetics · Olympia ...Plus
Red Car
Chromatics · Running from the Sun mixtape
Want Me
Machinedrum · Adult Swim Singles Program
Ghostly Kisses [w.Odile]
Dragos · Ghostly Kisses single
Magnetic City [excerpt]
Kode9 · Digital Mystikz split 12"
The Outsider [mix 2]
Para Palabras · The Outsider [mix 2]
The Hearts Filthy Lesson
David Bowie · Outside
Closer [Precursor, remixed by Coil & Danny Hyde]
Nine Inch Nails · Closer single
Johann Sebastian Bach's Suite No.3 in D Major, BMV 1068 "Air" [co
Stuttgarter Kammerorchester · Se7en OST
Greed Photo, Pt I
Howard Shore · Se7en score
Howard Shore · Se7en score
Chasing John Doe
Howard Shore · Se7en score
Wearing the Wire
Howard Shore · Se7en score
The Desert
Howard Shore · Se7en score
Howard Shore · Se7en score
Now's the Time
Charlie Parker's Reboppers · Se7en OST