Exploding Head Movies Episode December 29, 2014

XHM #244 - "Feeling good on a Monday" (2014 December 29)

7:00pm - 9:00pm

2014 has been ready to be kicked to the curb for so long. What a weird year; bring on 2015.

Here's the festive forty-four, I guess. There are a lot of other acts missing so don't consider the best.

1. The Black Keys: Year in Review (Turn Blue, 2014) Nonesuch
2. Darkside: What They Say (What They Say/Gone Too Soon single, 2014) self-released
3. Alvvays: Archie, Marry Me (Alvvays, 2014) Royal Mountain/Polyvinyl/Transgressive
4. Cool TV: I Can Handle That (I Can Handle That 12" Dance single, 2014) self-released
5. Arbutus: Breccia (Bedroom Safari, 2014) Vague
6. Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings: People Don't Get What They Deserve (Give the People What They Want, 2014) Daptone
7. Lee Fields & The Expressions: Eye to Eye (Emma Jean, 2014) Truth & Soul
8. AC Newman: The Ballad of Wallace and Chantry (The F Word OST, 2014) Milan
9. The Rural Alberta Advantage: On the Rocks (Mended with Gold, 2014) Paper Bag
10. Fucked Up: Sun Glass (Glass Boys, 2014) Matador/Arts & Crafts
11. Thee Oh Sees: Savage Victory (Drop, 2014) Castle Face
12. Monomyth: Theme from Monomyth (Saturnalia Regalia!, 2014) Mint
13. Moss Lime: Calabria 2014 (July First, 2014) Fixture
FOURTEEN! Boyfriend: Fears [DJ Ayres remix] (Fears EP, 2014) T&A
15. White Hinterland: Ring the Bell (Baby, 2014) Dead Oceans
16. Beck: Heart is a Drum (Morning Phase, 2014) Capitol
17. Burial: Lambeth (Hyperdub 10.4, 2014) Hyperdub
18. Panda Bear: Mr Noah (Mr Noah EP, 2014) Domino
19. Ariel Pink: Put Your Number in My Phone (Pom Pom, 2014) 4AD
TWENTY! Trans Am: Night Shift (Volume X, 2014) Thrill Jockey
21. Run the Jewels: Early [w.BOOTS] (Run the Jewels 2, 2014) Mass Appeal/Sony RED
22. Flying Lotus: Turtles (You're Dead!, 2014) Warp
23. Shaman B: Kyouhei Strings (Primitivism EP, 2014) Left of Field
24. Owen Pallett: Chorale (In Conflict, 2014) Domino/Secret City
25. QT: Hey QT [original mix] (Hey QT single, 2014) XL
26. Badbadnotgood: Since You Asked Kindly (III, 2014) Innovative Leisure/Pirates Blend
27. Future Islands: Seasons/Waiting on You [DJ Dodger Stadium remix] (Seasons [DJ Dodger Stadium remix], 2014) self-released
28. Caribou: Your Love Will Set You Free [c2's Set U Free rmx] (Your Love Will Set You Free [c2's Set U Free rmx], 2014) City Slang/Merge
29. Astro Screamer: Lost (Astro Screamer EP, 2014) self-released
30. Jade Statues: Silver 1 (Silver 1 single, 2014) self-released
31. Seafloor: Let Me Go (The Drift EP, 2014) Infinite Machine
32. Newworldaquarium: Thousand Oaks (Ambient Zeitgeist, 2014) Boomkat
33. Andy Stott: Faith in Strangers (Faith in Strangers, 2014) Modern Love
34. Aphex Twin: PAPAT4 [pineal mix] (Syro, 2014) Warp
35. Clark: Strength through Fragility (Clark, 2014) Warp
36. Jacques Greene: After Life After Party (After Life After Party EP, 2014) LuckyMe
37. Todd Terje: Oh Joy (It's Album Time, 2014) Olsen
38. Olekranon: Redstone (Aphelion, 2014) Inam
39. Tanya Tagaq: Genetic Memory (Animism, 2014) Six Shooter
40. Michael Fassbender, Carla Azar & Stephen Rennicks: I Love You All [radio mix, w.Michael Fassbender] (Frank OST, 2014) Silva Screen
41. Johnny Jewel: End Credits (End Credits single, 2014) self-released
42. Sinoia Caves: 1966 - Let the New Age of Enlightenment Begin (Beyond the Black Rainbow OST, 2014) Jagjaguwar/Death Waltz
43. Plastikman: Exhale (EX: Performed live at the Guggenheim NYC, 2014) Mute/M_nus
44. Pional: It's All Over [John Talabot's Stormbreak refix] (It's All Over single, 2014) Hivern Discs

The future is now.


Track Listing:

Year in Review
The Black Keys · Turn Blue
What They Say
Darkside · What They Say/Gone Too Soon single
Archie, Marry Me
Alvvays · Alvvays
I Can Handle That
Cool TV · I Can Handle That 12" Dance single
Arbutus · Bedroom Safari
People Don't Get What They Deserve
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings · Give the People What They Want
Eye to Eye
Lee Fields & The Expressions · Emma Jean
The Ballad of Wallace and Chantry
AC Newman · The F Word OST
On the Rocks
The Rural Alberta Advantage · Mended With Gold
Sun Glass
Fucked Up · Glass Boys
Savage Victory
Thee Oh Sees · Drop
Theme from Monomyth
Monomyth · Saturnalia Regalia!
Calabria 2014
Moss Lime · July First
Fears [DJ Ayres remix]
Boyfriend · Fears EP
Ring The Bell
White Hinterland · Baby
Heart is a Drum
Beck · Morning Phase
Burial · Hyperdub 10.4
Mr Noah
Panda Bear · Mr Noah EP
Put Your Number in My Phone
Ariel Pink · Pom Pom
Night Shift
Trans Am · Volume X
Early [w.BOOTS]
Run the Jewels · Run the Jewels 2
You're Dead!
Flying Lotus · Turtles
Kyouhei Strings
Shaman B · Primitivism EP
Owen Pallett · In Conflict
Hey QT [original mix]
QT · Hey QT single
since you asked kindly
badbadnotgood · III
Seasons [DJ Dodger Stadium remix]
Future Islands · Seasons [DJ Dodger Stadium remix]
Your Love Will Set You Free [c2's Set U Free rmx]
Caribou · Your Love Will Set You Free [c2's Set U Free rmx]
Astro Screamer · Astro Screamer EP
Silver 1
Jade Statues · Silver 1 single
Let Me Go
Seafloor · The Drift EP
Thousand Oaks
Newworldaquarium · Ambient Zeitgeist
Faith In Strangers
Andy Stott · Faith In Strangers
PAPAT4 [pineal mix]
Aphex Twin · Syro
Strength through Fragility
Clark · Clark
After Life After Party
Jacques Greene · After Life After Party EP
Oh Joy
Todd Terje · It's Album Time
Olekranon · Aphelion
Genetic Memory
Tanya Tagaq · Animism
I Love You All [radio mix, w.Michael Fassbender]
The Soronprfbs · Frank OST
End Credits
Johnny Jewel · End Credits single
1966 - Let the New Age of Enlightenment Begin
Sinoia Caves · Beyond the Black Rainbow OST
Plastikman · EX: Performed live at the Guggenheim NYC
It's All Over [John Talabot's Stormbreak refix]
Pional · It's All Over single