Exploding Head Movies Episode November 10, 2014

XHM #239 - "Busting up that sound barrier" (2014 November 10)

7:00pm - 9:00pm

Happy Remembrance Day! We'll have fill-ins until I'm back from Manila but podcasting will continue.

T-minus 5, 4, 3, 2:

1. Mutwawa: Lamashtu Pazuzu (Lamashtu Pazuzu, 2012) Chaotic Noise Productions
2. Dan Galway: Latest Triumphs (Human Feelings CD-R, 2012) self-released
3. Vinyl Williams: Higher Worlds (Lemniscate, 2012) No Pain In Pop/Salonislam
4. Maria Minerva: Galaxy (Histrionic, 2014) Not Not Fun
5. Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra: Galaxy Fall Out (Warp Back to Earth 66/99, 1998) Bungalow
6. Moon: Apollo (Old and Weird split, 2014) Bruised Tongue
7. Panda Bear: This Side of Paradise (Mr Noah EP, 2014) Domino
8. Sarah Davachi: Alms Vert [excerpt] (The Untuning of the Sky, 2014) Full Spectrum
9. The Ettes: Don't Bring Me Down (Wicked Will, 2011) Krian Music Group/Fond Object
10. Fist City: Demon Birds (Hunting You, 2013) Dead Beat/Shake! ** Shake! Sampler, 2014
11. James Ferraro: Solar Panel Smile (Far Side Virtual, 2011) Hippos in Tanks
12. Triangle & Seed: NovemberVybz (Calgary EP, 2013) self-released
13. Mu: My Hunter My Forest (My Hunter My Forest, 2014) self-released
14. Kara Lease: A 476 (A 480, 2014) GATE
15. Chvrches: The Mother We Share (The Bones of What You Believe, 2012) Virgin/Goodbye
16. Tops: Outside (Picture You Staring, 2014) Arbutus
17. Trans Am: Reevaluations (Volume X, 2014) Thrill Jockey
18. Sean Nicholas Savage: Some Things Never Die (Bermuda Waterfall, 2014) Arbutus
19. Yo La Tengo: I'll Be Around (Fade, 2013) Matador
20. Flying Lotus: flotus (Ideas+drafts+loops mixtape, 2013) Brainfeeder
21. Flying Lotus: Never Catch Me [w.Kendrick Lamar] (You're Dead!, 2014) Warp
22. Flying Lotus: Dance of the Pseudo Nymph (Cosmogramma, 2010) Warp
23. Para Palabras: You're Everyone Around Me (Merch March EP, 2013) self-released
24. Rustie: Attak [w.Danny Brown] (Green Language, 2014) Warp
25. Run the Jewels: Lie, Cheat, Steal (Run the Jewels 2, 2014) Mass Appeal/Sony RED
26. Mort Garson: Good Morning Starshine (Electronic Hair Pieces, 1969) A&M
27. Rachel Zeffira: Break the Spell (The Deserters, 2012) Paper Bag/RAF
28. Bill Conti: Mach I (The Right Stuff OST, 1983) Warner Bros
29. Bill Conti: The Right Stuff [single] (The Right Stuff OST, 1983) Warner Bros
30. Bill Conti: Light This Candle (The Right Stuff OST, 1983) Warner Bros
31. Bill Conti: Glenn's Flight (The Right Stuff OST, 1983) Warner Bros
32. Bill Conti: Yeager's Triumph (The Right Stuff OST, 1983) Warner Bros
33. Angela Inglis: Autumn Song (Echo, 2014) self-released

We have liftoff.


Track Listing:

Lamashtu Pazuzu
Mutwawa · Lamashtu Pazuzu
Latest Triumphs
Dan Galway · Human Feelings CD-R
higher worlds
vinyl williams · lemniscate
Maria Minerva · HISTRIONIC
Galaxy Fall Out
Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra · Warp Back to Earth 66/99
Moon · Old and Weird split
This Side of Paradise
Panda Bear · Mr Noah EP
Alms Vert [excerpt]
Sarah Davachi · The Untuning of the Sky
Don't Bring Me Down
The Ettes · Wicked Will
Demon Birds
Fist City · Hunting You
Solar Panel Smile
James Ferraro · Far Side Virtual
Triangle & Seed · Calgary EP
My Hunter My Forest
Mu · My Hunter My Forest
A 476
Kara Lease · A 480
The Mother We Share
CHVRCHES · The Bones of What You Believe
Tops · Picture You Staring
Trans Am · Volume X
Some Things Never Die
Sean Nicholas Savage · Bermuda Waterfall
I'll be around
Yo La tengo · Fade
Flying Lotus · Ideas+drafts+loops mixtape
Never Catch Me [w.Kendrick Lamar]
Flying Lotus · You're Dead!
dance of the pseudo nymph
flying lotus · cosmogramma
You're Everyone Around Me
Para Palabras · Merch March EP
Attak [w.Danny Brown]
Rustie · Green Language
Lie, Cheat, Steal
Run The Jewels · Run The Jewels 2
Good Morning Starshine
Mort Garson · Electronic Hair Pieces
Break the Spell
Rachel Zeffira · The Deserters
Mach I
Bill Conti · The Right Stuff OST
The Right Stuff [single]
Bill Conti · The Right Stuff OST
Light This Candle
Bill Conti · The Right Stuff OST
Glenn's Flight
Bill Conti · The Right Stuff OST
Yeager's Triumph
Bill Conti · The Right Stuff OST
Autumn Song
Angela Inglis · Echo