Exploding Head Movies Episode October 13, 2014

XHM #235 - "Head full of stuffing" (2014 October 13)

7:00pm - 9:00pm

Along with some longform electronica, Prairie punk & visiting acts, this episode will give you a taste of ham between the ears for your mind to enjoy.

1. Mas Ysa: Why (Worth EP, 2014) Downtown
2. Machinedrum: Rise N Fall (Vapor City, 2013) Ninja Tune
3. 22:22: Tap Dance (Travel Music EP, 2012) East Van Digital
4. Eli Muro: Dreamtime Hunter (Dreamtime Hunter EP, 2014) Jellyfish
5. Mind Dynamics: Praise Hi (Precision Instruments, 2013) 1080p
6. Perfume Advert: Lampers (Tulpa, 2013) 1080p
7. Cloudface: Devonian Garden (Devonian Garden, 2013) Mood Hut
8. Babel: Heurter.02 (Heurter, 2013) Arachnidiscs
9. Hiro Kone: Days of Being Wild (Fallen Angels, 2014) Geographic North
10. Caribou: Silver (Our Love, 2014) City Slang/Merge
11. James Ferraro: Adventures in Green Foot Printing (Far Side Virtual, 2011) Hippos in Tanks
12. Tanya Tagaq: Flight (Animism, 2014) Six Shooter
13. Björk: Ancestors [w.Tanya Tagaq] (Medúlla, 2004) One Little Indian/Polydor/Atlantic
14. John Scott: Questions (Menace, 1978) Bruton
15. Alt-J: Tessellate (An Awesome Wave, 2012) Infectious
16. The Horrors: Falling Star (Luminous, 2014) XL
17. Francis Monkman: Live Action (Tempus Fugit, 1978) Bruton
18. Sloan: Cleopatra (Commonwealth, 2014) Murderecords/Yep Roc
19. Quaker Parents: When I Am You, Pt 2 (Rubber Match cassette, 2013) Craft Singles
20. Alan Hawkshaw & Brian Bennett: Driving Force (Synthesizer & Percussion, 1974) Themes International
21. The Ex-Boyfriends: Pushing the Darkness (Painless Bleeding, 2003) Shake!
22. The Finchers: Yer Future (Yer Future single, 2014) self-released
23. The Beverleys: Bad Company (The Beverleys EP, 2014) Buzz
24. The Albertans: Invisible Fortress (Dangerous Anything, 2013) Kingfisher Bluez
25. Mi'ens: Tweenage Tweeter (Experimentalsparklenoisepop, 2014) self-released
26. The Holy Mountain Analog Band: Return to Lonely Mountain (The Return to Lonely Mountain, 2013) self-released
27. Role Mach: Via Delle Zite (Travels in the Interior Districts, 2014) self-released
28. Frank Sidebottom: Indie Medley [Love Will Tear Us Apart/How I Wrote Elastic Man/Take the Skinheads Bowling/Bigmouth Strikes Again] (ABC & D: The Best of Frank Sidebottom, 1987) Cherry Red
29. Stephen Rennicks: Welcome to Vetno/Work Begins in Earnest (Frank OST, 2014) Silva Screen
30. Domhnall Gleeson: Jon Shares His Songs (Frank OST, 2014) Silva Screen
31. The Soronprfbs & Stephen Rennicks: Ginger Crouton (Frank OST, 2014) Silva Screen
32. Michael Fassbender & Stephen Rennicks: Lone Standing Tuft (Frank OST, 2014) Silva Screen
33. Michael Fassbender & Stephen Rennicks: Frank's Most Likeable Song... Ever (Frank OST, 2014) Silva Screen
34. Michael Fassbender, Carla Azar & Stephen Rennicks: I Love You All [credits] (Frank OST, 2014) Silva Screen
35. Stephen Rennicks: Just Like 'Paris Texas' (Frank OST, 2014) Silva Screen
36. Stephen Rennicks & the Karl Ronan Orchestra: Viking Funeral (Frank OST, 2014) Silva Screen
37. Bill Henderson & the Horace Silver Quintet: Señor Blues (Señor Blues 7", 1958) Blue Note

Gobble gobble.


Track Listing:

Mas Ysa · Worth EP
rise n fall
machinedrum · vapor city
Tap Dance
22:22 · Travel Music EP
Dreamtime Hunter
Eli Muro · Dreamtime Hunter EP
Praise Hi
Mind Dynamics · Precision Instruments
Perfume Advert · Tulpa
Devonian Garden
Cloudface · Devonian Garden 12"
Babel · Heurter.02
Days of Being Wild
Hiro Kone · Fallen Angels
Adventures In Green Foot Printing
James Ferraro · Far Side Virtual
Tanya Tagaq · Animism
Ancestors [w.Tanya Tagaq]
Björk · Medúlla
John Scott · Menace
Alt-J · An Awesome Wave
Falling Star
The Horrors · Luminous
Live Action
Francis Monkman · Tempus Fugit
Sloan · Commonwealth
When I Am You, Pt 2
Quaker Parents · Rubber Match cassette
Driving Force
Alan Hawkshaw & Brian Bennett · Synthesizer & Percussion
Pushing the Darkness
The Ex-Boyfriends · Painless Bleeding
Yer Future
The Finchers · Yer Future single
Bad Company
The Beverleys · The Beverleys EP
invisible fortress
the albertans · dangerous anything
Tweenage Tweeter
Mi'ens · Experimentalsparklenoisepop
Return To Lonely Mountain
The Holy Mountain Analog Band · The Return To Lonely Mountain
Via Delle Zite
Role Mach · Travels in the Interior Districts
Indie Medley [Love Will Tear Us Apart/How I Wrote Elastic Man/Take the Skinheads
Frank Sidebottom · ABC & D: The Best of Frank Sidebottom
Welcome to Vetno/Work Begins in Earnest
Stephen Rennicks · Frank OST
Jon Shares His Songs
Domhnall Gleeson · Frank OST
Ginger Crouton
The Soronprfbs & Stephen Rennicks · Frank OST
Lone Standing Tuft
Michael Fassbender & Stephen Rennicks · Frank OST
Frank's Most Likeable Song... Ever
Michael Fassbender & Stephen Rennicks · Frank OST
I Love You All [credits]
Michael Fassbender, Carla Azar & Stephen Rennicks · Frank OST
Just Like 'Paris Texas'
Stephen Rennicks · Frank OST
Viking Funeral
Stephen Rennicks & the Karl Ronan Orchestra · Frank OST
Señor Blues
Bill Henderson & the Horace Silver Quintet · Señor Blues 7"