Exploding Head Movies Episode September 29, 2014

XHM #233 - "The earth dons its cloudy blanket and rotates as it's told" (2014 September 29)

7:00pm - 9:00pm

A modest break from the all electronic episodes as of late as post punk, full-on punk and other gazy sounds seep in on this grey autumn day.

1. The Juan Maclean: A Place Called Space (In a Dream, 2014) DFA
2. The Field: Comenius Garden (Adult Swim Singles Program, 2012) Williams Street
3. Programm: Like the Sun (Discovery Series 1: Field Trip split, 2014) Scion Sessions
4. Cat Power: Sun (Sun, 2012) Matador
5. My Bloody Valentine: Is This and Yes (mbv, 2013) self-released
6. YACHT: Plastic Soul (Plastic Soul, 2014) DFA
7. Com Truise: Datebar (Datebar single, 2011) self-released
8. DJ Shadow: Mob (The Liquid Amber EP, 2014) Liquid Amber
9. Time Zone: The Wildstyle (The Wildstyle 12", 1983) Celluloid
10. Nas: The World is Yours (Illmatic, 1994) Columbia
11. Edwyn Collins: Seventies Night [Deadly Avenger Supershine mix] (I Head a New World 2x12", 1997) Setanta
12. Edwyn Collins: A Girl Like You (Gorgeous George, 1994) Setanta/Bar None
13. Ought: Gemini (More Than Any Other Day, 2014) Constellation
14. Lapalux: Gutter Glitter (When You're Gone EP, 2012) Brainfeeder
15. The Sonics: Strychnine (Here Are The Sonics, 1965) Etiquette/Norton
16. VCR: Dirty Girl/City Boy (VCR tape, 2013) self-released
17. Construction & Destruction: My Heart, My Heart (Cousins split 12", 2013) Noyes
18. Arp: The Rising Sun (In Light, 2007) Smalltown Supersound
19. Seizure Salad: Chet Baker Street (Equaliiizzzer EP, 2013) Ice Cream ala Mode
20. Thus Owls: A Windful of Screams (Turning Rocks, 2014) Secret City
21. Daedelus: Flat Faded (Drown Out, 2013) Anticon
22. Bad Passion: Danger Bone (Shake Your Body Down mixtape, 2013) self-released
23. Para Palabras: D'ang (D'ang single, 2014) self-released
24. Arbutus: Post Antibiotic Age (Bedroom Safari, 2014) Vague
25. Kyle Bobby Dunn: Tout Voyeurs (Fragments and Compositions of..., 2014) Low Point
26. Abel Korzeniowski: Medic (Copernicus' Star OST, 2011) Sugar Free Media
27. Abel Korzeniowski: Prologue (Copernicus' Star OST, 2011) Sugar Free Media
28. Abel Korzeniowski: Forbidden Book (Copernicus' Star OST, 2011) Sugar Free Media
29. Abel Korzeniowski: Faustus (Copernicus' Star OST, 2011) Sugar Free Media
30. Abel Korzeniowski: The Philosopher's Stone (Copernicus' Star OST, 2011) Sugar Free Media
31. Merchandise: Enemy (After the End, 2014) 4AD


Track Listing:

A Place Called Space
The Juan Maclean · In a Dream
Comenius Garden
The Field · Adult Swim Singles Program
Like the Sun
Programm · Discovery Series 1: Field Trip split
Cat Power · Sun
is this and yes
my bloody valentine · mbv
Plastic Soul
YACHT · Plastic Soul
Com Truise · Datebar single
DJ Shadow · The Liquid Amber EP
The Wildstyle
Time Zone · The Wildstyle 12"
The World is Yours
Nas · Illmatic
Seventies Night [Deadly Avenger Supershine mix]
Edwyn Collins · I Head a New World 2x12"
A Girl Like You
Edwyn Collins · Gorgeous George
Ought · More Than Any Other Day
Gutter Glitter
Lapalux · When You're Gone EP
The Sonics · Here Are The Sonics!
Dirty Girl/City Boy
My Heart, My Heart
Construction & Destruction · Cousins split 12"
The Rising Sun
Arp · In Light
Chet Baker Street
Seizure Salad · Equaliiizzzer EP
A Windful of Screams
Thus Owls · Turning Rocks
flat faded
daedelus · drown out
Danger Bone
Bad Passion · Shake Your Body Down mixtape
Para Palabras · D'ang single
Post Antibiotic Age
Arbutus · Bedroom Safari
Tout Voyeurs
Kyle Bobby Dunn · Fragments and Compositions of...
Abel Korzeniowski · Copernicus' Star OST
Abel Korzeniowski · Copernicus' Star OST
Forbidden Book
Abel Korzeniowski · Copernicus' Star OST
Abel Korzeniowski · Copernicus' Star OST
The Philosopher's Stone
Abel Korzeniowski · Copernicus' Star OST
Merchandise · After the End