Exploding Head Movies Episode August 25, 2014

XHM #228 - "The age of selfie fulfillment" (2014 August 25)

7:00pm - 9:00pm

The dogs days are about to leave us, much like the blackberries and potentially the wasps. The giants spiders and corn await. This episode feels like it's tripping over its feet at times, yet charging full steam ahead, champing at the bit. More metaphors need to be mixed here, like a house of cards lined up like dominos in prepartion of checkmate.

Let's get on with it.

1. Got a Girl: There's a Revolution (I Love You But I Must Drive Off This Cliff Now, 2014) Bulk
2. Duo 505: Wenig (Late, 2004) Morr
3. Nervous Talk: Shut It Off (Introductions 7", 2013) Mammoth Cave
4. Tough Age: I Waste Too Much Time On Myself (Tough Age, 2013) Mint
5. Arbutus: Bedroom Safari (Bedroom Safari, 2014) Vague
6. Fountain: New Age Prices (Fountain, 2014) self-released
7. The Shilohs: Strange Connections (The Shilohs, 2014) Light Organ
8. Don Bikoff: Rindler's Metamorphosis (Celestial Explosion: Composia for 6-String Guitar, 1968) Keyboard
9. The Great Machine: Naughty Nancy (Everything's Alright Forever: Volume 2, 2013) Everything's Alright Forever
10. The Lad Mags: Trick (Trick, 2013) self-released
11. Brothers Jackson: Potted Shrimp (Chains and Black Exhaust, 2002) Memphix
12. The Frolics: Sippin' Lemonade (Sippin' Lemonade, 2014) self-released
13. Thee Oh Sees: What You Need (Singles Collection: Volume 3, 2013) Castle Face
14. Reuben Wilson: So What'cha Want (Boogaloo to the Beastie Boys, 2004) Scufflin'
15. Doomsquad: Head Spirit [for our Mechanical Time] (Kalaboogie, 2014) Hand Drawn Dracula/No Pain in Pop
16. Haunted Hearts: Initiate Me (Initiation, 2014) Zoo Music/Dream
17. Les Baxter: Call of the Tropical Sun (Bugaloo in Brazil, 1970) KPM
18. Jack White: Alone in My Home (Lazaretto, 2014) Third Man/XL
19. Flash Palace: Some Set Sun (Ceiling All, 2014) self-released
20. New Vaders: One-Eyed League (Dynamic Traxx: Volume 1, 2013) Limb Soup
21. Rush Midnight: You Leave Me Without (Rush Midnight, 2014) Last Gang
22. Digits: The Day You Fight Back (The Day You Fight Back, 2014) self-released
23. Blind Roger Hays: Nana (Gilles Peterson in Brazil, 2004) Wrasse/Ether
24. Phedre: Ancient Nouveau (Golden Age, 2013) Daps
25. Danny Brown: Dip (Old, 2013) Fool's Gold
26. Dirty Beaches: This is Not My City (Drifters/Love is the Devil, 2013) Zoo Music
27. Machinedrum: A New Meaning (A New Meaning, 2013) self-released
28. Tanya Tagaq: Uja (Animism, 2014) Six Shooter
29. Clint Mansell: Lovers (Faster OST, 2010) Lakeshore
30. Clint Mansell: History Lesson (Faster OST, 2010) Lakeshore
31. Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood: Summer Wine (Stoker OST, 2013) Milan
32. Clint Mansell: Uncle Charlie (Stoker OST, 2013) Milan
33. Clint Mansell: Crawford Institute/Family Secrets (Stoker OST, 2013) Milan
34. Mia Waskowska: I'm Not Formed by Things That are of Myself Alone (Stoker OST, 2013) Milan
35. Clint Mansell: The Hunter Plays the Game (Stoker OST, 2013) Milan
36. Hudson Thames: A Whistling Tune from a Lonely Man (Stoker OST, 2013) Milan
37. Clint Mansell: Becoming... (Stoker OST, 2013) Milan
38. Emily Wells & Clint Mansell: If I Ever Had a Heart (Stoker OST, 2013) Milan


Track Listing:

There's a Revolution
Got a Girl · I Love You But I Must Drive Off This Cliff Now
Duo 505 · Late
Shut It Off
Nervous Talk · Introductions 7"
I Waste Too Much Time on Myself
Tough Age · Tough Age
Bedroom Safari
Arbutus · Bedroom Safari
New Age Prices
Fountain · Fountain
Strange Connections
The Shilohs · The Shilohs
Rindler's Metamorphosis
Don Bikoff · Celestial Explosion: Composia for 6-String Guitar
Naughty Nancy
The Great Machine · Everything's Alright Forever: Volume 2
The Lad Mags · Trick
Potted Shrimp
Brothers Jackson · Chains and Black Exhaust
Sippin' Lemonade
The Frolics · Sippin' Lemonade
What You Need
Thee Oh Sees · Singles Collection: Volume 3
So What'cha Want
Reuben Wilson · Boogaloo to the Beastie Boys
Head Spirit [for our Mechanical Time]
Doomsquad · Kalaboogie
Initiate Me
Haunted Hearts · Initiation
Call of the Tropical Sun
Les Baxter · Bugaloo in Brazil
Alone in My Home
Jack White · Lazaretto
Some Set Sun
Flash Palace · Ceiling All
One-Eyed League
New Vaders · Dynamic Traxx: Volume 1
You Leave Me Without
Rush Midnight · Rush Midnight
The Day You Fight Back
Digits · The Day You Fight Back
Blind Roger Hays · Gilles Peterson in Brazil
Ancient Nouveau
Phedre · Golden Age
Danny Brown · Old
This is Not My City
Dirty Beaches · Drifters/Love is the Devil
A New Meaning
Machinedrum · A New Meaning
Tanya Tagaq · Animism
Clint Mansell · Faster OST
History Lesson
Clint Mansell · Faster OST
Summer Wine
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood · Stoker OST
Uncle Charlie
Clint Mansell · Stoker OST
Crawford Institute/Family Secrets
Clint Mansell · Stoker OST
I'm Not Formed by Things That are of Myself Alone
Mia Waskowska · Stoker OST
The Hunter Plays the Game
Clint Mansell · Stoker OST
A Whistling Tune from a Lonely Man
Hudson Thames · Stoker OST
Clint Mansell · Stoker OST
If I Ever Had a Heart
Emily Wells & Clint Mansell · Stoker OST