Exploding Head Movies Episode August 4, 2014

XHM #225 - "Forecast calls for a 30% chance of frognado" (2014 August 04)

7:00pm - 9:00pm

Hopefully you're able to take advantage of the summer weather appropriately. Watch out for other things falling from the sky, mind you.

1. Jon Brion: WDKK Theme (Magnolia score, 1999) Warner Bros
2. Aimee Mann: One (Magnolia OST, 1999) Warner Music
3. YlangYlang: Relate (Blossom, 2014) Lava Church
4. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: She's On It/Jack the Ripper (She's On It/Jack the Ripper 12", 2014) Mom & Pop
5. The Sparkles: Hipsville 29 B.C./I Need Help (Songs the Cramps Taught Us: Volume 1, 1967) Hickory
6. The Incredible Bongo Band: Pipeline (Return of the Incredible Bongo Band, 1974) Pride/GRT
7. Thee Oh Sees: Devil Again (Garage Swim compilation, 2013) Williams Street
8. Rainboard: Mating Calls (The Midnight Slide, 2013) self-released
9. Piero Umiliani: Lady Magnolia (To-Day's Sound, 1973) Liuto
10. The Haiduks: You're Not Around (1968, 2012) Kinnta
11. The Coathangers: Shake Shake (Shake Shake single, 2010) Suicide Squeeze
12. Perez Prado: Black Magnolia (El Fabuloso 7", 1976) Dimsa
13. Sex with Strangers: Hostages (You Know Something We Don't?, 2014) self-released
14. Poppy Seed & the Love Explosion: Bales of Pot (Beyond the Seventh Sun, 2014) self-released
15. Les Maledictus Sound: Transfer from the Modulation (Les Maledictus Sound, 1968) Canusa
16. The Jayhawks: Haywire (Sound of Lies, 1997) America Recordings
17. Dog Day: Sandwich (Fade Out, 2013) Fundog
18. Duck Tails: Oh, Magnolia Tree (Landscapes, 2009) Olde English Spelling Bee
19. Pigeons: Dead Echo (They Sweetheartstammers, 2011) Soft Abuse
20. Dixie's Death Pool: Air Signs (Twin Galaxies, 2014) Leisure Thief
21. Mort Garson: Sail! Sail! (Didn't You Hear? OST, 1970) Custom Fidelity
22. Savages: Marshal Dear (Silence Yourself, 2013) Matador
23. Neko Case: Where Did I Leave That Fire (The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You, 2013) Anti-
24. Arcade Fire & Owen Pallett: Photograph (Her OST, 2013) unreleased
25. Owen Pallett: Scandal at the Parkade (A Swedish Love Story EP, 2010) Domino
26. Zola Jesus & the Mivos Quartet: Run Me Out (Versions, 2013) Sacred Bones
27. Sean Nicholas Savage: Boogie Nights (Bermuda Waterfall, 2014) Arbutus
28. Timber Timbre: The New Tomorrow (Hot Dreams, 2014) Arts & Crafts
29. Lee Fields & the Expressions: Magnolia (Emma Jean, 2014) Truth & Soul
30. Aimee Mann: Nothing is Good Enough [instrumental] (Magnolia OST, 1999) Warner Music
31. Aimee Mann: Wise Up (Magnolia OST, 1999) Warner Music
32. Aimee Mann: Save Me (Magnolia OST, 1999) Warner Music
33. Jon Brion: Jimmy's Breakdown (Magnolia score, 1999) Reprise
34. Jon Brion: Magnolia (Magnolia score, 1999) Reprise
35. Jon Brion: A Little Library Music/Going to a Show (Magnolia score, 1999) Reprise
36. Jon Brion: So Now Then (Magnolia score, 1999) Reprise
37. Donald Byrd: Cristo Redentor (A New Perspective, 1963) Blue Note

Stn -- 370900 CITR
Pgr -- 080114 Korhonen, G


Track Listing:

WDKK Theme
Jon Brion · Magnolia score
Aimee Mann · Magnolia OST
YlangYlang · Blossom
She's On It/Jack the Ripper
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion · She's On It/Jack the Ripper 12"
Hipsville 29 B.C./I Need Help
The Sparkles · Songs the Cramps Taught Us: Volume 1
The Incredible Bongo Band · Return of the Incredible Bongo Band
Devil Again
Thee Oh Sees · Garage Swim compilation
Mating Calls
Rainboard · The Midnight Slide
Lady Magnolia
Piero Umiliani · To-Day's Sound
You're Not Around
The Haiduks · 1968
Shake Shake
The Coathangers · Shake Shake 7"
Black Magnolia
Perez Prado · El Fabuloso 7"
Sex With Strangers · You Know Something We Don't?
Bales of Pot
Poppy Seed & the Love Explosion · Beyond the Seventh Sun
Transfer from the Modulation
Les Maledictus Sound · Les Maledictus Sound
The Jayhawks · Sound of Lies
Dog Day · Fade Out
Oh, Magnolia Tree
Duck Tails · Landscapes
Dead Echo
Pigeons · They Sweetheartstammers
air signs
dixie's death pool · twin galaxies
Sail! Sail!
Mort Garson · Didn't You Hear? OST
Marshal Dear
Savages · Silence Yourself
Where Did I Leave That Fire
Neko Case · The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love Yo
Arcade Fire & Owen Pallett · Her OST
Scandal at the Parkade
Owen Pallett · A Swedish Love Story EP
Run Me Out
Zola Jesus & the Mivos Quartet · Versions
Boogie Nights
Sean Nicholas Savage · Bermuda Waterfall
The New Tomorrow
Timber Timbre · Hot Dreams
Lee Fields & the Expressions · Emma Jean
Nothing is Good Enough [instrumental]
Aimee Mann · Magnolia OST
Wise Up
Aimee Mann · Magnolia OST
Save Me
Aimee Mann · Magnolia OST
Jimmy's Breakdown
Jon Brion · Magnolia score
Jon Brion · Magnolia score
A Little Library Music/Going to a Show
Jon Brion · Magnolia score
So Now Then
Jon Brion · Magnolia score
Cristo Redentor
Donald Byrd · A New Perspective