Exploding Head Movies Episode July 21, 2014

XHM #223 - "Pilgrims in an unholy land" (2014 July 21)

7:00pm - 9:00pm

The 19-year old version of gak would be very pleased with this episode. Another 19 years later, here we are, still pleased as punch. Still has his hair too.

The songs commence when the mixer is finally powered on. 1, 2, 3, floor:

1. Caribou: Can't Do Without You [album version] (Our Love, 2014) City Slang/Merge
2. Dan Galway: Human Feelings (Human Feelings CD-R, 2012) self-released
3. DJ Dodger Stadium: Love Songs (Friend of Mine, 2014) Body High
4. Para Palabras: Lonely (2014) self-released
5. Plaid: Quick Emix (Spokes, 2003) Warp
6. Caustic Window: Stomper 101mod Detunekik (Caustic Window test pressing, 1994) unreleased Rephlex
7. Venetian Snares: Crashing the Yogurt Truck (Filth, 2009) Planet Mu
8. Kodomo: Orange Ocean [Loscil remix] (2014) self-released
IX. Plastikman: Exhale [Sonar live mix] (2014) self-released
10. Maria Minerva: Wolves and Lambs (Histrionic, 2014) Not Not Fun
11. James Ferraro: Sim (Far Side Virtual, 2011) Hippos in Tanks
12. Digits: Keeping Secrets [remix] (Shake Your Body Down mixtape, 2013) Pleasance
13. Tor: Glass & Stone (Drum Therapy, 2012) Loci
14. Castle If: 4-A (Music for Pale People EP, 2011) self-released
15. Castle If: Black & Tatty (Trapeze Artist single, 2011) self-released
16. Tanya Tagaq: Umingmak (Animism, 2014) Six Shooter
17. Clutchy Hopkins: 3:06 (The Life of Clutchy Hopkins, 2006) Crate Digler
18. Jon Hopkins: Colour Eye (Insides, 2009) Domino/Double 6
19. Jon Hopkins: We Disappear (Immunity, 2013) Domino
20. Brian Eno, Jon Hopkins & Leo Abrahams: 8M1 (The Lovely Bones OST, 2010) promo
21. Jon Hopkins: Temple (Monsters OST, 2010) Domino
22. Jon Hopkins: Encounter (Monsters OST, 2010) Domino
23. Jon Hopkins: Monsters Theme (Monsters OST, 2010) Domino
24. Jon Hopkins: Gatesfield (How I Live Now OST, 2013) Just Music
25. Jon Hopkins: Hunted (How I Live Now OST, 2013) Just Music
26. Four Tet: Angels Echoes [Jon Hopkins remix] (Angel Echoes + Remixes, 2010) Domino
27. Natasha Khan & Jon Hopkins: Garden's Heart (How I Live Now OST, 2013) Just Music

D'n'B Atari? More tweaking R2D2.


Track Listing:

Can't Do Without You [album version]
Caribou · Our Love
human feelings
dan galway · human feelings
Love Songs
DJ Dodger Stadium · Friend of Mine
Para Palabras · Lonely
Quick Emix
Plaid · Spokes
Stomper 101mod Detunekik
Caustic Window · Caustic Window
Crashing the Yogurt Truck
Venetian Snares · Filth
Orange Ocean [Loscil remix]
Kodomo · Orange Ocean [Loscil remix]
Exhale [Sonar live mix]
Plastikman · Exhale [Sonar live mix]
Wolves and Lambs
Maria Minerva · Histrionic
James Ferraro · Far Side Virtual
Keeping Secrets [remix]
Digits · Shake Your Body Down mixtape
Glass & Stone
Tor · Drum Therapy
Castle If · Music for Pale People EP
Black & Tatty
Castle If · Trapeze Artist single
Tanya Tagaq · Animism
Clutchy Hopkins · The Life of Clutchy Hopkins
colour eye
jon hopkins · insides
Brian Eno, Jon Hopkins & Leo Abrahams · The Lovely Bones OST
Jon Hopkins · Monsters OST
Jon Hopkins · Monsters OST
Monsters Theme
Jon Hopkins · Monsters OST
Jon Hopkins · How I Live Now OST
Jon Hopkins · How I Live Now OST
Angels Echoes [Jon Hopkins remix]
Four Tet · Angel Echoes + Remixes
Garden's Heart
Natasha Khan & Jon Hopkins · How I Live Now OST