Exploding Head Movies Episode July 14, 2014

XHM #222 - "Six string summer stretch" (2014 July 14)

7:00pm - 9:00pm

It's always a blast to have a visitor in the studio; James aspires to have his own show at CITR some day and I'm sure he'll represent Brummie nicely.

All apologies for not mentioning Higamos Hogamos on air.

1. Frank Sinatra: The Coffee Song (Ring-a-Ding-Ding!, 1961) Reprise
2. Aim Low & Les Beyond: String Theory (String Theory cassette, 2012) They Live We Sleep
3. Brasstronaut: Revelstoke Dam (Mean Sun, 2012) Unfamiliar
4. Born Ruffians: With Her Shadow (Birthmarks, 2013) Yep Roc/Paper Bag
5. Andrew Bird: The Whistling Caruso (The Muppets OST, 2011) Universal
6. Alejandro Escovedo: Common Mistake (Big Station, 2012) Concord/Fantasy
7. YlangYlang: Perception of Time [w.Telephone Maison] (Cottonhead See-er, 2013) Personal Archives
8. Catl: Gotta Thing for You (Soon This Will All Be Gone, 2012) Weewerk
9. The Pack AD: Airborne (Do Not Engage, 2014) Nettwerk
10. Brownout: Business at Hand (Rarities, 2013) unreleased
11. The Frolics: VI VI VIxen (Sippin' Lemonade, 2014) self-released
12. Heavy Cream: John Johnny (Super Treatment, 2012) Infinity Cat
13. Oneohtrix Point Never: Inside World (R Plus Seven, 2013) Warp
14. Cosmic Diamond: Business (Girls Rock Camp 2013 Showcase, 2013) self-released
15. Pink Wine: Persistent Cops (Untitled, 2013) P.Trash/Hosehead
16. Aim Low & Les Beyond: Guitar Trio (String Theory cassette, 2012) They Live We Sleep
17. Parquet Courts: Bodies (Sunbathing Animal, 2014) What's Your Rupture?/Mom and Pop
18. Boyhood: As a Fog (When I'm Hungry, 2012) Bruised Tongue
19. Highway X: XXXXXXXX (Highway X, 2012) self-released
20. Pissed Jeans: Romanticize Me (Honeys, 2013) Sub Pop
21. TV Freaks: Back and Forth (II, 2013) Schizophrenic
22. The Ramones: Blitzkrieg Bop (Ramones, 1976) Sire/Philips
23. Higamos Hogamos: Major Blitzkrieg (Higamos Hogamos, 2009) DC
24. Los: Ghost (Romances, 2013) Indépendant
25. Odonis Odonis: Order in the Court (Hard Boiled Soft Boiled, 2014) Buzz
26. Sonic Youth: Sacred Trickster (The Eternal, 2009) Matador
27. Notekillers: Airport (We're Here to Help, 2010) Prophase
28. Tlon: In the Attic at Night (Acoustic Lazy Dolls, 2003) Autoplate
29. Various Artists [aka "Material"]: [untitled] (Improvised Music: New York 1981, 1991) Mu
30. Sonny Sharrock: Soon (Monkey-Pockie-Boo, 1970) Get Back
31. Last Exit: Discharge (Last Exit, 1986) Enemy
32. Sonny Sharrock: Hit Single (Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, 1996) Cartoon Network
33. Sonny Sharrock: Out to Launch (Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, 1996) Cartoon Network
34. Sonny Sharrock: Fear of a Ghost Planet (Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, 1996) Cartoon Network
35. Wayne Shorter: Super Nova (Super Nova, 1974) Blue Note
36. Pavement: Land of the Hot Knives (Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, 1997) Cartoon Network/Williams Street


Track Listing:

The Coffee Song
Frank Sinatra · Ring-a-Ding-Ding!
String Theory
Aim Low & Les Beyond · String Theory
revelstoke dam
brasstronaut · mean sun
With Her Shadow
Born Ruffians · Birthmarks
The Whistling Caruso
Andrew Bird · The Muppets OST
Common Mistake
Alejandro Escovedo · Big Station
Perception of Time [w.Telephone Maison]
YlangYlang · Cottonhead See-er
gotta thing for you
catl · soon this will all be gone
The Pack AD · Do Not Engage
Business at Hand
Brownout · Rarities
vi vi vixen
the frolics · sippin' lemonade
John Johnny
Heavy Cream · Super Treatment
inside world
oneohtrix point never · r plus seven
Cosmic Diamond · Girls Rock Camp 2013 Showcase
Persistent Cops
Pink Wine · Untitled
Guitar Trio
Aim Low & Les Beyond · String Theory
Parquet Courts · Sunbathing Animal
As a Fog
Boyhood · When I'm Hungry
Highway X · Highway X
romanticize me
pissed jeans · honeys
Back and Forth
TV Freaks · II
Blitzkrieg Bop
The Ramones · Ramones
Major Blitzkrieg
Higamos Hogamos · Higamos Hogamos
Los · Romances
Order in the Court
Odonis Odonis · Hard Boiled Soft Boiled
Sacred Trickster
Sonic Youth · The eternal
Notekillers · We're Here to Help
In the Attic at Night
Tlon · Acoustic Lazy Dolls
Various Artists [aka "Material"] · Improvised Music: New York 1981
Sonny Sharrock · Monkey-Pockie-Boo
Last Exit · Last Exit
Hit Single
Sonny Sharrock · Space Ghost: Coast to Coast
Out to Launch
Sonny Sharrock · Space Ghost: Coast to Coast
Fear of a Ghost Planet
Sonny Sharrock · Space Ghost: Coast to Coast
Super Nova
Wayne Shorter · Super Nova
Land of the Hot Knives
Pavement · Space Ghost: Coast to Coast