Exploding Head Movies Episode April 22, 2013

XHM #163 - "Featuring an actual exploding head movie for once" (2013 April 22)

7:01am - 9:01am

For the benefit of several listeners, live mixing was attempted during this show -- totally recommended during the SOCAN monitoring period when start times, stop times and song usage is recorded by yours truly.


1. Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet: [Relax] You Will Think You Are a Chicken (Sport Fishin': The Lure of the Bait, The Luck of the Hook, 1993) Cargo
2. Tlon: Close Distance (Acoustic Lazy Dolls, 2003) Autoplate
3. Ann Kirstin Hedmark & Lee Hazlewood: Please Come to Boston (Cake or Death, 2006) BPX1992
4. Milks & Rectangles: Boston Brahmin (Milks & Rectangles, 2012) self-released
5. Jonathan Richman: Twilight in Boston (I Jonathan, 1992) Rounder
6. Lee Gagnon: Marianne s'en Va au Moulin (Vive la Canadienne, 1976) Radio Canada International
7. Suuns: 2020 (Images du Futur, 2013) Secretly Canadian
8. Clinic: The Second Line (Internal Wrangler, 2000) Domino
9. Apparat Organ Quartet: Babbage (Pólýfónía, 2013) Crunchy Frog
10. Stereolab: Peng! 33 (Peng!, 1992) American/Too Pure
11. Melody's Echo Chamber: Endless Shore (Live: Aquarium Drunkard session, 2012) self-released
12. Broadcast: Living Room (Work and Non Work, 1997) Warp
13. Harry Forbes: Apex (Video-Tech 4, 1985) Parry Music Library
14. Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Despair (Mosquito, 2013) Interscope
15. Doldrums: Egypt (Lesser Evil, 2013) Arbutus
16. Magneta Lane: Lucky (Witchrock EP, 2013) eOne
17. Harry Forbes: Expo System (Video-Tech 4, 1985) Parry Music Library
18. Grimes: Crystal Ball [Young Galaxy mix] (2011) self-released
19. Hayden: Rainy Saturday (Us Alone, 2013) Arts & Crafts
20. Olenka & the Autumn Lovers: Annelies (Hard Times EP, 2012) independent
21. Val Podlasinski: Direct Drive (Video-Tech 4, 1985) Parry Music Library
22. The High Drops: Part of the Brigade (Don’t Let It Happen to You 7", 2012) Student Loan
23. Needles//Pins: Cannot Get Enough (12:34, 2012) Mammoth Cave
24. Persian Rugs: Always All (Psych Pop from Toronto, 2013) Optical Sounds
25. Robin Artus & Paul Kass: Panorama #2 (Tomorrow's Achievements: Parry Music Library 1976-86, 2012) Public Information
26. Frankie Rose: Apples for the Sun [The Go! Team mix] (2012) self-released
27. Howard Shore: Main Title from Scanners (Dead Ringers: Music from the Films of David Cronenberg, 1992) Silva Screen
28. Howard Shore: The Ripe Program [from "Scanners"] (Music from the Films of David Cronenburg, 1992)
29. Howard Shore: Vale Captured [from "Scanners"] (Music from the Films of David Cronenburg, 1992)
30. Howard Shore: Dirge for the Assassins [from "Scanners"] (Music from the Films of David Cronenburg, 1992)
31. Howard Shore: Scanner Duel [from "Scanners"] (Music from the Films of David Cronenburg, 1992)
32. Scanner: Passage de Recherche (Lauwarm Instrumentals, 1999) Beggars Banquet/Sulphur
33. Mychael Danna: The Mighty Rio Grande (Moneyball OST, 2011) Madison Gate